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Title: Akira's Addendum
Post by: Akira on September 28, 2019, 11:33
This is a small list of changes/ideas I'd personally like to see introduced into Season 4 as a precursor I will say I have no idea what's going into it, nor do I have any idea what it's going to be when finished, as none of us do. However I want to throw out some ideas that should shape it for the better in my opinion.

As an alternate option allow players to use "WASD" to move like other top down games with the same feel of Fonline 2.
This would allow LMB and RMB to be freed up and allow them to be their own uses LMB for attacking/firing, RMB for interaction with doors NPCs items ect.
You can also reverse this order, doesn't have to be one way or the other I.E. RMB for Firing/Attacking, and LMB for interaction instead.
On top of this, allow the ability to hold the hex for movement down to continuously update your position to wherever your cursor is currently located, this will save a lot of mouse clicks, and is infinitely more comfortable for play.
Change the queue system to only allow 1 queue'd action at a time, if you mash an attack out, this change will mean you only fire once, and once you fire the queue will be reset, meaning less mistakes due to the engine itself being overbearing.

The biggest thing I felt that genuinely let me down, and other friends when playing was there wasn't anything worth grabbing in encounters minus the loot from the enemies you killed.
Nothing to explore, no substance out of "Kill enemy, loot, repeat" it'd be nice to spice it up if possible, I propose some form of actually respectable loot from the encounters in buildings, in caves ect ect.
I'd suggest a way to make the city tiles with Raiders have some form of building network where you can find squatters using it as home the higher you go in the building, finding their "boss" or "Leader" at the final floor to kill and steal their hauls they've been fighting tooth and nail for. This would hopefully scale with the raider type within the tile to make it ideal for low level players, and higher level players alike.

I also propose a small sewer system with the same idea, but idealistic for REALLY low leveled players, with mole rats, scorpions ect, and at the end of the sewer system you can find a dead adventurer with loot he's held onto, shitty guns/ammo/some shitty armor ect. As long as it's something worth actually exploring, it would make the world feel more alive in some shape or form outside of dots, since low level players are constantly running into encounters they can't avoid, might as well make them somewhat worthwhile right?

I will say beforehand, that some weapons should be moved to tier 3 to accommodate this approach, like the Rocket launcher, LSW, Grenades, Improved Flamer, and CAWs/ect, without that context my proposal sounds absolutely insane. Anyway here goes.
Tier 1, and Tier 2 weaponry in general is very lackluster I'm sure we're all aware, but what if it wasn't for the right level grouping?
My qualms so far with the system in place is that there's next to no objectively justifiable reason you should be using tier 1/tier 2 weapons in general, minus some small cases due to the categorization of the wiki, it'd be nice if these tiers of weapons were easier to use stat-wise so low-level players can actually properly defend themselves. Meaning you'd need less skill to properly achieve 95% accuracy with these weapons, with Tier 1 being 95% from the get go, and tier 2 being 50-60% from the get go, up until Tier 3 kicks in how we have it now where it scales reasonably with our stats.
These weapons feel so underutilized purely because of how garbage they are in performance, but if you could actually USE them properly at a low level, you might genuinely have something to defend yourself with, without having to go through the slog of shoveling poop constantly, and letting the caravan master blow his way through enemies while you run around trying not to die.

Honestly everything we've seen so far from the articles on Patreon is perfect, but I would enjoy a HP bar above enemies/players instead of the numbers for easy assessment of low HP targets and feel without having to be clustered by a shit ton of numbers dictating HP values on screen. A toggle-able option between the two "HP bar" and "Numbered HP" settings would be great, this is addressing the overhead values you see on critters, but could also apply to your HP on the UI itself, where your AP is, AP could also have a option between "AP bar" and "Numbered AP" also, but this is infinitely less important in my opinion.

Feel free to add, or just call me a dumbass, either or thank you for reading this.
Title: Re: Akira's Addendum
Post by: Akira on March 17, 2020, 05:07
I'm gonna be honest, looking back the Weapon balance part is stupid. I failed to account the World Tech Progression into my addendum, and as such it falls short because of it, feel free to ignore that part entirely.