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New California Republic / Re: -NEW CALIFORNIA POST-
« on: April 08, 2019, 17:52 »
7th edition released!

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: March 26, 2019, 14:33 »

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: March 08, 2019, 13:53 »


NCR is today welcoming any wastelander willing to help our growing community and settle as NCR citizen!


Yes, NCR citizenship can be your privilege too!

- Apply with your name on holotape and bring it to our officer clerk in Shady Sands!
- Our old Citizenship Office, in front of "gate A" is opened on Citizenship Day!
Is that all?
- Aside from your application on holotape you need to secure 20k caps for processing fees!
What's the benefits?
- Generally speaking, NCR protection in Shady Sands and outer skirts, but ...
*better scroll up for more detailed info on our Citizenship program*

[event is starting in 15 minutes and will last for 30 minutes. Welcome!]

Thank you for attention!
Citizenship day has ended, and processing citizenship fee is back to 30k per applicant.
Stay tuned for our further announcements about Citizenship Day!
Have a nice day.

Suggestions / Re: NCR Karma
« on: February 10, 2019, 20:08 »
Protip: not raiding shady helping players not to get blacklisted and to have free access to town and town features.

Suggestions / Re: NCR Karma
« on: February 03, 2019, 17:21 »
Napalm, you got it all wrong.
NCR is player driven project with its town included (same as it was intended for bos and enclave and their hq, but they are closed for reason), that means any person or group who wants to, for example, change their status in shady sands needs to contact ncr representatives. Whole idea is to encourage communication between players, bring an rp touch into it and most of it is in session changelog.
NCR is trying to be fair towards everyone, we had in past many gangs and individuals put on, and removed from blacklist, with most of them we had communication in one way or another. NCR is compensating everyone who is mistreated in shady sands by ncr members. Your gang deserved blacklist in shady, and the way you are basically saying that your gang is falling apart just because they cant enter shady that they raided some time ago is really not fair towards your other team members.
You can say, by deafult, ncr has laws any person should follow. When you break it, there are consequences.
Shady Sands has unique mechanics, regarding other towns, it is offering a small diversity and it has been like that whole session. (I think session 2 as well.) You are not first to complain about this and I doubt you are the last. You should inform yourself better about game features before complaining about it, but as I see, you are only using this complaint as an excuse for your own shortcomings.
On the other hand, when you townburst guards in Hub you will have consequences as well.
Most of other things was answered to you in previous posts from other ncr members.

Anyway, your approach is shameful, as for issues you are having you should rather try to explain some things to your own members, or approach ncr officer or me, than openly embarrassing yourself by calling ncr blacklist an guilty party for all of your inner gang issues.

New California Republic / Re: Governement official announcements
« on: January 22, 2019, 03:01 »
NCR patrol was sent to the far west to check paramilitary activity on San Francisco docks, and found a suspicious vehicle.
After checking the vehicle thoroughly, it was confirmed that the vehicle belongs to a person associated with a group of thugs known for their abuse of the residents of Boneyard, the Regulators.
Vehicle is confiscated and will be repurposed to the NCR Army.

NCR patrol with K-9 unit - SF caravan depot

Citizen, stay vigilante and report any suspicious activity to NCR authorities!

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: January 21, 2019, 23:29 »

New California Republic / Re: Governement official announcements
« on: January 07, 2019, 05:40 »
Regular night NCR patrol towed away invalid parked vehicle from warehouse premises. After technician broke the lock, car was towed to Shady Sands where it will be dismantled.
Government urgently ordered technicians to convert vehicle into caravan cart where it will serve our citizens caravaneers.

NCR confiscating vehicle
Vehicle towed to Shady Sands

New California Republic / Re: NCR WANTS YOU!
« on: December 23, 2018, 01:44 »
After reform of NCR Army ranks, NCR National Guard has its first graduate member. NCR National Guard member Leonida, also known as Negan enlisted for NCR recruit rank. He passed trial period in NCRNG, filled all needed requirements and graduated in 1st NCR National Guard generation as 1st in class. He is now considered as full NCR Army member.

Congratulations to:



New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: November 02, 2018, 16:17 »

Gangs / Re: Faction Icons
« on: October 15, 2018, 19:22 »
NCR National Guard


Last month spreadsheed, presented on council meeting, is showing that NCR made great economic progress.
State Secretariat of Economy, with approval of president, secured wages for active NCR personnel for period of past month with included bonuses and compensation for period of suspended paychecks.

- Info for NCR Army members -

Regular paycheck group:

Crafter Alt
Legate Damar
Mickey Knox
Noah A W
Richard Harrison

Bonus paycheck group:
Cave Bitch
Ed Gein
MeAt Fly
William Stryker

Check bank account on Your pipboy and enjoy earned caps.
(Amount of caps paid on members account varies on members activity in past month. Members in bonus paycheck group received higher amount of caps due to their faction shop contribution. If any member feels overlooked, contact me. Some members are excluded by their own request, their paychecks are transferred to NCR treasury for faction expenses.)

"I remember when XL used .223."

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

New California Republic / NCR School Guidance Counselor!
« on: October 15, 2018, 00:58 »

Are you feeling pressure of a new guy? Are you thinking that you are too noob for this world?
Have no worries, NCR is answering Your prayer and resolving Your hardest life questions in every corner of New California!
NCR Guidance Counselor is introducing brand new edition of "The Wasteland Survival Guide MKII" to You!
You dont need to browse all those funny pages, and spend your life time to find simple answers.
After long and thorough study of NCR scientists and field personnel You will now have every essential thing right here in one place! For free!

As you are aware, New California land is divided by zones that you are able to see on your pipboy. NCR Guidance Counselor will show You way of using this knowledge for your personal benefit!


Intro Tips - Overcoming Basic Knowledge:
This world is crazy and unsafe, so where ever You go - take armor, weapon, bullets, set of drugs, and super stimpaks!
Why is this so important? Because it is! Do you want to be killed or kill? There is no third option, except if You decide to run away from problems,
which is confirmed by impartial investigation that in 95% of cases ends up with You being dead. And we are not pointing out here how to get yourself killed, just the opposite.

Drugs and medicines - military field enhancers - how to use, what they do and how to control effects
Have you ever wondered how come that military and paramilitary groups can produce performance beyond sanity on battlefield? Drugs and medicines! If you are looking to enrich your shelves with pre war relics from ruins or just want to take a walk around desert you will need knowledge about proper drug usage and effects.
List bellow will point how to enhance your performance in battle, if it comes to that.
- Psycho [20% normal dmg. res, -7 to PE, -2 to IN] You want to use it, no matter what is your opinion about it. Especially if you are waving with burst weapon and having genetic deformation to see far. It will lower your perception, if you are not totally genetically indisposed, but it will make you more resistant to normal damage that bullets are doing. Tests performed on our volunteers showed that psycho wont lower impact of damage from flamers. But it will lower damage from almost everything else! - highly addictive
- Cigarettes [+3 to Field of view ] will naturally give you better field of vision, even if you dont have genetic disability and psycho cant nullify effect. - not addictive
- Nuka Cola [+1 action point], because of all that healthy components in it, will give you more energy, so you will be able to move and shot more - not addictive;
- Jet [+3 action points] will boost your energy even more than Nuka Cola! Just do not think from what it is made of. - addictive
- Buffout is very powerful substance that will buff your strength and endurance for some period. Our findings are showing that pre war athletes were using this substance! So it cant be *that* bad, right? - addictive
- Rad X [+30 to Rad. Res.] is your best friend if you are visiting highly radiated places. Your pipboy has geiger counter installed, so be sure to have radiation resistance maximized - 95%. In most cases that means you need to take 3 (three) pills to achieve that goal. - not addicitve
- Rad Away [Cure Radiation over time] is useful when your pipboy geiger counter is showing that your body is indeed irradiated. After using 2 doses of Rad Aways dont take another dose for some time, as you need to wait for your body to adapt and absorb medicine first. - addicitve

In case your mind and body gets addicted to some of the named substances you can feel some withdrawal effect. It is nothing serious for action packed person like you, you can just reuse those substances and your mind and body will find tranquility again. 
In case you really dont want to suffer by withdrawal effects and in same time you dont want to use drugs anymore you can try a final solution on you. No, its not what you think, but rather visit some of wasteland doctors. Doctor Zacharius in Junktown hospital is one of the best certified doctors! And he wont charge you much for his services! Your alternative is to obtain bottle of antitoxin and drink it.
[NCR health department appeals on responsible usage of drugs and medicines.]

At the end, good thing is that someone always manage to salvage your wimp body after each lose and You somehow find yourself at some strange place, with nothing in your pockets, but surprisingly not dead.

When you are leaving your safe place follow our "SKI" - Survival Kit Instructions:
- check your drug timer (take every supplement; psycho is essential for bursters, do not neglect it)
- have weapon
- have repaired armor
- have bullets
- have several doses of super stimpaks
- do not carry anything else

After combat:
- repair your armor - if your armor goes above 10% of deterioration you will no longer be protected as much.
- heal yourself fully.
- reload and repair your weapon if needed.
- stash looted items in safe place, your base or tent.
- do not roam around unsafe wilderness with pocket full of valuables. As stated earlier, equip yourself only with necessary kit for survival.
This way you will lower your potential loses to minimum, or better say, potentially maximize your profit!

When driving a car:
- have your combat mode set to "real time" and fast travel "on". You dont want to end up in some turn based encounter and lose your car just like that.
Not after all that blood spilled to get your hands on one.
- do not park in towns or public places in general. Park only in your personal places; base or tent.
- always check if there is enough power in car, and if it needs a repair. Have some fuel in your trunk or inventory.
- lock your vehicle with electronic lock for better safety.

Finding your own location:
Press "?" to find out exact zone and coordinate of your location!


Amnesia? Headache? - Where do we go now:
You awake in some strange place and You dont know what to do next? Come to protected town nearby and ask for NCR officer.
NCR is place made just for You! Dont hesitate - join NCR military camp by joining NCR National Guard, become tough smartass by developing yourself properly!
Our tutors will explain to you how your character stats works.
You will be pointed for some easy jobs, and you can earn some starting caps, experience, and most important - respect!
(This thread will point you to easy experience and caps earning, which will come in handy on your start in California wasteland)

Look for loot:
Loot, loot and only loot. Grinding shiny things, mostly from pre war era is everyday hobby for most of people in
your neighborhood. Dont be a jelly and look for shiny things yourself! Dont forget, its always safer (and more fun) to do things
in team.

Zones to look for (be aware, all mentioned zones are opened encounters once you enter them)

6:14; 7:14 - [Tier 3 in lockers] Ruins around San Fran. Search it and check lockers. High possibility of tier 3 recipes and gear itself!
Just be aware of mobs, if you are not careful they can ruin your day as well as low trap or lockpick knowledge.

18:6; 18:8; 19:6; 19:7 - [Khans/Rogues] You have had enough of Kahns and Rogues roaming around all armed trying to shot You?
Just some of zones where you can deal with them and end their misery! Not only that, but they can have nice things
on them, including caps which they are extorting from honest drug re sellers and jet addict hookers.
When you deal with them you just take what ever you can carry, any trader in wastealand will trade You for Your surplus.
Keep in mind that when you deal with them, You have chance of finding map to Toxic Caves, strange holotape which will open doors of
Cathedral for You or backpack filled with explosives. But later on that.

10:10 - [Fire geckos] Ever dreamt of being a firefighter as a child? But firefighter that is putting down fire with a bullets?
Here is your chance to fill out that dream. Go there, hunt for fire geckos and skin their pelts! You dont even need a knife,
just take easy task from guy in Junktown or Boneyard, and one of them will teach you how to skin geckos with -BARE HANDS- for a minimum fee!
Best few hundred caps invested ever!
What for You are asking Yourself? Except You will fulfill your childhood dream, this is very lucrative job. You can sell it to guys obsessed with hubo robes, or become one of them! Also, dont forget about time when guy named Lee Balton from Modoc tannery buying it. It will be shown as global message on your pipboy!
But be aware, if there is no NCR in town, (and if you wont hear it on radio, that means its not) you will be probably shot at from random gangers who are there to ruin your day!

18:18 - [Golden and Silver geckos] Do you like gold and silver? Well, You wont find it there, but You will find golden and silver geckos, and that is close enough!
Why? Remember that Balton from Modoc? He is buying them no matter what time of year is! If You are some fetishist on crafting leather jackets,
You will be able to fulfill your needs as well!

9:17; 10:17, 11:17 - [Mutants] If you woke up all angry and you want to get things even with this forsaken world, go there!
If you feel like lawbringer or just crazy person, clear that part of world by going beserk and kill all mutant remnants.
Not only You will calm down your nerves, but these big crazy mutants have plenty of stuff on themselves. Including drugs.
So if You are wasteland junkie its a good place to get high in peace there after killing spread.
Info is telling that Mutants dont have way to enter Mariposa interior and meet with their locked brothers. Even better!

12:28; 22:28 [zones on south west coast, zones around glow] - [xp grinding] Are you feeling underestimated, but You have surplus of bullets?
Time to get your experience back to level it belongs! Go there, burst every evil floater, centaur or alpha deathclaw. Dont think about their children.
Everyone is cute when is young. Grind experience and grow tougher out of every fight.
Do note that adventure likely will cost you good amount of ammo and armor durability, and gain nothing but life experience from it.


Your own loot mines:
There are few places where You cant be ambushed at, and Your hard work will be rewarded, but lets start with two simple places that wont give you that comfort.

24:14 Vault 15 - Home of NCR predecessors, just on east from Shady Sands. You can get rid of current habitants there very easy, and in return you can have all nice items that past habitants forgot to take with them. You dont want to go there without knowledge of lockpicking and without electronic lockpick. You can ninjaloot dungeon and go fast out, but still there is very good possibility that you will find there other people. As it is place near town of NCR, you can often meet NCR patrols there. Take away your weapon, mind your business, be polite and You wont get shot at. That is if You are not interfering with current NCR operations there.

11:8; 11:7 Sierra Caves - Some crazy things for sure happened there. Encounter specific cave entrance, with wooden ramp in front of it, go inside and you will find yourself in big complex of caves that someone filled with potential high tech stuff all around. Get rid of habitants, look for lockers and use your lockpick and traps skills! Cave complex have two levels, going down from first to second will give you opportunity to get nicer things
for you and your family! Be aware that second level have tougher habitants, but also chance to encounter other people who are looking for same thing you are looking for. So write a will before you will exchange your wife for this moist caves!

Feeling introverted? Next two examples are places where you will be safe. At least from unwanted company:

18:26 Cathedral - You can enter to that spooky religious place by reading some strange holotape that you obtained
ealier from Rogues, Khans or some strange dude in Hub for few thousands caps. Apparently you will be doing some filthy job for BoS. Like everyting in this world, future of it depends on you one more time. Its better that you gather some tough team, as you will be fighting there very ugly, big and invisible mutants. And they wont be very polite when they see You!
If you are looking for place with good items with minimum risk, and you have at least one friend, this is a place for you! Just be careful and dont let Cathedral brainwash you, nobody like religious freaks!

2:0 Toxic Caves - Just west of Klamath. One closer look at Toxic Cave map, and your developing brain will immediately know where to mark that place on your pipboy!
You can obtain it in same way as you obtain a Cathedral disk, with one small addition. Apparently they are so common that any creature with arms, legs and at least one pocket can have it!
That counts in mutants and ghouls too!
This is similar place as Cathedral, counting in your safety, tho, you have less chance to get some awesome shiny pree war thingie. At least nobody can put bullet in your head. Habitants are toxic geckos, so take anti rad drugs before going there.
If someone can do it alone, its You!

Recommended char stats:
Starting Build I
 - PvE/PvP; rt orientated. Sg, grenadier, crafting supported class, good enough if you plan to enroll for NCRA.
Starting Build II
 - PvE/PvP; rt oriantated. Sg, grenadier, crafting supported class, good enough if you plan to enroll for NCRA.
Starting Build III
 - PvE - farming, mostly for tb, usable in rt. Sg, throwing, crafting supported class. Downside: No Bonus Ranged Damage perks will make rt pvp harder for you; action points amount can compensate it
PVP Build I
 - PVP - school example of BG burster for RT combat mode. You can do most of in game actions with it, such as dungeons, events and farming. Approved by NCR officers when enrolling for NCRA.
NOTE: When making your char pay attention to maximize its potential - read books as lvl1, do Petes Repair Quest in Junktown. Starting Charisma on all characters should be 1, you can raise it by doing quest for Junktown sheriff Mike.

- For more info turn to any NCR officer -

Good luck!

NCR Guidance Counselor  and its "The Wasteland Survival Guide MKII" is part of "NCR MILITARY GUIDELINES" series and it is sponsored by NCR government.


New California Republic / Re: Governement official announcements
« on: October 14, 2018, 23:09 »
New California Republic is leaving Junktown governing offices

NCR government made decision to leave major office in Junktown and leave that town as independent again.
On Council meeting it was concluded that NCR fulfilled goal in south part of California and it's time to make progress by turning to next agenda.
In this time Junktown citizens and NCR citizens will welcome new Junktown government.
NCR wants to thank JTS guards who protected south borders of Republic and developed themselves into strong individuals who are capable of dealing with California land challenges, especially those who are now in NCR army ranks.
NCR wishes best luck to new Junktown authorities.
Current JTS guard will be relieved of duty and will have opportunity to enlist for NCR army ranks through NCR National Guard, NCR's new recruiting project.
Stay tuned for more information.
Note to civilians:
Do not worry citizen, your government will keep on strong influence in Junktown and will keep enforcing stability on south borders of Republic.

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