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Oh, no. I'm sad to hear you think that way.

We are doing things to fix the server from crashing, there are too many locations, tents, bases, items in the game and engine can use up to 3 gigs of ram. When it overflows the game crashes. However, we do have a plan and will implement it pretty soon.

Suggestions / Re: How to fix waste AP from SS
« on: November 19, 2017, 23:27 »
Using any kind of unauthorized third-party tool that modifies the game in a way that gives any kind of unfair advantage over other players, including bots, macros, auto-clickers.

Suggestions / Re: How to fix waste AP from SS
« on: November 19, 2017, 19:34 »
Well it was a bug, a bug that we did not fix because of one thing, people got used to it. I'm not quite certain if this should continue to be a thing (Lose action points for mindless hotkey spam) or remove the AP use to make it more enjoyable for players. Let's leave it up to the voting.

General Discussion / Re: Trade Bot in Hub REPORT
« on: November 16, 2017, 02:48 »
The creator of the tool got into kind of agreement with Skycast. He's allowed to test it and he is going to release it to the public for everyone to use. It seems fair that way in my opinion. It's better than the guy spending his time on creating new exploits.

When the tool will be polished everyone will have access to it.

Thanks again people. I ended up giving away around 100 event tokens, 2 implants, and 4 power armors. Hopefully at least one of these will end up in hands of people in need. Have a nice evening fellas!

You do, no worries.

Seeing that I'm going to postpone the main party for when my brother comes back to Poland then I guess yeah. I might be around trolling the hell out after I'm back home.

Nice auction. +Rep.

Thanks, guys. It's uplifting to see such topic, after so many years of hard work, trolling and getting to know you people, I'm glad to see that some of the good guys are still here with us, even if their reputation is questionable in the community.

Summer arena is kind of an endgame and makes everything pointless while we still have a long road ahead.

Thank you for the birthday cheers.

And Sega_Rus is right. I wasn't tracking it. Today is one last day of double experience and loot increase. It should be up a minute after this post.

I will inform this evening that the "week" has officially ended.

Polskie Pustkowia / Re: sugestie wall
« on: November 13, 2017, 18:04 »
To jest dyskusja, jak mają dyskutować gracze ktorzy nie znaja polskiego?
Wolność słowa widać tu nie obowiązuje  ??? 8)

Czym jest ograniczona twoja wolność słowa poprzez mój komentarz? Jedyne co powiedziałem to wytłumaczyłem dlaczego suggestie zostawia sie tam:

Rozumiem gdybym powiedział "Złe subforum, zamykam", lub jakoś negatywnie się odniosl, lecz ja najzwyczajniej proponuję napisac te sugestię jeszcze raz na dziale gdzie cale community bedzie moglo przedyskutować te podpunkty I gdzie ktos jeszcze oprocz mnie z devteamu bedzie mogl zerknąć.

Polskie Pustkowia / Re: sugestie wall
« on: November 11, 2017, 20:56 »
Dyskusje pisze sie po angielsku w suggestions ponieważ:

To jest dyskusja, jak mają dyskutować gracze ktorzy nie znaja polskiego? Do każdej zmiany jest potrzebny feedback, tak go nie dostaniemy od ogółu.
Tylko 1 na 3 aktywnych devów zna jezyk polski.

Jezeli sugestie są poważne to lepiej je przenieść na język angielski do poprawnego topica.

Tasks / Re: CAR/VEHICLES - Skull Power Models
« on: November 08, 2017, 19:04 »

Fonline 2 supports car painting. Which means if you have any cool car reworks that follow the base rules of it they can be implemented straight into the game.

From what I've seen there that cockroach is good and buggy would also be after some changes.

We do not have corvega. It was really looking too off from the game art style to even consider adding it. You can see our vehicles at:

The bonuses are still up. You will be informed when they will get removed.

Random is God, buddy. This time it wasn't on your side.

Roleplay / Re: A Curious Roleplayer
« on: November 05, 2017, 22:26 »
Feel free to support the ideals of the enclave. But remember that one of them is to remove you from the land of USA.

There is a lot more freedom when nobody is inside enclave. Otherwise, people would have issues with players in such over an advantageous faction that raids everyone else.

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