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Bugs / [Feature] NCR Caravan event abuse
« on: May 27, 2019, 18:58 »
NCR - VC caravan event got abused by NCR faction which can change team or person into public enemy. And of course shot on sight. Which happened to many Vault city citizens during:

According to latest NCR update Vault City is now enemy of NCR.

But there are questions:

  • Why there is "single" faction with privileges to do that stuff? There was no roleplay for month even ages
  • Why we as faction are not informed and this missleading event is still happening for VC citizens or new guys?
  • How its possible that guards shoot marked enemy if karma/reputation is not negative?
  • Why if you are enemy of this faction are not informed in similar way as it is for example over Necropolis?

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