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This is a pre-announcement of a coming update. Since it will heavily affect item sorting in bases tents we want to inform you before it is happening.

  • Stackable items in bases/tents will be stacked
  • Several "junk items" will be deleted and reward according to ceratin % of item value will be payd


Basically this update intents to free up some server memory usage. At the moment the server has a heavy memory load and crashes approximately every 2-3 days. Not the only reason but one of them is the big amount of items.

We target two things. Deleting unused items and clean up item stacks in bases/tents.

Deleting junk items

Below is a list of items, which will be deleted in everyone's base(s) and/or tent(s). Since some of these items are used to trade with npc traders we decided to pay a certain amount of caps for each item deleted. As I'm writing this, the payment amount is based on the base value of the item itself but this might change till the update comes into effect.

List of items which will be deleted:
  • Booze, Gamma Gulp Beer, Beer, Roentgen Rum
  • NCR Pass
  • Psychic Nullifier/Neural Interface
  • Red/Green/Blue Condom
  • Dice/Loaded Dice
  • Empty Bottle
  • Box Of Noodles/Instant Dinner
  • BoS Dogtags/BoS Holodisk
  • Heart Pills
  • Radscorpion tail
  • Electronic/Mechanical Pre war parts
  • Ghtang room key
  • V13 Canteen
  • Field Switch
  • Salvator case
  • Zip Gun/Pipe Rifle
  • Plant Spike
  • Empty hypos
  • Geiger Counter
  • Key Ring
  • Meat Jerky
  • Lighter
  • Oil Can
  • Water Flask/Vics Water Flask
  • Cosmetic Case
  • Gold Locket/Gold Watch/Cornelius Watch/Necklace
  • All sorts of brains (who needs them anyway? :)) )
  • Wrench
  • Eye/Dixon Eye
  • Tanglers Hand
  • Empty Jet Canister
  • Bio Gel
  • RadX/RadAway/Psycho/Buffout/Frag Grenade Blueprints
  • Red/Blue/Yellow Pass Key
    Note: These are NOT THE GLOW KEYCARDS
  • Red & Yellow Glow Keycard
    Note: Glow cards will be refunded according to the price you would get if sold to BoS guy.
  • Chemistry Journal
  • Fuzzy Painting
  • Gold Tooth
  • Medical Supplies
  • Machined High Grade Steel
  • Spectacles
  • Mirror Shades
  • Toxic Gecko Pelt
  • Iguana Stick/Meat on Stick

The reward payment in the form of caps will be deposit in the first container (locker/chest etc..) found on the map.

Stacking items

Some bases are a mess, items lying around everywhere without any order. Others are ordered in an almost autistic way. The main problem is the same. Ground items eat memory and this sums up by the sheer amount of items on the server at the moment. We know that some players won't like that change, since many order their stuff in a way they can for example quick access drugs & ammunition for pvp but we figured it's a small price to pay for the server becomes more stable.

Affected are only stackable items. So for all hoarders out there, you can still enjoy some certain amount of chaos in your base(s)/tent(s) since none stackable items like most weapons and armors won't be moved.

The stacked items will all be moved to the first container found on the map of a base and into the tent chest or crate of a tent. There will be some flare indicating which one it is.

The update will happen this Sunday noon/afternoon. There will be a server maintenance and stuff will be stacked/deleted. If you plan to save some of the junk items listed above you have to be outside of any base or tent. Meaning you need to create a temporary location or take some mule on world map for example. Car trunks will be affected also!

News and Announcements / Temporary experience and loot boost
« on: June 16, 2018, 16:49 »
Greetings wastelanders!

Like most of you probably already know, the server is back in normal state and so far everything looks good.

Unfortunately we had to rollback the server to a safe date. This of course caused some inconvenience for players in terms of loot which was lost and time spent to level characters and such.

Although this bug was nothing we could have foreseen per se because engine related we still would like to compensate you for the loss and decided to double the amount of experience gained and the time of loot respawning.

This will at least be in affect for one week starting by now.

Many greets,

Bugs / MOVED: Karma for the quests does not increase
« on: May 25, 2017, 09:47 »
This topic has been moved to [Closed Bugs].

Bugs / MOVED: HUB Caravan packer for new chars
« on: February 20, 2017, 17:14 »

Bugs / MOVED: Random Encounters
« on: December 17, 2016, 00:24 »
This topic has been moved to [Closed Bugs].


Hyde Park / The astrophysical thread
« on: January 20, 2016, 00:02 »
That's right bi... beloved FOnliners! Here it is. You can't avoid or sneak past it!

It was inevitable to have this sort of topic some day.

Now that this is cleared, let's step right into it. I want a clean convo on and within this subject. So let's tip out some rules first:

- Do we have to discuss wether UFOs are real or not?

Nope. Go to ATS or some other forum for this kind of subject!

- Do we discuss the possibility of alien lifeforms?

Absolutely! Since this is one motive that drove mankind behind science for a long time now. BUT...keep it scientific! No "I think there are blablubbs somewhere"s and no "There has to be,....because of ....millions of..."s! If you found some interesting things on this subject share it but let your own conclusions (if you have any) be filtered through the mask of plausibility first.

-  Do we need IN of 3 or higher?

Not really, I guess...but it couldn't hurt to follow some parts of the things, that hopefully will be discussed in here. At least this shall not be some rocket science. It's more about to get a feeling of what surrounds us in this place we call universe.

- What the heck?!

Yeah, what the heck?

Feel free to discuss any aspect you want, that somehow is related to space, astronomical science or whatever belongs into this field but please don't just post a picture and/or a video without any personal statement or opinion on it.

I'll start with some interesting place within our own solar system:


For those of you who don't know, it's a moon of Jupiter. Beneath his icy crust scientist believe, that there's liquid water. This ocean of water could be some habitat for simple lifeforms and the future will show wether or not, this is the case.

It is believed that there may be some kind of habitable zone, inside the ocean. Tidal forces, that Europa undergoes by Jupiter could lead to some heating of the liquid water inside the moon, which then would lead to some simple, life-friendly environment to host basic life forms.

Like black smokers on earth, there could be some geothermical processes, that not only allow simple life forms to exist but also to supply them with ressources/food.

Yet, it's difficult to further investigate bodies like this with the current technique. Still I hope, that there will be some kind of lander mission announced soonish to take a deeper look on this jewel within our solar system :).

Hello Wastelanders!

I'm not quite sure how useful this might be for the majority of players but, well...i did it anyway :). So here it is...the:

FixBoy 2000


Basically it's a virtual crafting tool to help you calculate the ressources you need to craft a certain item.

Download Link:
Click Me!

Please Note: Included are two excel sheets Fixboy.xlsm and FixboyW10.xlsm. For some users the program behind won't work on newer Windows 10 and/or newer Office versions. For this case the FixboyW10-sheet was added and can be used instead.

It's written in Excel-VBA, so basically it's an excel sheet. It won't work with OpenOffice i guess, since OpenOffice uses some other kind of programming language.

Known Bugs/Issues:
  • On newer windows systems and/or newer Office versions there is a library reference issue with some function, which causes an error message when accessing any list with craftable items. --> solved with alternative excel file

  • crafting tables for Tier4 items
  • maybe some additional infos
  • add infos about numbers of possible items with stats

If you encounter a bug and Excel shows you a dialog screen please choose "Debug" and make a screen, if possible. This way i can quicker estimate, what caused the crash. Also, if you want to modify the program/form or add new features you are free to do this. The VBA-code is password protected, though so please contact me via PM and i send you the pass. This way i can keep an overview over future features and the people working on them.

Alright...have fun crafting :)

Sell / Closed - WTA M60 Blueprint
« on: January 06, 2015, 21:31 »
Auction closed.

Sell / Closed - WTA Improved Flamer Blueprint
« on: January 06, 2015, 21:02 »

Suggestions / Description for Blueprints in (player owned) Shop
« on: December 04, 2014, 17:35 »
At the moment it's not possible for a shop owner to determine which blueprint you want to set the price for. Could you please add a description for them?

As you can see in the picture i have no clue, which one refers to which craftable item.

I have a question about the base you can buy from this guy in Navarro.

It's a bit strange. According to the wiki and what we know from previous season you need a char who at least sees Navarro (Kenny Quest) and is beyond lvl 15. Both applies to our char and still we can't talk to this "Robbed Figure".

Well, i know, that - due to the tech progress system - the Enclave Quest(s) aren't unlocked yet. This would be a reason but then again there's a inconsistency of some kind:

THIS guy seemed actually able to talk to the robbed figure and at least had the dialog about bunker blah.

So, is there any other (special) requirement that needs to be fulfilled other then the above mentioned or was there some change with updates (since Nov, 6th, when this guy made his post), so that the base is also blocked now?

Sell / WTS Alien Blaster [Auction] Closed
« on: November 22, 2014, 13:33 »
100% item, starting bid: 40k

[New] Auction ends 26.11.14 around the same time as this post was created (13:30 CET)

Hyde Park / Pimp my Egg!
« on: May 01, 2014, 10:25 »
Hi folks,

about 2 years ago i was messing around with C# a bit and was in need for some project to get things started. Now i want to share this little piece of application with you :).

Like the title says it's about your eggs (not your balls). With this little tool you now will be able to always have them in the desired condition.



Choose the weight category or put in the weight of the egg manually, put in the temperature of the egg and finally select the desired condition. You then can start a timer, that will ring an alarm when it's ready.

Thats it :D...

Dear Wastelanders,

I want to present you some little tool, that may help you to plan your builds/characters.

After like 2 months (or even more) of coding, testing and raging it's finally ready for an early release:

FOnline 2 Character Planner

Version 1.5_Update
Download Link: FOnline2 Character Planner 1.5

Last Update: 05.08.15

Edit: This Link will be permanent for now. For Fixes/Small Changes I'll update it.

Alternative Link: FOnline2 Character Planner 1.5 (Thanks to Lucek)

This project can now be accessed through GitHub! --> Project on GitHub <--


Some things about the features and the program in general:

By now everything you need to plan a build from scratch is implemented. You can:

  • choose Implants/Quests/Books
  • save a screenshot from your actual build
  • reset the planner via the File Menu
  • choose between the normal (in-game-like) description and a more detailed one:
  • go back and forth in Level(s) and fast go up to Level 99 after softcap
  • Save and Load a build
  • Simulate drug-effects


What is planned?

The next version will have a Load/Save feature. Also, you'll be able to go back to a previous level.   (Now implemented)

For further development the simulation of drugs and a Hit Chance Calculator could be added.

Of course, I can't promise you, that there won't be any bugs or false info still. Though, the planner was already tested by some players and many things were fixed in first place.

One more thing:

If you see this picture -->  <--- it means, that the in-game description picture is missing yet. If you want to help, please make an in-game screenshot in window mode and on default interface and send me a link or post it into this topic.

Enjoy and Greets


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