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Roleplay / The Fallout Cookbook
« on: June 23, 2017, 08:23 »
I'm not an author of this great piece of fanmade creativity, just sharing it to save from oblivion.
Enjoy your meal! :)


Roleplay / ⋆ Unity of Broken Hills ⋆ Video archives
« on: April 11, 2017, 15:01 »

Bugs / [Item description] Robes
« on: February 25, 2017, 09:42 »

It is robe from Childrens of Cathedral not Hubologists.

Hyde Park / Fallout 1.5 Resurrection
« on: July 16, 2016, 13:05 »

Yesterday was released official english translation for czech Fallout 2 mod known as Fallout 1.5 Resurrection. Action of this mod takes place in time between Fallout 1 and 2, east of California in New Mexico. Mod contains totally new campaign filled by high quality quests, locations and dialogs in the good old falloutish style with many references to original Fallouts.
In past I playing this mod with some unnoficial translation and I can say that it was big piece of fun, for sure latest version with some patches and official translation will make this game even more playable and enjoyable.
So kurwa stop playing fuckin PokemonGo and enjoy Fallout!

Official page -
Forum -

Hyde Park / The Sum (Fallout Tactics conversion mod)
« on: April 13, 2016, 10:41 »
Few days ago was released full playable standalone demo of this project. The Sum is game based on Fallout Tactics source, but totally not connected to Fallout universe, it is more like "realistic" post-apo survival game in US/Canadian environment with some anarchistic backstory.
Really good shit. Eat till is hot!

Roleplay / ⋆ Unity of Broken Hills ⋆
« on: March 15, 2016, 19:07 »

The Unity of Broken Hills (UoBH, Unity, Unity of BH) is Fallout-based faction connecting "interracial" status and affiliation to Broken Hills with action-oriented gameplay.

Faction was created in march 2016 by outgoing President of the New California Republic backed by loyal NCR veterans and fellow members of Treasure Hunters who decided to start own standalone project in new environment while keeping their rockin' way of playing. The early squad consisted of Lucek, Vick Rockstar, Promień, Thant, Gobby and Gizmo supported by Warpig, Lolum, Rilwen and Mauro, and with time expanded by Delta, Justin, Sarghot, Marti, Willis, Koragorn, Sausage, Deano, Zdzichu, TheChosenOne, Kille, Rysiek, Godric, Pannu, Bolek, Dark Soul and many others. Despite of time and changes in the composition core of founders and supporters remains active to this day, although initially international group unintentionally evolved into more Polish-based.

As the name might suggest Unity of BH according to its Fallout archetype concentrate actions on Broken Hills as priority, but for sake of good fun not avoiding any kind of activity in the farthest corners of the Wasteland. Faction is famous for heroic attempts to defend the city, as well as for regular patrolling surrounding areas in search of hostile units.

The Unity may be categorised as hybrid RP/PVP faction due to focusing activities on PVP while having some RP elements and many similarities with roleplaying factions, but it's worth saying that UoBH rather stand aside from so-called PVP community, also treat roleplaying more like background than the main object of interest.

When it comes to the "moral/ethic" alignment the Unity may be put among "bright side" factions, which is quite obvious if keep in mind specific Fallout origins of UoBH and fact that group consist of members known from their positive attitude, but worth say that faction is focused on just being fair toward others and keeping the law mainly in reference to Broken Hills without playing the role of self-appointed sheriff of the Wasteland or Tribunal of Justice. Manifestation of the above is simple but strict policy toward others which can be briefly described as friendly toward non-hostile factions/players (especially newcomers), and hostile toward all kinds of so-called scums and raiders (these who attacked BH patrols or raid the town).

In terms of diplomacy, Unity is rather willing to stick to alliances built on long-term positive relations, than build some spontaneous pacts, however, faction is open on coop with everyone who share and respect its goals, identity and independence.

Since the early days, UoBH has partially closed status and not recruiting openly. The internal structure is targeted on loyal, trusted and devoted members who respecting origins of faction and act according to the code of conduct. Such strict policy has big impact on the number of members, but in exchange Unity rarely had to deal in own ranks with omnipresent clan jumpers, baserapers, trolls, abusers, noobs harassers, raging schoolboys and plain idiots.

The fundamental element of Broken Hills Unity is openness to non-human characters and from the beginning, super mutants are important part and the hallmark of the group. UoBH can be considered as the first stable and long-term attempt to introduce totally underrated at the time super mutants builds into realtime PVP, which resulted in their popularization among other players/factions. Over time, the ranks have been expanded by ghouls, but due to many disadvantages, they are rather like bonus emphasizing the character of faction than full playable alts.

Which is quite obvious core concept of the faction is based on Broken Hills community and its Unity Patrols known from Fallout 2, but as non-direct inspirations right from FOnline 2 worth mention are also Project Mutie (Junktown Scouts super mutants squad) and faction the Broken Hills Hunters (BH-based RP/PVP gang active in far past). For sure not without significance are connections of the Unity with legendary faction Treasure Hunters after which UoBH not only inherited some members but also acquired specific positive ethos and loose style of playing. Despite the similarities, UoBH is not associated with the Master's Unity known from Fallout nor with player's faction called Unity active some time ago.

New California Republic / ⋆ Official resignation.
« on: March 11, 2016, 20:12 »

Hello fellow Republicans!
I think that every of you know what accident happened to me. If not, check this. Well, I still feel the negative effects of my transformation, especially in mental context. My doctor tried to convince me that everything is ok, he tested my inteligence and said that is on average 6th level, but I feel that something is changed, my mind is like tangle of vipers, my thoughts hazy, I feel now emotions unknown for me before, it is obvious side effect of my transformation, it is my burden. For sure mutant can be president of NCR due to our democratic values and well known tolerance, for sure even retarded mutant can be leader of NCR and my mutated predecessors like president Glumer and regent Hubert are best example of that, but I do not take this risk, it would be stupid and arrogance, NCR is too advanced, complex and precious to be driven by leader with some lacks of health or reason, also with lack of sprit, becasue I can honestly say that I lost understanding for political games, I'm too tired of it, it is part of my past, but not part of me anymore, so yes, in the name of greater good I resign from position of President of NCR.

Chain of events was big suprise for me, so I do not have any ready summary of my presidency, especially that many things are in progress, many in the planning stage, but well, I need somehow sum up this time.
When I started my presidential work Republic was totally ruined, army demoralised and in disarray, treasury wasted, Capitol permanently raided, visitors threatened by thieves and other degenerates, reputation, ehh, what reputation... NCR as social, political or military being totally not existed, Capital was the most miserable point of map, community was the most powerless group on the Wasteland. It was harsh time for me as leader, it was time of harsh decisions. I know how many of these decisions was strange, how many peoples hated me for my approach, well, I never care about my personal reputation, everything what I done was based on reality and higher good, and now I can say that I not regret any decision, I did what I had to do and thanks to this now we can say about NCR like about something alive and perspective, not wasted and abandoned. Now, after 7 months of hard work, everything looks far different than in past, now after seven months of blood, sweat and tears, after seven months of pride and glory I can say that future is ours. Our current situation is good in all aspects, it is awesome base for my successors, awesome base for future reforms in political, military and economic context. It is first time when NCR is on so advanced point, it is first time when NCR community is so stable. I'm sure that this potential will be used for better future. Of course this is not only my merit, it is merit of all these people who have worked with me and supported me, who believed in Rebublic and who trusted me as a leader. I'm sure that Republic will not forget your effort, from my side I can say Thank you and ensure that I will also not forget.
It is obvious that I can't say that everything was good or that every good opportunity was used, it is not truth, for sure I will leave behind me big field for improvements and further reforms. These fails are nothing in context of our general success, but still, they can be good lesson for me and my successors. For sure time of harsh decisions and conservative approach slowly passes away, for sure less strict approach is needed to not repeat my mistakes, more innovative approach is needed to use good fruits of my past policy. Of course liberal and reformist approach can't means betrayal of our values, there is no NCR without values, behind this line is only abyss.
My head hurts unbearably, too many words for poor mutant, so I will slowly ending.
Well, fellow Republicans, good Wastelanders, for me it is time to say good bye, I hope that I will be remembered as the president who never betrayed the Republic and who was guided by higher good, also as a person who never betrayed fundamental values and common decency no matter how big pressure was related to my official function. I think my current decision about resignation only confirm my pure intentions and uncompromising approach to the good of Republic.

Someone can ask whats now, well, don't worry dear Republicans, we have procedures for this unusual situation. According to Document #22.04032016 paragraph "Emergency situations" current Vice President is obligated to take over the presidential position in order to preserve the continuity of authority. Vice President Knight Shift was aware of these provisions so I'm sure that he is always ready to carry this duty. Formally he becomes president from the moment of publication by me resignation, in practice from now. There is no reason for concern, Republic will last uninterrupted.
Vice President Knight Shift is very talented organizer and politician, to that more liberal and reformist than I am, so I am sure that he will provide the sustainable future for the Republic.

Good bye fellow Republicans. Good luck mr. President.

Lucek, President of New California Republic. Shady sands, 21.02.2274

New California Republic / ⋆ Shit happens.
« on: March 11, 2016, 20:10 »

Hyde Park / Fonline: Australia 2016 Re-release
« on: January 18, 2016, 17:39 »



Very specific server, but for sure interesting :D

New California Republic / [archive] Special Presidential Speech.
« on: December 27, 2015, 13:08 »

My fellow Republicans! Soldiers! Citizens! Wastelanders!
I heard about some hostile and malicious peoples and their attempts to interfere from outside in the peaceful life of our community. I heard about some bad and mindless peoples who try to destablise our efficient political system. No idea if I even should say something in this case to not help to him spread his shameful activity, but I can't resist, I can't resist the arogancy, hypocrisy and meanness! It is time to say something loud and clear. It is time to definitely cut off these dirty hands who try to disrupt quiet life of our lawful society!
Some random coyotes can't just come from desert and claim for rights to decide about future of NCR! They can't raid the Capital, kill the citizens and now try to usurp the right to decide about our fate! Some duplicitous intriguers can't just appear from nowhere and try to change the NCR! They can't throw shit on Republic, shout lies and spread hateful propaganda and now by using sweet words tell us what we should do and how Republic should work! Republic is not abandoned, is active, stable politically and economically, driven by capable people who identify with it, driven by people who raise it from ashes. Everything what is good in NCR is the fruit of hard work of our community. Our blood, sweat and tears what we sacrificed in the name of Republic are confirmation of our effort and our payment for the privilege to lead this country! Satisfied citizens and visitors, punished criminals, safe streets of our Capital and the heroism of our soldiers is a confirmation that we are moving in the right direction! The land of free and home of brave is here! And now!
New California Republic is driven by community of Republicans, community of members, citizens and supporters, community of peoples who believe in law, justice and ideas of the Republic. We are here not by empty words and false promises, we are here by our hard work and till we are alive and determinated, we are legitimate managers and residents of this land and desert raiders, fake activists, low intriguers or Hub criminals will not decide how will look our political life, elections, economy, diplomacy and whole fate of the Republic and future of our childrens and brahmins!
We are the salt of this earth, We are the New California Republic!
NCR prevail!

Let me guys make here small archives of these rare holodisks. Only 3 for start, but I'm sure that soon or later SoT publishing company will release more. :D




New California Republic / New quest (Shady Sands).
« on: November 30, 2015, 18:15 »

In Dusty's Cantina in Shady Sands you can get some interesting job from NPC Robin Wood. It is totally new quest made by Balthasar. :)

Some info for visitors - before you come to Shady Sands please press "K" and check if your gang (if you are member of any) is not banned in NCR. Also be sure that you enter city with alt who was not involved in some crimes and actions against NCR in past because it can be possible that you are banned. In last time we not have big problem with thieves or other criminalist, also our members very rarely (accidentally) open fire to innocent / random guys or even to enemies who are not on ban list, so not affraid to come, but please keep in mind that shit can always happen.
If you notice some bad accidents or you will be victim of such accident please PM me instead cry on forum about bad NCR noobs who not let good and fair ppls to explore some new game content.
Enjoy. :)

Suggestions / Barrels seller in Shady Sands
« on: September 07, 2015, 10:48 »

Everytime when I see this strange guy in the middle of rubbish dump in Shady Sands downtown I have a feeling that he should sell something like furniture or other nice crap. What about barrels? I like Sheep suggestion in this matter, maybe we can combine these ideas, of course with some improvements (cost for example).

My noobish example of dialogue which can be used:
Hey good man, I heard that you have some barrels to spare. Can you sell me few? I have caps.
Huh? Im not your good man, you dung. Caps? Who care about these silly caps? Give me some materials and we will talk or get lost.
Ekhmm... ok then. How much materials you need?
Hmm... bring me... hmm... let's say:
15x metal parts for 1x metal barrel
1x metal barrel + tool for 1x opened barrel
5x wood + opened barrel + lighter for 1x metal burning barrel

Damn, looks like the economy is still harsh.
Huh? Any problem?
Nah, sir. It is amazing price for these rusty... ekhmm... for these precious barrels.

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