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New California Republic / NCR School Guidance Counselor!
« on: October 15, 2018, 00:58 »

Are you feeling pressure of a new guy? Are you thinking that you are too noob for this world?
Have no worries, NCR is answering Your prayer and resolving Your hardest life questions in every corner of New California!
NCR Guidance Counselor is introducing brand new edition of "The Wasteland Survival Guide MKII" to You!
You dont need to browse all those funny pages, and spend your life time to find simple answers.
After long and thorough study of NCR scientists and field personnel You will now have every essential thing right here in one place! For free!

As you are aware, New California land is divided by zones that you are able to see on your pipboy. NCR Guidance Counselor will show You way of using this knowledge for your personal benefit!


Intro Tips - Overcoming Basic Knowledge:
This world is crazy and unsafe, so where ever You go - take armor, weapon, bullets, set of drugs, and super stimpaks!
Why is this so important? Because it is! Do you want to be killed or kill? There is no third option, except if You decide to run away from problems,
which is confirmed by impartial investigation that in 95% of cases ends up with You being dead. And we are not pointing out here how to get yourself killed, just the opposite.

Drugs and medicines - military field enhancers - how to use, what they do and how to control effects
Have you ever wondered how come that military and paramilitary groups can produce performance beyond sanity on battlefield? Drugs and medicines! If you are looking to enrich your shelves with pre war relics from ruins or just want to take a walk around desert you will need knowledge about proper drug usage and effects.
List bellow will point how to enhance your performance in battle, if it comes to that.
- Psycho [20% normal dmg. res, -7 to PE, -2 to IN] You want to use it, no matter what is your opinion about it. Especially if you are waving with burst weapon and having genetic deformation to see far. It will lower your perception, if you are not totally genetically indisposed, but it will make you more resistant to normal damage that bullets are doing. Tests performed on our volunteers showed that psycho wont lower impact of damage from flamers. But it will lower damage from almost everything else! - highly addictive
- Cigarettes [+3 to Field of view ] will naturally give you better field of vision, even if you dont have genetic disability and psycho cant nullify effect. - not addictive
- Nuka Cola [+1 action point], because of all that healthy components in it, will give you more energy, so you will be able to move and shot more - not addictive;
- Jet [+3 action points] will boost your energy even more than Nuka Cola! Just do not think from what it is made of. - addictive
- Buffout is very powerful substance that will buff your strength and endurance for some period. Our findings are showing that pre war athletes were using this substance! So it cant be *that* bad, right? - addictive
- Rad X [+30 to Rad. Res.] is your best friend if you are visiting highly radiated places. Your pipboy has geiger counter installed, so be sure to have radiation resistance maximized - 95%. In most cases that means you need to take 3 (three) pills to achieve that goal. - not addicitve
- Rad Away [Cure Radiation over time] is useful when your pipboy geiger counter is showing that your body is indeed irradiated. After using 2 doses of Rad Aways dont take another dose for some time, as you need to wait for your body to adapt and absorb medicine first. - addicitve

In case your mind and body gets addicted to some of the named substances you can feel some withdrawal effect. It is nothing serious for action packed person like you, you can just reuse those substances and your mind and body will find tranquility again. 
In case you really dont want to suffer by withdrawal effects and in same time you dont want to use drugs anymore you can try a final solution on you. No, its not what you think, but rather visit some of wasteland doctors. Doctor Zacharius in Junktown hospital is one of the best certified doctors! And he wont charge you much for his services! Your alternative is to obtain bottle of antitoxin and drink it.
[NCR health department appeals on responsible usage of drugs and medicines.]

At the end, good thing is that someone always manage to salvage your wimp body after each lose and You somehow find yourself at some strange place, with nothing in your pockets, but surprisingly not dead.

When you are leaving your safe place follow our "SKI" - Survival Kit Instructions:
- check your drug timer (take every supplement; psycho is essential for bursters, do not neglect it)
- have weapon
- have repaired armor
- have bullets
- have several doses of super stimpaks
- do not carry anything else

After combat:
- repair your armor - if your armor goes above 10% of deterioration you will no longer be protected as much.
- heal yourself fully.
- reload and repair your weapon if needed.
- stash looted items in safe place, your base or tent.
- do not roam around unsafe wilderness with pocket full of valuables. As stated earlier, equip yourself only with necessary kit for survival.
This way you will lower your potential loses to minimum, or better say, potentially maximize your profit!

When driving a car:
- have your combat mode set to "real time" and fast travel "on". You dont want to end up in some turn based encounter and lose your car just like that.
Not after all that blood spilled to get your hands on one.
- do not park in towns or public places in general. Park only in your personal places; base or tent.
- always check if there is enough power in car, and if it needs a repair. Have some fuel in your trunk or inventory.
- lock your vehicle with electronic lock for better safety.

Finding your own location:
Press "?" to find out exact zone and coordinate of your location!


Amnesia? Headache? - Where do we go now:
You awake in some strange place and You dont know what to do next? Come to protected town nearby and ask for NCR officer.
NCR is place made just for You! Dont hesitate - join NCR military camp by joining NCR National Guard, become tough smartass by developing yourself properly!
Our tutors will explain to you how your character stats works.
You will be pointed for some easy jobs, and you can earn some starting caps, experience, and most important - respect!
(This thread will point you to easy experience and caps earning, which will come in handy on your start in California wasteland)

Look for loot:
Loot, loot and only loot. Grinding shiny things, mostly from pre war era is everyday hobby for most of people in
your neighborhood. Dont be a jelly and look for shiny things yourself! Dont forget, its always safer (and more fun) to do things
in team.

Zones to look for (be aware, all mentioned zones are opened encounters once you enter them)

6:14; 7:14 - [Tier 3 in lockers] Ruins around San Fran. Search it and check lockers. High possibility of tier 3 recipes and gear itself!
Just be aware of mobs, if you are not careful they can ruin your day as well as low trap or lockpick knowledge.

18:6; 18:8; 19:6; 19:7 - [Khans/Rogues] You have had enough of Kahns and Rogues roaming around all armed trying to shot You?
Just some of zones where you can deal with them and end their misery! Not only that, but they can have nice things
on them, including caps which they are extorting from honest drug re sellers and jet addict hookers.
When you deal with them you just take what ever you can carry, any trader in wastealand will trade You for Your surplus.
Keep in mind that when you deal with them, You have chance of finding map to Toxic Caves, strange holotape which will open doors of
Cathedral for You or backpack filled with explosives. But later on that.

10:10 - [Fire geckos] Ever dreamt of being a firefighter as a child? But firefighter that is putting down fire with a bullets?
Here is your chance to fill out that dream. Go there, hunt for fire geckos and skin their pelts! You dont even need a knife,
just take easy task from guy in Junktown or Boneyard, and one of them will teach you how to skin geckos with -BARE HANDS- for a minimum fee!
Best few hundred caps invested ever!
What for You are asking Yourself? Except You will fulfill your childhood dream, this is very lucrative job. You can sell it to guys obsessed with hubo robes, or become one of them! Also, dont forget about time when guy named Lee Balton from Modoc tannery buying it. It will be shown as global message on your pipboy!
But be aware, if there is no NCR in town, (and if you wont hear it on radio, that means its not) you will be probably shot at from random gangers who are there to ruin your day!

18:18 - [Golden and Silver geckos] Do you like gold and silver? Well, You wont find it there, but You will find golden and silver geckos, and that is close enough!
Why? Remember that Balton from Modoc? He is buying them no matter what time of year is! If You are some fetishist on crafting leather jackets,
You will be able to fulfill your needs as well!

9:17; 10:17, 11:17 - [Mutants] If you woke up all angry and you want to get things even with this forsaken world, go there!
If you feel like lawbringer or just crazy person, clear that part of world by going beserk and kill all mutant remnants.
Not only You will calm down your nerves, but these big crazy mutants have plenty of stuff on themselves. Including drugs.
So if You are wasteland junkie its a good place to get high in peace there after killing spread.
Info is telling that Mutants dont have way to enter Mariposa interior and meet with their locked brothers. Even better!

12:28; 22:28 [zones on south west coast, zones around glow] - [xp grinding] Are you feeling underestimated, but You have surplus of bullets?
Time to get your experience back to level it belongs! Go there, burst every evil floater, centaur or alpha deathclaw. Dont think about their children.
Everyone is cute when is young. Grind experience and grow tougher out of every fight.
Do note that adventure likely will cost you good amount of ammo and armor durability, and gain nothing but life experience from it.


Your own loot mines:
There are few places where You cant be ambushed at, and Your hard work will be rewarded, but lets start with two simple places that wont give you that comfort.

24:14 Vault 15 - Home of NCR predecessors, just on east from Shady Sands. You can get rid of current habitants there very easy, and in return you can have all nice items that past habitants forgot to take with them. You dont want to go there without knowledge of lockpicking and without electronic lockpick. You can ninjaloot dungeon and go fast out, but still there is very good possibility that you will find there other people. As it is place near town of NCR, you can often meet NCR patrols there. Take away your weapon, mind your business, be polite and You wont get shot at. That is if You are not interfering with current NCR operations there.

11:8; 11:7 Sierra Caves - Some crazy things for sure happened there. Encounter specific cave entrance, with wooden ramp in front of it, go inside and you will find yourself in big complex of caves that someone filled with potential high tech stuff all around. Get rid of habitants, look for lockers and use your lockpick and traps skills! Cave complex have two levels, going down from first to second will give you opportunity to get nicer things
for you and your family! Be aware that second level have tougher habitants, but also chance to encounter other people who are looking for same thing you are looking for. So write a will before you will exchange your wife for this moist caves!

Feeling introverted? Next two examples are places where you will be safe. At least from unwanted company:

18:26 Cathedral - You can enter to that spooky religious place by reading some strange holotape that you obtained
ealier from Rogues, Khans or some strange dude in Hub for few thousands caps. Apparently you will be doing some filthy job for BoS. Like everyting in this world, future of it depends on you one more time. Its better that you gather some tough team, as you will be fighting there very ugly, big and invisible mutants. And they wont be very polite when they see You!
If you are looking for place with good items with minimum risk, and you have at least one friend, this is a place for you! Just be careful and dont let Cathedral brainwash you, nobody like religious freaks!

2:0 Toxic Caves - Just west of Klamath. One closer look at Toxic Cave map, and your developing brain will immediately know where to mark that place on your pipboy!
You can obtain it in same way as you obtain a Cathedral disk, with one small addition. Apparently they are so common that any creature with arms, legs and at least one pocket can have it!
That counts in mutants and ghouls too!
This is similar place as Cathedral, counting in your safety, tho, you have less chance to get some awesome shiny pree war thingie. At least nobody can put bullet in your head. Habitants are toxic geckos, so take anti rad drugs before going there.
If someone can do it alone, its You!

Recommended char stats:
Starting Build I
 - PvE/PvP; rt orientated. Sg, grenadier, crafting supported class, good enough if you plan to enroll for NCRA.
Starting Build II
 - PvE/PvP; rt oriantated. Sg, grenadier, crafting supported class, good enough if you plan to enroll for NCRA.
Starting Build III
 - PvE - farming, mostly for tb, usable in rt. Sg, throwing, crafting supported class. Downside: No Bonus Ranged Damage perks will make rt pvp harder for you; action points amount can compensate it
PVP Build I
 - PVP - school example of BG burster for RT combat mode. You can do most of in game actions with it, such as dungeons, events and farming. Approved by NCR officers when enrolling for NCRA.
NOTE: When making your char pay attention to maximize its potential - read books as lvl1, do Petes Repair Quest in Junktown. Starting Charisma on all characters should be 1, you can raise it by doing quest for Junktown sheriff Mike.

- For more info turn to any NCR officer -

Good luck!

NCR Guidance Counselor  and its "The Wasteland Survival Guide MKII" is part of "NCR MILITARY GUIDELINES" series and it is sponsored by NCR government.


New California Republic / Shady Sands Town Regulation
« on: September 01, 2018, 16:45 »
NCR government publishing regulations for visitors in capital. Please obey rules to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

1- Multiple shop owning from same person is strictly forbidden. One person can own maximum one shop. Any person caught in this offensive act will be blacklisted on all of his shop owners except one.
Constant neglecting of this regulation will end up by blacklisting all shop owners from that person.
2 - Persons in possession of shop in town that will keep them empty for more than a week will be blacklisted, so shop can become available to potentially more quality owner.
3 - Persons that gets into shop ownership only to re-sell it will be blacklisted.
4 - Be aware of market prices. Shop owners that will heavily overcharge for their shop items, and will keep their prices for over a week, will be blacklisted, so potentially more competitive trader can get his chance. This way NCR wants to keep Shady Sands market competitive and attractive to potential visitors and traders.
5 - Keep safe distance from NCR soldiers on their duty in Shady Sands. Persons that are constantly interfering with NCR soldiers on their patrol and guard duty in town will be shot on sight and blacklisted.
6 - Thieves will be shot on sight. Persons that are constantly doing thievery are risking to be blacklisted.
7 - Follow instructions of NCR personnel in case person will need to be searched to determinate threat level. Constant disobedience will be punished by force.
8 - In case of town shooting NCRA members are only authority to deal with situation.
Persons that will use their weapons in town will be shot at. NCRA members are entitled to secure items both of perpetrators and victims.
Items of perpetrators will be confiscated by NCR.
Every person that is trying to steal items from victims or perpetrators will be shot at.
NCRA members are entitled to return victims belongings after their return to town. If victims are not returning to town items will be confiscated by NCR.
Perpetrators will be blacklisted from town.
9 - Any offensive act towards other person by individual or faction will result with blacklisting. Any organized raid on town will result with blacklisting individuals and gangs that are participating in it.
10 - Known criminals and raiders will be blacklisted, no matter of their current affiliation.
11 - NCR reserved right to keep enemy gangs out of town blacklist upon an agreement with their representatives. NCR is vouching their security on town premises as long they will follow town laws.
[Known persons from enemy factions wont be blacklisted from town on their alts, if they will own shop, house or do their business in general, not breaking NCR laws and regulations. That counts only for persons that didn't do numerous offensive acts against NCR, in game and aside from game]
12 - Wearing robes that are hiding persons person's identity (sand robe, hubologist robe) is strictly forbidden. Anyone who will wear mentioned robes will be warned to remove their robes. If they will neglect instructions, they will be shot on sight. Repetitive disobedience can result with blacklisting that person.
13 - NCR government is open to discussion with individuals or representatives of faction that wants to report any regulation discrepancy or remove their blacklist status.

Contact NCR personnel if you have questions about town regulations.

NCR is caring about Your interest, citizen!
Enjoy your stay.

NCR Constitution is updated accordingly.

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

New California Republic / SHADY SANDS TOWN MAP LEGEND
« on: August 31, 2018, 19:05 »
NCR capital, ground plan map with point of interests:

(ORANGE) - NCR and NCR RANGERS faction points of interest.
(RED) - General town point of interest.

1 - General Bethlehem, a NPC that will upgrade level of NCR guard's weapons for a price.
2 - NCR members instanced room.
3 - NCR Ranger members instanced building.
4 - NCR officers computer terminal.
5 - NCR faction storage building. Only officers have access there.
6 - Quartermaster. If you're a NCR faction member he can paint your combat armor (both regular and CA MKII) into NCR colors for 500 caps.
7 - President's Residence.
8 - Gecko Express.
9 - Caravan master.
10 - Caravan Packer, a local who can offer you the box lifting job.
10a - Box Delivery Zone, drop boxes from Boxes lifting box quest here.
11 - Trader.
12 - Bartender, minor trader.
13 - Trader.
14 - Trader.
15 - Town doctor, minor trader.
16 - Bartender, minor trader.
17 - Katarina. She sells the Desert house base map for 40 000 caps.
18 - Diane Colress. An NPC selling Nuka Cola. For 40,000 caps, players can purchase the small house base map from her.
19 - Robin Wood; he will offer you a job.
20 - Ranger's technician. He sells Kevlar polymers for 750 caps.
21 - A brahmin herdsman. He has a very special task for wastelanders.
22 - A waterpump. You can fill your water sacks here.
23 - A waterpump. You can fill your water sacks here.
24 - FLC. Local bank. You can get access to Auction house from here.
25 - Forcefield town gates A. NCR officers can toggle forcefield, making the inner town closed. Mostly used during full scaled town raid or by implementing "curfew hour" by NCR side.
26 - Forcefield town gates B. NCR officers can toggle forcefield, making the inner town closed. Mostly used during full scaled town raid or by implementing "curfew hour" by NCR side.
27- Workbench.
28 - Workbench.
29 - Westin ranch, inaccessible location.
30 - BoS outpost.
31 - BoS paladin; visit him after finishing Cathedral quest for BoS.
32 - Rangers Camp gate, leading to inner town. Only NCR and NCR Ranger members can use it.
33 - President's Residence gate, leading to inner town. Only NCR president can use it.
Moo! - Brahmin pens.

T - Player shops.
HS - House small - price: 15k, 1k monthly rent (real time) taken from bank account.
HM - House medium - price: 25k,  5k monthly rent (real time) taken from bank account.
HL - House large - price: 50k, 10k monthly rent (real time) taken from bank account.
Large house contains primitive workbench.

BE - Bazaar, main town entrance.
SE - Suburbs town entrance.

RE - Rangers Camp entrance - available only to NCR and NCR Ranger members.
PE - President's Residence emergency exit.
PS - President's Residence direct wm entrance, available only to NCR president.

Welcome to capital of New California Republic
Thieves will be shot on sight.
People we don't like will be shot on sight as well.

New California Republic / Parking fine issued to Zerg
« on: November 13, 2017, 18:54 »


« on: September 21, 2017, 18:12 »
On 1st council meeting in secured bunker, outside of Shady Sands, NCR government decided on phases involved in big project of rebuilding Capital.
Material damage to Shady Sands is big.
Thanks to evacuation protocol and securing of most valuable equipment before bombing of NCR, government still have access to resources and labor force to satisfy some of demands for rebuilding town, but it is not enough.

Mister Gutsy 01-M, Sentry Bot-69-JJ, NCR robotic army units were sabotaged before Enclave attack. NCR is looking for capable technicians and resources to update and reestablish resources on them, so they can be programed to help in rebuilding the town.

NCR applies on all willing persons to help out in this project.

Some factions and entities already offered their help and most of them are accepted on mutual benefit.

NCRA secured units and nominated officers that will lead upcoming phases of rebuilding.


Phase I
- Obtain "Howitzer" technology
- Strengthen Shady Sands defense systems
- Secure resources for NCRA units
- Secure resources for Shady Sands rebuilding
- Establish frequent patrols of NCRA on Shady Sands premises
- Clearing of debris remains
- Secure and list labor force
- Secure basic material and resources from Hub and Vault City
- Organize and provide military escort of resource caravans to Shady Sands from VC and Hub
- Update Mister Gutsy 01-M and Sentry Bot-69-JJ units
- Start with basic restoration of vital economy structures

Phase II
- Taking control over Gecko
Primary objective:
Gather knowledge about repowering Shady Sands
Secure unobstructed flow of kevlars to Shady Sands by caravan route
Secondary objective: connect Shady Sands electricity grid to Gecko power station as backup power resource
- Secure Broken Hills mine
Primary objective:
Support Unity of Broken Hills to retake control of Broken Hills, or if situation insist, secure BH premises by NCRA for purpose of securing refined uranium ore supplies
Secure unobstructed flow of refined uranium ore to Shady Sands by caravan route

Phase III
- Restoring Shady Sands terminal computer network and update software
- Secure high-tech equipment for Shady Sands guards
[in progress]
- High intensity of final constructional works
[in progress]

Phase IV
- Renew Shady Sands opening ceremony and "NCR Victory Day" celebration
[preparations in progress]

Current material and basic resource needs:
Basic material needs:
Metal parts: 1000/1000
Microcurcuits:  800/800
Cords: 1000/1000
Wood: 823/600
Brahmin hide: 200/200
Iron ore: 209/200
Mineral ore: 202/200
Basic resource needs:
HGS: 200/200
Kevlar: 100/100
Refined uranium ore: 100/100
Medical supplies:
Chemical components: 200/200

Dates and times of resource gathering will be announced on time. Please stay tuned on radio channel 0.

List of entities and factions that already offered help to NCR during period of rebuilding:
Vault City - technical support for repowering computer terminals and caravan resources
Status - accepted
Hub - material and caravan resources
Status - accepted
Broken Hills - Unity of Broken Hills - securing refined uranium ore resource, additional fire power protection
Status - accepted
Midnight Riders - additional fire power protection
Status - accepted
Talon Company - additional protection of NCR resources caravans, support Shady Sands NCR patrols
Status - accepted

Current Shady Sands status
Project plan "Shady Sands 3000"

NCR will frequently update progress of rebuilding Shady Sands.

New California Republic / NCR Army Structure
« on: September 10, 2017, 16:41 »
New California Republic Army, or shorter NCRA is structured out of 10 ranks and 1 special force unit.

Publicly released NCRA rank structure:


NCR National Guard
Duties: cleaning brahmin pens in Shady Sands, protecting caravan routes (achieve self sufficiency, get car with trunk)
Requirements: lvl 18 burster, decent knowledge of English language, microphone
Benefits: with higher team activity, burster and rocketeer lvl ~26 candidates for NCR Army ranks
Duties: patrolling mini events, V15, protecting caravan routes, patrol Shady Sands.
Requirements: lvl 50 on at least one char, burster and rocketeer viable builds, car with trunk.
Benefits: NCR National Guard members that meet the requirements on initiating drills are welcomed to NCR ranks with initiation process, uniform and standard issue of IKE - initial kit of equipment. (For more experienced players initiation and gear set is optional, depends on decision of higher ranked personnel, experience and self sufficiency of applicant.)
Duties: guard Shady Sands premises, V15 patrol, higher team activity.
Requirements: minimum 2 weeks experience in NCRA as Recruit, at least one char lvl99.
Benefits: common rank for full time members. Membership on NCR closed forum (optional, depends on decision of NCR officers).
Duties: show more initiative during serving, progress, ability to learn from mistakes. Patrol Shady Sands, zones around, towns under NCR control and reporting any law discrepancies to higher ranked personnel.
Requirements: full self sufficiency and knowledge about California wasteland.
Duties: sharing loot with team mates and helping them in battlefield, as well as sharing needed items with faction on mutual benefit. Leads lower ranked members to easier runs, helping them on caravans or instanced dungeons, runs that do not necessarily require voice com. Sharing his knowledge and updating lower ranked members about current situation in wastealand. Helping JTS members to better integrate to surroundings.
Requirements: consistency in progress after becoming Corporal. Dedication to train and aid new recruits. Knowledge about major factions activity.
Benefits: candidates for NCR Veteran Ribbon decoration
Duties: showing more initiative during team actions, placing constructive ideas of making more progress, during low faction activity helping others around wastes. Can reflect to lower and higher ranks as well.
Requirements: long time service.
Duties: sharing their good will, knowledge, experience and gear from common runs to people with good attitude inside or outside of faction that need some boost.
Requirements: well trained and experienced members with long time service.
Duties: trusted members that are active looking for new recruits and suggesting them to officers. Also reflects to lower ranks, it can help them to achieve higher rank.
Requirements: long time service, high initiative.
Benefits: candidates for officers.
Duties: most trusted NCR core members with many tasks and responsibility such as ideas for improving, finding new initiates (not recruit them on his own), discussing laws, participating with voting with rest of NCR members on ideas or issues considering NCR laws and impact (active in rp part). Not hesitating to share/exchange his high tech equipment with trustworthy team mates for benefit of whole faction.
Requirements: at least one implanted char, mic user, big pe class (rl or sniper).
Benefits: all chars promoted to NCR officers. Officers can manipulate with town gates (only if there is need for it; raid on town, bank event; according to Constitution), check amount of caps in bank vault via gate terminal, add his new chars or chars of teammates to ranks.
Duties: as currently highest rank in NCR military ranks with highest authority using voice com and lead actions.
Requirements: mic user, experience in leading actions.

[NCRA officer authorization level required]


1st Infantry Division
Duties: NCR National Guard duties
Requirement: NCR National Guard members. lvl 26+ viable build, burster or rocketeer
Benefits: requirement for NCR NG members to participate in pvp; close candidates for NCR ranks
Drill Instructor
Duties: managing training sessions, report progress of members and recommend them for advancement in ranks.
Requirements: Private rank or higher.
NCR Veteran Ribbon
Duties: keeping high initiative in segment of leading, sharing, helping new guys out
Requirements: Sergeant rank or higher.
Benefits: recognition to members with longer experience in game and NCR. Not necessary Officers. Can get officer status to one char for practical purposes.

Advance ranks by team activity and by fulfilling Your duties. Show respect to superiors, as it is expected from superiors to show respect to their subordinates.
Promotions are discussed on council meetings.

As members can advance, if they start to lose interest, they can also be demoted in ranks. If some members completely lose interest in team work it will result with kicking from faction.

Every dedicated member to faction is entitled to be rewarded when advancing in ranks, according to his needs, based on officers or council recommendations.

NCR members codex:
- listen to voice leaders
- respect your team mates, allies but enemies too
- secure eaqual share of loot for each team member and participant in action
- dont loot before combat ends
- be constructive and open minded when giving or receiving suggestion(s) about improving
- on TS main channels, main language is English
- do not trashtalk or insult in game or on ts
- help new players and citizens in need
- do not sell t4 or implants from faction runs without consulting with officers
- NCR armors are not for sale
- have fun dammit!

To avoid any possible misunderstanding contact officers before trading your personal high tier pre war technology.

Pre war high tech loot codex:
- members can not sell implants from team runs outside of faction (environmental implant excluded)
- members can not sell any t4 item from team runs outside of faction (t4 engine, car paint, gauss rifle and pulse rifle excluded)
- all items from faction runs from dungeons - Sierra Army Depot, Ares or inner Mariposa will be rolled for between participants; APA parts, including battery, from named runs, goes directly to faction treasury
- t4 and t3,5 won in battle from enemy will be rolled for between participants
- members can not sell any T3.5 or T4 weapons/armors win in battle from enemy to outside of faction
- members can not sell any t3,5 from faction runs outside of faction (example enclave armor)
- members are obligated to exchange HG tokens for 70k caps to faction (or be compensated in items/caps+items)
- buying t4 items from other NCR members to resell it outside of faction is strictly forbidden

Enlist for implants:
Implants from team runs will be distributed/rolled between persons in need (members must have char made and using it as well as apply for it before run);
example: implant looted
- 5 participants in dungeon
- person that signed for looted implant gets it
- in case that more than one person signed up for looted implant, implant is rolled between applicants
Members with longer internship and no implanted chars have advantage.
If nobody will apply for designated implant before run, implant will be rolled between all participants.
Implant list rule applies only to sierra/ares/mari interior. Not for glow.
- participants are entitled to roll for any glow implants and t4

New California Republic / Shady Sands Job Fair
« on: September 06, 2017, 19:26 »
Fight post apocalyptic high unemployment rate with NCR!
You have knowledge, experience and education, but you cant find a stable job?
Its not a surprise, in this dusty wasteland there is not much opportunities. Thaths why NCR Job Fair program is here!

NCR is looking for educated civilians to fill empty job seats in Shady Sands.
Look at advert and apply for available job. You can see description of every job offer next to it.
Every new employee will be under volunteer contract. Dedication to job will be recognized, and volunteer employee will be offered with permanent job contract. Only employees with permanent job contract will get a paycheck, which will serve them to continue their hard beloved work for NCR.

Requirements to apply:
- certain skills and knowledge, check availability of work places
- formal application with CV included. Send us your background with proof of your education
- applicant needs to be a strict civilian with no faction or gang affiliation

- NCR citizenship [upon paying citizensip processing fees]
- exlusive community communication network access
- paycheck on your bank account, occupation connected items - after signing full time job contract

NCR is looking for you! Find your life call, work for NCR and make your dreams come true! Apply and wait for confirmation. Every confirmed applicant volunteer will be announced on job board.


Chemist profession - all classes
First aid - 300
Doctor - 250
Living Anatomy
Healer (optional)
Job description - Shady Sands is looking for three doctors to work in three shifts. NCR health program "KnightCare" guarantee free health and treating any injuries free of charge. Doctors operation field is wide. They are spending most of their work time on bazaar and provideing medical care to persons in need. NCR Health Department can issue medical kits to doctors which they need to distribute to persons in need, such as caravaneers. Doctors are supporting caravans to Vault City and Hub as field medics, according to agreement between NCR and caravan contractors.
With full time job contract, doctors will offer small errands to everyone, offering them caps in return for medical supplies or medical blueprints, which they will later use to heal caravaneers or support NCR Army troops.
1 - Dr. Albert Hofmann - Hes doctor and chemist. He works in his ordination in Shady across the street from FLC and he is hired by NCR Government to serve the citizens as free public health care. Part of this great social project of our government is also free medical help for anybody, who will come to Shady sands wounded and in peace. Long live the humanity!
Dr. Hofmann has also to take care about medical equipment and supplies for this great governent project. So hes permanently looking for young scavengers, couriers and escorts to keep things running.
He hates violence and hes trying to avoid it i all cases, but his doctor oath is forcing him to dodge in the rain of bullets when its needed, to help the wounded. When hes forced to fight for his whole life, thx to his anatomy knowledge, hes able on close range to score a deadly hits by his old needler pistol.
He lives in small house on Shady sands guarded perifery.
2 - available
3 - available 

Technician 0/2
Science knowledge - 160
Repair knowledge - 160
Gunsmith profession - all classes
Armorer profession - all classes
Scientist profession - (optional)
Job description - Shady Sands is looking for two technicians that will be able to repair craft and tune almost anything, providing services of repairing, dismantling or crafting, if provided with materials, to any visitor and citizen in need. With full time job contract, technician will buy any kind of needed recipes for NCR Army. Project is financed by NCR government and expenses is covered by paycheck.
1 - available
2 - available

Brahmin herdsmen 1/1
Outdoorsman - 95
Job description - Shady Sands in looking for person to take care of Shady Sands brahmins and grasslands. Herdsman will offer small tasks, buy blueprints, issuing shovels and rewarding brahmin pen cleaners with extra rewards. Rewards will be provided from NCR government.
1 - Moe Lue - Born in a brahmin pen. He never met his mother. Story goes that she went to help some dude named Kenny in cave and never came back. Others saying she ran away with that Kenny guy to New Reno right after Moe was born. Some saying even its Kennys child. Which ever is true, this now 20 years old young man looks at least 20 years older. Life wasnt keen to him.
The person who claims its his father was a brahmin herdsman, with awkward fascination for his job. He found a child in brahmin pen several hours after his birth and named him Moe, part of the name of his favorite brahmin. That was only good luck for Moe in his life, as full name of that brahmin was Stinky Moe. Raised exclusively on brahmins milk, and with father obsessed with brahmins, he had no choice.
Even that he passed Junktown Scouts academy and worked for a while as patrol officer for JTS guard, he was more seen in brahmin pens then on his duty. One night he overheard JTS officers talking about firing him from JTS guard. Too many rumors including him and molested brahmins, especially one named Betsy. Whole life he was listening rumors about himself, but now he had enough. He packed his gear, took his tent and kidnapped Betsy, his favorite brahmin.
He traveled a lot, sometimes just jumping and aiding caravaneers, mostly sleeping under stars, so he knows outdoors of California wasteland pretty good. After some time he settled in Modoc. He worked there one year in tannery for Lee Balton, but he was depressed from lacking of brahmin company. He felt he is getting apart from Betsy. Then he saw pamphlet for pen cleaning job in Shady Sands. He knew he wont be warmly welcomed in that fancy town, but he needed to try. He packed his things on Betsy once again. Coming to Shady Sands is never easy. It was risky, but risk he was willing to take. He joined Far Go caravan until they reached Shady Sands where he said goodbye to caravaneers. He set up his tent near town, tied Betsy to a tree and now looking for best opportunity to introduce himself, ready to start career of herdsman, settle a bit and take good care of brahmins hoping his luck changed.

All expenses are counted into NCR annual financial budget.
After meeting requirements for full time contract, employees will be added to their new offices, base of operations, where they will be given their desk, locker and holotape with their job obligations which will be updated according to needs.
Most of obligations are described on job board - job description.

Any abuse, gang affiliation, exploit of position or neglecting current laws will result with immediate demission, revoking of citizenship and possible expulsion from Shady Sands premises.
For tax transaction day, any workers, civilians and citizens needs to follow curfew hour instructions to avoid consequences.

Thank you and good luck!



This is rp project to liven up everyday life in Shady Sands. Current job vacancies are exemplary and symbolic. Any rp enthusiast, no matter of gang affiliation can make his char and apply for his rp role or offer ideas of new work place.
Every char needs to be dedicated non faction and stick to his role. Digressions from char role will result with expulsion from town.
Apply bellow in comments with char name, his background and screen with stats to prove capabilities of that character.
Char name needs to be in rp boundaries.
Application from newly created forum accounts will be rejected, as well as some known persons who would like to apply just to spoil someones fun, to avoid possible misunderstandings in future.
Rules are not strict, but use common sense in choosing your occupation and interaction with other players.
Have fun!

New California Republic / Hub and Vault City NCR consulate
« on: August 03, 2017, 22:00 »
NCR government improving relationship with Hub and Vault City authorities. NCR outposts in that towns will be reassigned to consulates.
Signed contract between NCR government, represented by NCR president, Vault City and Hub representatives will obligate NCR to upkeep their consulate buildings as well as serve as protectorate on lands close to Vault City and Hub where mentioned entities are lacking manpower to fight potential threats to their independence.
By contract NCR will not impose Hub or Vault City laws and regulations on its territory.
Buildings will serve as NCR embassies and territory in that part of New California lands.
Initiative came from NCR, as many residents of these two entities, but even some NCR citizens, from north and south part of California were searching for protection.
Consulate institution is counted as NCR territory with NCR laws active on it, and from this time on, every civilian is free to turn to our consulates and ask for asylum on NCR territory.
Consulates have direct communication link with Shady Sands government, so any request for asylum will be prosecuted in shortest period possible.
Contract terms covers active patrolling and scouting in zones around Hub and Vault City.


Consulate jurisdiction:
- Vault City building, zones around Vault City; Hub building, zones around Hub
- providing citizenship
- protecting NCR citizens rights in both entities
- can provide access recommendation for joining to NCR Army ranks after checking background
- receiving reports about breaching the NCR laws on NCR territory connected to embassy jurisdiction
- sending NCR Army patrols on scouting missions around territory connected to embassy jurisdiction
- observing activity in Hub and Vault city following contract signed with representatives of two entities
- enforcing NCR laws on land of embassy premises
- civil political activity in Hub and Vault City conducted in NCR interest
- offering minor errands for NCR
(yes, embassies will offer you a job from time to time, stay tuned on radio channel 0, pass by NCR embassies more often, or keep checking this thread)

NCR Hub consulate building
NCR Vault City consulate building

NCR respects individuality of Hub and Vault City residents

Keep your guns holstered!
Thank you for understanding.

NCR Ministry of Defense
NCR Ministry of Civil Development

Signature: President of NCR
               Knight Shift

Roleplay / Lost Log v1
« on: June 30, 2017, 16:12 »

Sell / WTS t4 parts
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:45 »
Some t4 parts that many can find it useless...
... but hey, who am I to tell will anyone find any use for it or not.

Are You sick with these guys selling some things, but want to take your last cap by not announcing price, waiting for some naive offer? Not the case here!
All prices are transparent, check it out:

4 bolt assist mechanisms - 180k caps/2tokens+40k each or 600k/8 tokens for all
4 emission concentrators - 40k each or 150k/3 tokens for all
3 Hi-Flo Systems - 40k each or 110k/2tokens for all

3 gauss rifle recipes - 25k each or 60k for all
2 g11 recipes - 20k each or 30k for both - SOLD

Would prefer trade in tokens, but tokens + caps or only caps will work just fine.
Discount if buying all.
Prices are not final and can be flexible if needed.

route:  Vault City - Shady Sands
           Shady Sands - Vault City
status: active

route: Hub - Shady Sands
          Shady Sands - Hub
status: active

NCR signed contract with Vault City representatives. As from date 15.6.2995. NCR Army will be protecting caravan merchandise on route Shady Sands - Vault City and Vault City - Shady Sands on mutual benefit of both entities.
NCR is welcoming any lawful minded wastelander in need for caravaneer paycheck and items, that dead raiders wont use anymore, to join escort route with Republic Army.
Information about caravans departure will be frequently updated on radio channel 0.

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

New California Republic / NCR training facility
« on: June 20, 2017, 22:48 »
Smaller upgrade of an old NCR Rangers training facility is done, and NCR training grounds are (re)opened for every NCR or ally member. You have opportunity to sharpen skills and shove it to face of Your opponent even better than before!
Facility itself can be divided on three sections, so it can host any type of big or smaller scale training sessions.
Set up of base is made to provide training and satisfy most of modes and demands of training courses needed to overcome any mental or physical barrier any modern soldier can have.
Enjoy company of team mates and drill sergeants.

Decision about gear issuing will be made before each session.


Regarding the size and capabilities of facility NCR will organize team *tournaments for any interested factions or individuals on mentioned grounds.
-Stay tuned-

Training Grounds
Location of facility


(Any interested NCR, ally, or supporter member can contact Richard Harrison or me - Knight Shift on TS and your chars will be added to base. Base itself is Traders Mansion type, marked as red circle, on respawn place near Boneyard. It can be tricky as many ppl have their bases on same place, so in some cases it can overlap with your base. If that happens, emphasize your request for removal after participation.)

*Topic is locked until further tournament announcements. Thanks.

The following is to clarify recent events to better inform NCR citizens as to what NCR’s position is regarding the Brotherhood of Steel.
When the BoS came out of their bunkers, NCR’s position was supportive; in fact, it remained so despite several NCR soldiers defecting to this organization. NCR also enjoyed cordial relations with several Knights of the Brotherhood.  But along the way and in a short time, it seems to have been corrupted. NCR patrols began to encounter former Grifters in their ranks; far from protecting, hoarding, and seeking technologies, these individuals behaved liked bandits and thieves. NCR patrols, after initially tolerating this behavior, began to fire on these night raiders (on a case-by-case basis) who hide amongst their ranks like fleas. 
This uneasy period was followed by a further decline in relations, when this Brotherhood began cooperating openly with known enemies of NCR, and even including them within their ranks. Far from seeking technology, these murderers were more intent to kill our soldiers and their families.  These outlaws continue to make a mockery of this organizations purported goals. NCR was left with no choice but to kill these individuals and those who travel with them, wherever they are found. These scum have begun resorting to immoral methods to hide their identities, including operating in other faction’s uniforms to try to do NCR harm. That they were and continue to be protected by the BoS, unfortunately, leads to the situation as it is now.

BoS raiders tried to infiltrate Shady Sands premises making terrorist acts and interfering with peace in town, collaborating with criminal elements from other parts of land. They were trying to act undercover to bring distortion and panic among citizens, but NCIA anticipated their moves and obstructed their intentions. NCIA found that BoS undercover terrorist cell was using mutants for their operations. Curfew hour was lifted immediately and BoS raiders was taken care of. NCR Army acted on time, preventing any bigger accident and restored order in NCR capital.
Photo documentation - public release
BoS undercover terrorist act

NCR neutralized BoS terrorist cell

At from this moment NCR and BoS are in fully open hostilities, if not outright war. BoS is expelled from NCR territory and is unwanted element in progress of California land. It is our duty and recommendation that all NCR citizens should exercise caution when encountering the Brotherhood of Steel during this time. NCR is open to talks with the Brotherhood leadership, though attempts on their side to do so have been wrecked by their own inner turmoil. 
Your government will continue to keep you posted.
Stay strong and keep supporting Your troops!

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

New California Republic / Governement official announcements
« on: April 23, 2017, 17:29 »
-Mister Gutsy 01-M introduced to NCR Army-

Mister Gutsy 01-M programming in progress
Mister Gutsy 01-M on civil duty
Mister Gutsy 01-M on patrol

NCR technicians successfully re programed scavenged, so far most valuable pree war relic - Mister Gutsy 01-M military version, mainly programmed to secure military equipment from intruders, so his new job will not be so much different as previous one. After finishing with coding and scripting, thanks to NCR highly trained technicians, NCR Army introduced new staff member.
Civilians, be aware, Mister Gutsy is programmed to be pacifist and friendly AI. Do not try to provoke him by any means, he will be able to answer with force if his sensors detect hostile environment.

Specification - NCR Mister Gutsy 01-M
- Friendly AI - yes - working - upgraded
- Coordination Sensors - yes - working - improved
- Military Equipment - yes - working - upgraded
- Welcoming Script - yes - basic
- Guard Mode - yes - working - basic
- Patrol Mode - yes - working - basic

- Crafting Script - no [wip]
- Pree War Joke Script - no [wip]
- NCR Advert Modul - yes
- Voice module: British butler from mid 20th century

NCR technicians are working on more upgrades for Mister Gutsy.
Model have installed and working voice and video recorder. Citizens, You are free to suggest to NCR Mister Gutsy -IN PERSON- what would you like to see or hear from him. NCR technicians are checking records on weekly base.

Thank you for attention!

New California Republic / NCR Constitution
« on: April 11, 2017, 14:50 »
Recommended to read before entering NCR territory!

NCR General Provisions
I - Civilian rights
General civilian law:
1.0 - NCR government is only legal authority on NCR territory.
1.1 - The NCR upholds every Citizens right to keep a weapon on hand only for self-defense.
1.2 - New California Republic is established as indivisible confederate Republic of equality. Every NCR Citizen and civilian are treated equally in front of law, by NCR government and NCR personnel.
1.3 - Every Citizen have rights to freely roam around NCR territory, Shady Sands, other towns or land under current NCR control, not being interrupted by NCR personnel if not acting suspicious or posing direct threat.
1.4 - Every Citizen can ask for help NCR personnel on duty in sense of escort around land under NCR control, caravan route connected to Shady Sands or territory of NCR interest.
   1.4.1 - Any leading NCR personnel in trap or ambush will result with marking that person as enemy of Republic
1.5 - Every National Guard member will be given NCR Citizenship status right after joining. If by any means, his Citizenship status was overlooked, person should file an application directly to president.
1.6 - Any aggressive act towards any NCR personnel, including towards other Citizens or interfering with NCR Army actions in any part of land with NCR activity will result with revoking of NCR Citizenship immediately, marking that person as enemy of Republic.
1.7 - Every ally member is equally treated as Citizen.
1.8 - Civilians or Citizens that find themselves on land of current NCR Army cleansing of parameter needs to leave premises immediately or will be taken as posing threat. NCR cant vouch safety of civilians or their property if they are neglecting mentioned conditions.
   1.8.1 - Neglecting NCR government instructions and interfering with NCR Army activity will be taken as offensive act against Republic interest and will be answered by force.
   1.8.2 - Any neglecting of NCR law will be punished by revoking Citizenship and marking that person as NCR enemy.
1.9 - Person or organization that is blacklisted by NCR and/or marked as enemy can file an appeal and ask pardon from NCR Court of Justice.
   1.9.1 - NCR Court of Justice, NCR Council, or NCR president can decide about pardon or penalty.
   1.9.2 - In case that appeal is accepted, penalty will be decided. Blacklist will not be removed until penalty is executed.
1.10- Law disobedience will result with temporary expulsion from NCR territory.
   1.10.1- Repetitive law disobedience can be punished with permanent expulsion from NCR territory or death sentence without possibility to appeal.
Shady Sands civilian law:
2.1 - NCR Army is only legal authority in Shady Sands and main town under NCR control. Every visitor and their property is protected by NCR personnel on duty. No others are authorized to protect Shady Sands premises.
2.2 - NCR government is providing and subsidize jobs for any pacifist visitor looking for work with caravan escort or brahmin pen cleaning jobs.
2.3 - Any attempt of thievery on NCR premises will be immediately punished. Thieves will be permanently expelled from NCR territory and stolen goods will be returned to their original owner.
2.4 - Any attempt of violence on NCR premises will be immediately punished. Aggressors or persons that collaborate with terrorists will be permanently expelled from NCR territory and marked as enemy.
2.5 - Any looting of victims from non NCR side will be immediately punished by force.
2.6 - Any aggressive act, thievery or abusing of power from side of civilians, gangs, NCR or NCR ally side needs to be immediately reported to higher NCR personnel or president. With evidence included.
   2.6.1 - With presented evidence any victim on Shady Sands premises will be compensated from NCR government for their loses.
2.7 - If "Enemy list" on persons pipboy is not including persons faction, person is free to visit Shady Sands, no matter if interfered with NCR Army actions in past.
2.8 - If person didint commit any crime in Shady Sands, person is free to visit town, no matter if interfered with NCR Army actions in past.
2.9 - Any force that tries to raid Shady Sands will be immediately expelled from town with all their members personally.
2.10- When person enters Shady Sands premises can be checked by NCR personnel on duty to determine persons status or threat level. Obey NCR personnel instructions to avoid any complication. Neglecting of instruction can result with immediate temporary expulsion from town and confiscation of property.
   2.10.1- Repetitive disobedience will result with permanent expulsion from town.
2.11- Clothes that will hide persons identity are strictly forbidden. Robes that are hiding names are recognized as clothes of terrorists, spies or thieves. NCR personnel is free to shot at any potential thief, spy or terrorist without warning.
2.12- Person is not entitled to bring any kind of wild animal or non human creature form to town without valid permit and implementing proper safety measures.
   2.12.1- Permit can be issued by contacting authorized NCR personnel.

Shady Sands trade regulation:
2.13- One person can own maximum one shop. Person caught in this offensive act will be blacklisted on all of his shop owners except one.
   2.13.1- Neglecting of this regulation will end up with blacklisting all shop owners from that person.
   2.13.2- Persons that gets into shop ownership only to re-sell it will be blacklisted.
2.14- Shop owner has right to ask guard on duty for extra protection during shop restocking.
2.15- Persons in ownership of shop in town that will keep their shop empty for more than a week will be blacklisted, so shop can become available to potentially more quality owner.
2.16- Be aware of market prices. Shop owners that will heavily overcharge for their shop items, and will keep their prices for over a week, will be blacklisted, so potentially more competitive trader can get his chance. This way NCR wants to keep Shady Sands market competitive and attractive to potential visitors and traders.

Vehicle and parking regulation:
2.17- Citizens and civilians not affiliated with NCRA do not have permission to park their vehicles on premises of towns under NCR governance. Any vehicle parked without valid permit, for longer period, will be towed away by NCR authorities.
   2.16.1- NCRA on active duty patrol have obligation to warn civilians and Citizens to move their vehicle before initiating towing process.
2.18- Any vehicle in conflict with regulations or confirmed in ownership of criminal element, will be confiscated. Do not try to interfere while NCR authorities are preparing vehicle for confiscation. NCRA have authority to open fire to anyone who is trying to interfere with process, including citizens.

II - Military rules
NCR Curfew hour:
3.1 - NCR government reserves rights to lift curfew hour in special occasions:
   3.1.1 - raid on Shady Sands
   3.1.2 - NCR tax transaction
   3.1.3 - attack on town under control of NCR
   3.1.4 - taking over town that is not currently under control of NCR
3.2 - All civilians needs to evacuate themselves from parameters of NCR activity during curfew hour.
3.3 - NCR government is providing secured message about curfew hour on NCR territory to every household via radio channel 0 on time, so every civilian can be evacuated without problems.
3.4 - Every person who will neglect evacuation message is taking a risk to be shot at.
3.5 - NCR personnel are not obligated to compensate any civilian for their loss during curfew hour.   
NCR Army law:
4.1 - NCR Army have three branches - NCR National Guard, NCR Army, and NCR Rangers. HQ is stated at Shady Sands Rangers Camp. They are controlled by NCR government and officers of both branches are answering directly to NCR president.
   4.1.1 - NCR Rangers are special force division of NCR Army and only NCR sergeants, or higher ranked personnel, can become one.
4.2 - Every NCR Army member took an oath to preserve values of NCR. He is obligated to protect its allies, Citizens, oppressed civilians and their property in any part of New California land.
4.3 - When there is potential attack on Shady Sands, every available NCR Army personnel is obligated to check and report situation.
4.4 - When tax transaction is in progress, every available NCR Army personnel is obligated to report for duty.
4.5 - When NCR army is doing actions in interest of whole Republic, like taking over new territory, every available soldier is obligated to report for duty.
4.6 - Every NCR member is obligated to act polite in best interest of Army reputation.
4.7 - Shady Sands - NCR Army members are free to shot only at person that is acting hostile: physically assaulting others or doing thievery.
4.8 - Outside of Shady Sands - NCR Army members are free to shot at person which is considered outlaw or posing a threat.
4.9 - NCR Army is not tolerating insulting of other persons, and will punish disobedience accordingly.
4.10- Every NCR Army member is obligated to act disciplined and listen to their superiors in or outside of action.
4.11- NCR Army senior members are obligated to introduce NCR personnel with "NCR members -codex- guide".
4.12- NCR Army members are not allowed to sell NCR uniforms or high tech pre war items without permission of Officers, Council members or President.
4.13- Any neglecting of constitution by NCR personnel will be prosecuted. Collaborating with enemy or ignoring law will result with harsh penalty, dishonorable discharge from Army ranks, or expulsion from NCR lands, depends on NCR Court of Justice, NCR Council or NCR president decision.
III - General
Civilians, Citizens, members and state rights:
5.1 - Every civilian who havent commit any crime in Shady Sands have rights to apply for Citizenship and registering it by contacting NCR officer or president.
   5.1.1 - Citizenship status is visible to every NCR Army member.
5.2 - Only NCR Council with approval of president have right to vote and have direct impact on NCR state progress or Constitution.
5.3 - Slavery is prohibited.
5.4 - All forms of radical religions are prohibited.
5.5 - Every press release needs to be approved by NCR government before publishing.
5.6 - With every trade or job there is tax of 8% in Shady Sands.
5.7 - Upon becoming 21 an NCR Citizen is classified as an adult and can apply for NCR Army ranks.
5.8 - Citizenship provides priority applicant status to join the NCR Army.
5.9 - Every NCR personnel is entitled to 3 weeks based paycheck secured in active currency or goods.
   5.9.1 - NCR government reserves rights to suspend paycheck system depends on Republic activity or interest.
5.10- Prostitution is allowed in limited form. Only adult workers approved by NCR Ministry of Civil Development and NCR Ministry of Health Department can offer their services legally on two locations - Shady Sands bazaar and Rawhide Saloon. All prices are formed by NCR Ministry of Civil Development.
5.11- Gambling is allowed only in Rawhide Saloon and Rocketball Arena.
5.12- If person has complaint about treatment or current NCR laws, can contact NCR representatives or president directly.
5.13- NCR government will not review complaints that will directly interfere with Republic interest.

Edition: 25.01.2261
(NCR government reserving rights to improve constitution accordingly with progress)

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

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