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Suggestions / Robot Delivery (Fuckin' A)
« on: May 18, 2019, 22:31 »
The newest event has been relegated to a similar status as Ammo Delivery, an event that very few go to, let alone fight over. I've even seen instances where players backstab the ones who go to do it, and NOT even bothering to go through the effort to open the boxes after. So I would think a buff is very much warranted, particularly as this is the newest event introduced on server. And while I'm aware it can spawn T4 parts, it does this with such low probability. So my suggestions would be one of the following:

1) Ditch the T4 part, and instead have a chance of spawning a T4 weapon, or
2) Will always spawn a number of EMP grenades (random from 2-10)


Roleplay / The Six-Million Bottle Cap Man
« on: November 09, 2017, 03:12 »
The attack on Shady Sands devastated us, gentlemen.  Not just in the destruction of property, but what is undoubtedly our greatest strength, its men.  To face this new threat, we will need these men like never before.  On this table you will see we have one of the severely wounded of that attack.  Richard Harrison, NCR Army officer.  A man barely alive.  Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.  We have the technology.  We have the capability to build the first bionic man.  Richard Harrison will be that man.  Better than he was before. 






Suggestions / Have EMP Grenades Work Against Power Armor MANS
« on: October 23, 2017, 19:12 »
Hello friends.  We're starting to see certain factions doing things the Bear way (ie going to enclave events 10+ all in PA/APA), and I think thats fine, they earned their t4, should use it where they see fit.  However, it does terrible things towards game balance.  The traditional method of dealing with such an imbalance would perhaps be a wipe, but in reality thats just kicking the can down the road, because at some point you're going to have the same problem again.  So i was thinking, and I'm sure its been proposed somewhere before out there in time and space, that EMP nades should work against power armors.  This wouldn't negate power armors per se, but would act as a counter if a team chose to deploy them exclusively; in other words, it would behoove them to have a balanced team.  Pulse nades are (relatively) uncommon enough that teams wont carry 20+ of them per action, and they are a means that anyone would have access to (since they can be found in loot and particularly in Cathedral).

Whataya think, sirs?

This is K0FM with an exclusive interview with Richard Harrison, officer in the NCR Army General Staff and one of the few privy to the plans to defend Shady Sands from this new, alleged threat to the Republic.  Mr. Harrison, thank you for joining us.

RH: Thanks for having me.

K0FM: The president gave a speech earlier today, in what was the government’s first official response to the message broadcasted from Vault City earlier yesterday.  In that speech, the president made it clear that he believed this threat to the capital was real, and urged all citizens to, and this is a quote, “Mobilize yourself!  Enlist for NCR Army and protect your land, your wife, your kids...”.  For the president of NCR to call upon mass enlistment into its armed forces, he must realize the threat is imminent.  Speaking from the perspective of the NCR army, what are your thoughts?

RH: Well, we believe the NCR army is fully up to the task in defending our borders, including our capital city.  Our soldiers are committed, well-supplied, and have adequate training to handle any threat to our great republic.  But I think what the president meant, in his remarks, is a general appeal for citizens to band together in these trying times, and it wasn’t a call for mass enlistment.  We don’t want to fuel any rumors or panic in these coming weeks.

K0FM: Speaking of, can you comment on the bank run at Shady Sands, where citizens and businesses have been withdrawing caps at an unprecedented rate upon news of the threat broadcast from Vault City?  Also, there have been rumors…

RH: Unsubstantiated rumors, you mean.

K0FM: ….rumors nonetheless, that NCR has withdrawn its scientists and war material further inland, and has accelerated the pace of, for lack of a better term, “super-soldier” program.  If the NCR government is abandoning Shady Sands, what message does that send to its citizens.

RH: First, I won’t waste my time commenting on bogus claims and rumors.  No one is abandoning Shady Sands.  Its my home.  Its you and everyone else trumpeting this bogus threat, not our government.  We’ll handle this Conclave or whatever they call themselves, just as we handled all the recurring threats to our city.  And you can take THAT to the bank!

K0FM: Thank you again for your time.

Roleplay / Who is THE RIFLEMAN?
« on: July 04, 2017, 00:35 »
Is there a hero out there who represents the best in humanity?

Who is The Rifleman?

Is there someone that can hit a target the size of a pin head from over 3,500 meters?

Who is The Rifleman?

Is there a good, decent Christian who fights for the common man?

Who is The Rifleman?

NCR, in partnership with Goldfarb Studios presents:


Your father's father loved the show, his father's father did, and now YOU can too!  The RIFLEMAN returns to the silver screen, starring the greatest actor in NCR today, Chuck Connors!*  Goldfarb Studios has formed a co-sponsorship with the New California Republic government to promote the return of this beloved American program, preaching good, clean American values.  As a result of this partnership, Chuck Connors [The Rifleman] will be touring NCR's front-lines to inspire and congratulate the great many brave men who defend this great republic of ours and the values it holds dear.  So if you see The Rifleman, go on!  Don't be ashamed, give him a hug!  Ask for an autograph!  Remember, the fight isn't just on the front lines, but on their hearts and minds.  You're both in this together!  And maybe he might join you in a combat action or two....


And now a word from the star of The Rifleman, Chuck Connors:

"Hi folks, this is Chuck Connors.  I always strive to be fair, and I'm a firm believer in that everyone deserves a second chance.  And that's what the NCR is, America's second chance at things.  Now a lot of folks you run into out there might say they're doing things for the good of humanity, or heavens to Betsy, actually believe we all will perish without them running things.  Now I may just be a small-town country boy, but even I know that's a load of hooey.  Good, clean values is what made America great, like the kind in my show, and they'll keep NCR great too.  Don't you let some tin head fool tell you otherwise."

Yours truly,
Chuck Connors




*real name Chuck Mankiewicz

Junktown Scouts / JTS Training School
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:29 »
JTS Training
The Junktown Scouts are now giving instructions under a new program called "JTS school" with several courses.  The school itself is a tutorial for new players.
If you are feeling overwhelmed and you see everyone around you gloating over your corpse, its time to change environment - to friendly one!
All you need is to catch some of our tutors/recruiter contacts: General Hangover, Rilwen or leader of JTS - Navajo Joe. You can catch them in Hub, Junktown or just ask for some of them via radio channel 0.
Don't hesitate; apply today to play in a casual environment of people who can introduce you to the basics of understanding game mechanics.

Our starting courses:
- History is past (checking your background with few simple questions)
- Welcome to Junktown Scouts (introduction speech and some of JTS unique and friendly perks made just for new guys to game)
- S.P.E.C.I.A.L. -izing your life choices (making new char if needed)
- Basic knowledge (explanation about faction activity, places of high and low danger)
- Job routing (pointing for easy jobs, experience and caps earning)
- Handling in Wilderness (explanation about weapon, armor and ammo usage, lesions on behavior in pve or pvp, help  in player development)
- Field practice (showing around basic events or dungeons with low player activity, as well as good farming places)
Every new applicant who decided to apply for JTS starting course, if he so agrees on conditions, is entitled on free set of books for his new character.  As Scouts are meant to become self-sufficient and capable in defending themselves, our conditions are that recruits build combat-ready builds (built to handle pvp).

Just speak with our tutors, let them know what weapon would you like to use in your new life path, and you will be provided with usable stats for your new character.
Our advanced courses:
- polygon drills (pvp training with NCR personnel in training base)
- NCR is your friend (cooperation with NCR in all dungeons, pvp not supported)
- Forward Scout Regiment (joining NCR forces in potential pvp areas)
- graduating from JTS school (after some time you will overcome basics and you can move on, join NCR, goes with some benefits, join any other faction, stay as JTS tutor or just move on your own)
- becoming Junktown Scoutmaster (after passing all needed courses you can stay to help new guys in same manner you were helped once. Congrats.)
JTS group is casual, so don't feel pressure, feel free to join TS or discord to discuss whatever you need help with.
To not repeat already mentioned in some of our hot topics, check out JTS recruiting topic to find out more about faction itself:
Also you can check our "Guidance", it can help you a lot by pointing out essential knowledge about Fo2 wasteland:

Bugs / Drug Timers Stuck
« on: February 12, 2017, 21:49 »
I was in Cathedral when the server went down.  After current maintenance update, my drug timers are stuck, unable to count down (but aren't applying their effects). 

Junktown Scouts / Junktown Scouts Back on Patrol
« on: July 07, 2016, 10:45 »
Thanks to Wesan and Knight Shift of NCR, the Junktown Scouts have been reborn!  Please read the following announcement from the NCR president:


I, Richard Harrison, have been given the task of rebuilding the Scouts.  Junktown Scouts is a NON-PVP light RP faction.  We are a subordinate group of NCR, and NCR is our patron.  That being said, JTS is a NEUTRAL faction.  Live and let live is one of our core beliefs, but we will defend our territory if it comes to that.  Recruitment, when spots are available, are for new players only. 


JTS, as it exists now, is essentially a feeder league for NCR to increase their ranks and for new players to eventually enter the world of PVP with enough equipment and knowledge to handle those tasks.  Players are recruited, gain experience, learn game mechanics, fix broken builds, obtain equipment, and develop teamwork over the course of several weeks.  After that span of time, if they show aptitude and improvement, they will have placement into the ranks of NCR as an option available to them.  This is not a requirement; Scouts after graduating are free to join whomever they wish, though of course we would prefer it be NCR.  They are also welcome to stay within JTS as Scout Masters to help other recruits, but how many we will allow depends mostly on the tooth to tail ratio.


We only take in new players (and only one character of theirs, no alts), and we have two stipulations.  1) No mutants are allowed, and 2) broken builds are not allowed.  We will help you make a new one if indeed its broken, and it shouldn't be a problem if you're a new player anyway, but we are ultimately here to groom trainees into soldiers and able-bodied scouts, so we require combat-capable builds.


Scouts will receive the following:

1) Their own house within Junktown, to store their belongings.
2) A weekly stipend of equipment suited to their build - 2x armor, 2-3x weapons, ammo, and some drugs. 
3) Advice, assistance, and quest-related items to facilitate finishing them as fast as possible.
4) NCR fast-track citizenship

Upon Scouts graduating the program, and choosing to enter NCR, they will receive a car as a graduation gift.


Caravans, patrols around Junktown, quests, farming (all kinds), small worldmap events, and eventually Vault 15 and perhaps Necropolis.


Talk to either myself, Richard Harrison, in game or Tracker Rilwen, or post here.  I will keep this post updated with slots currently available.


1. Paxton - Went on to Section8
2. Huan - Went on to join NCR
3. Satanoire - Went on to join NCR
4. Wade - Went on to join NCR
5. Ramir - Went on to join NCR
6. Vandos - Went on to join NCR
7. Merc - Went on to join NCR
8. Pannu - Went on to join Brotherhood of Steel
9. Bohlin - Went on to join Brotherhood of Steel
10. Apocman - Went on to join NCR
11. Zedd - Went on to join NCR
12. Wild Xero - Went on to join NCR
13. Huck Finn - Went on to join NCR
14. AEon - Went on to join NCR
15. Another Loner - Went on to join NCR

Sell / WTS Level 81 Hintbook
« on: June 20, 2016, 15:26 »
Tepsis tell you to go level up more before joining?  Want to be PVP stud?  Buy a copy of this leatherbound Fallout 2 hintbook today!  Why do the work when you don't have to?

First serious offer I get via PM and its yours.

Buy / WTB Recoil Compensator
« on: June 15, 2016, 23:23 »
PM me.  You'll be well compensated.

Buy / Improved Flamers w/AP+Range
« on: April 03, 2016, 21:00 »
As per the title, looking for AP reduced flamers with range bonus.

AP & Range +2 = 9.5k
AP & Range +3 = 18k
AP & Range +4 = 30k

If it has critical chance bonus on top of those, will pay an extra:

Crit chance % 2-4 = +5k
Crit chance % 5-9 = +10k

Thanks, and god bless you.

Gangs / New California Confederacy
« on: March 02, 2016, 02:58 »

The New California Confederacy (NCC) consists of towns and villages in the Greater California area that have either been marginalized, neglected, and/or undefended by the New California Republic (NCR), so they have been with left as secession as their only viable option.  As these are mostly rural environs without access to Shady Sands vast financial resources, they are hardier folk, with a focus on martial skills to defend what little they have. 

The government can be described as an oligarchy, though a single military commander can be appointed by the council to serve during emergencies or larger military campaigns. 

Nice bullshit backstory. Who REALLY founded this group?

The NCC’s founder was a former Rogues/Midnight Rider who wishes to remain anonymous (he currently does not play), as he feels having his name associated with the faction will just cause attention to be focused on him and his past actions, and not this current endeavor.  He has asked me to be the public face of the faction, but I am not its leader, nor does the faction have one (more on that later).  As of right now, the faction consists of military veterans of NCR.

Wait, who makes up this council?

The NCC Council consists of all the faction’s officers.  There are actually very few decisions needed to be made by the Council, but when those instances arise, it will be based on majority opinion. 

Ok, so what do you guys do?

NCC is a RP PVP-orientated faction.  That’s kind of a loaded term, I know.

Oh, so you’re like Midnight Riders?

There may be some similarities, but there are key differences. 

1) NCC aren’t “good guys”.  We consider the entire Greater California area to eventually become our territory.  Players in a dungeon we patrol will be killed on sight, however, final discretion is left to officers.  If you’re farming ghouls inside necropolis, I will likely let you live and work in peace.  Other officers may not.  Pray it’s me. 

2) We play different than MR.  We are more a partisan, hit-and-run force.  We rarely charge into battle, and only when scouting determines favorability in our odds of succeeding.  We also do not do the PVP circle jerk of constant re-gearing, dying, coming back again.  When we lose, we lick our wounds and wait for the next opportunity to strike.  And there is always the next opportunity.  This gives battles an air of finality instead of burning out players after one extended fight.  In short, we are not PVP Apes taking showers with Avengers hoping someone drops the soap.

Hey, why don’t Midnight Riders ride into battle on their bikes?

Good question.

Ok, sorry to interrupt, please continue.

Thanks. 3) Because of that mindset, we do not have quick re-gear facilities.  Our base network consists of one main faction base.  This is where we meet up, idle, and build camaraderie before undertaking actions.  Every officer will have their own 2 lockers to store equipment (electronically locked), and there are only 3 base managers, all who are wealthy enough and don’t care about your +2 critical chance Avenger.  In over 8 months of playing, we haven’t had a single incident of players having personal items stolen, and would like to keep it that way.  This base does have communal supplies (drugs, ammo, and a few weapons) to those who may need it, but we expect members to supply themselves with their own equipment.  Our other bases serve as glorified parking lots for cars (and bikes too!).

What are the role of Officers?

Officers are the core personnel of our faction, in its basic sense they ARE the faction.  They have almost complete flexibility regarding faction relations and recruitment.  Officers are essentially generals.  They have free reign to recruit players (militia) as they wish, while keeping the following in mind: 1) members must adhere to the general guidelines of the faction.  If any evidence is presented to the council that shows they have not, they will be removed along with the Officer who enlisted them.  So in essence think of this as deputizing people for short durations.  Members will not have access to bases.  Any officer seen abusing this, such as forming their own Hello Kitty-like mass, will be removed. There are other factions that play that way, it would be best to play with those instead of us.  2) There are currently no alliances, but that may change, or we may have agreements with other factions to work together during events against common enemies; the individuals Officers recruit must be mindful of this and respect those agreements.  If they do not, they will be removed as will the Officer that enlisted them.

What is your relationship with NCR?

As of right now, it is a rocky one.  Shady Sands is considered an important landmark, and any of our members participating on a raid of that city will be removed.  Our ranks are under no obligation to defend it, however.  That responsibility lies with the NCR government.

So you guys are basically a PK version of NCR?

Not really.  Our definition of PK is player(s) who go around attacking others farming, escorting caravans, and matters of that nature.  We do not do this.  Any member doing this will be removed along with the Officer that recruited him.

You guys don’t sound too bad, but you mentioned something about RP.  Care to share an example? I’m really psyched!

Oh, almost forgot.  Beginning at 0300 GMT and ending at 0600 GMT, any player who wants access to an RT dungeon must pay a tithe or be attacked by our patrols.  For triple rate, we will even provide security on worldmap while you clear the dungeon.  All funds will be split up among protection detail, with some going towards several infrastructure projects in mind.  Details forthcoming.

You motherfucking son of the bitch!

Thank you for understanding.  More to come, see you around!

Wait! How do I join?


You can't!

Special thanks to Meepy for help on our logo.

Survival Guides / Game Help / Psycho Hotkey
« on: November 01, 2015, 23:34 »
For those of us who don't take psycho for breakfast, 2nd breakfast, noonsies, lunch, and dinner, but instead use it on a situational basis, is there a hotkey for its use?

Suggestions / Charging Caps to Use Workbench
« on: September 04, 2015, 20:50 »
In safe towns, a certain amount of caps would be deducted from inventory for each item you craft (think of it as payment for the upkeep of using the town's tools).  The amount can vary between towns, or by item tiers.  Unsafe town's workbenches would be free to use (think of it as sneaking in and using their tools when owner is away).

What do you think, sirs?

Suggestions / Town Control for Major Cities
« on: September 04, 2015, 20:12 »
Probably been discussed, but how about having town control for the major cities?  But instead of having it in the town itself, which would be chaos and we wouldn't want that, how about creating a zone nearby it (much like the rocketball arena next to Shady Sands) where gangs can fight for "control" of areas like the Hub, Junktown and Vault City, and the reward would be the receipt of the 8% sales tax collected during every player shop transaction within that controlled town.  Also NCR too, once the bank vault event returns.

What do you think, sirs?

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