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News and Announcements / Changelog 29/03/2018
« on: March 29, 2018, 18:40 »
    - Hungergames now support hazards system:
    40% chance that minefield hazard will spawn - The areas near boxes will have mines nearby.
    30% chance that infected hazard will spawn - All the players until last 15 fighters will turn into fast walking ghouls (NPC) with melee weapons and 250 hp.

    - Sciencing items in hungergames disabled.
    - Fixed All of the bugs related to hungergames.

News and Announcements / Changelog 09/03/2018
« on: March 09, 2018, 12:48 »
    - Hunger games now support two maps. They will be randomly picked on the start of the event.
    Last 5 survivors of hunger games will be granted a full map vision to counter exhausting final sweep searches for a single sneaker.
    -" ~terminal " command added to access the base computer from anywhere on the base map.
    - Option for members to leave base through terminal added. (Works through " ~terminal " too.)
    - Hummer Crash Derby Posters - New car paints that can be applied to a Hummer, give your vehicle an eye-taking color!
    - A new base exclusively (for now) purchasable for brotherhood members - A BoS Shelter. Available from Lisa White. [ Base was mapped by R_Grey. Thank you. ]

    - The mayors (Town Control Start npc's) are now fixed to their position and ignoring attacks and explosion to combat the luring exploit.
    - Cautious Nature perk was reworked for the current encounter system, previously it had no effect.
    - 5mm Jhp crafting recipe was changed from metal to junk. The spawn rates in stores and events were increased.
    - NCR Bank Event temporarily disabled and exchanged with Hunger Caves RT event.
    - Multiple maps were reworked to work in 1080p resolution, e.g. cave encounters.
    - Car Spawns were readjusted to stop vehicles from layering on top of each other, in the result, some tight bases have 1 less car spawn.

Update your client to get new vehicle skins and Faction Icons.

Events / 2v2 Tournament Begins soon.
« on: January 24, 2018, 19:18 »

News and Announcements / Changelog 21/01/2018
« on: January 21, 2018, 14:25 »
    Highwayman Magazines - New car paints that can be applied to both Highwayman Classic and GT. The skins give your ride a shiny pre-war look and can be only obtained from dungeons.
    Electronically Locking doors in bases will now make them undestroyable by explosions. (You have to put a new lock on it to take effect.)
    Various fixes to non-pvp flag for location, no more theft and explosions on player/gm events.
Update your client to get new vehicle skins.

A 2v2 Tournament Is near! 24.01.2018 20:00 server time.
You can register trough forum ( ) to participate or join big white dot above hub to spectate.
Additionally, you can come and watch twitch live stream of the event at

Hello everyone. A few of you probably heard about this coming. Our session finally hit three years long milestone! In celebrations of that, we want you to enjoy a week of :

- Free rerolls.
- Double experience
- Double loot respawn rate ( Containers reset more often )
- Double loot amount spawn (More items in containers, a better chance for rares.)

The current celebration event has lined up with a lot of new blood on our server. Welcome! I hope you'll enjoy your stay! If you need any help you can always contact me or talk with players trough discord which you'll find a link to in my signature.

On top of that, We've wrapped up a bag of quality of life changes.

    - New Simulation Preset: Flamer
    - All simulation guns will start loaded with the higher tier ammo. (e.g. Flamer with flamethrower fuel mk2, XL with 5mm ap, p90 with 10mm ap)
    - You can now use the electronic lockpick on doors in bases to lock them with code. Works exactly like containers.
    - Prison respawn bug was fixed.
    - Fixed small bug in courier delivery system.
    - Fixed looting of Enclave soldiers in BoS questline, lowered insane spawn rate on pulse grenades there.

About the situation in the wasteland:
The New California Republic begun to repair their hometown destroyed after an attack from the enclave. This will take a long time but chatter in town is saying the place will be different after all holes are patched up.
[ New map for NCR is coming. ]
On the other hand,  trappers and caravaneers are rumoring about often sights of vertibirds on the desert, something is going on. Maybe this time. We will be able to strike Enclave, be wary, wastelanders.
[ Global map enclave fortresses events are coming. ]

Now a note to question that sometimes boggles the mind of our fellow friends and players.
No, it's not coming anytime soon, so you neither have to worry about wiping the server and losing your progress or taking months to wait for one. We're focusing on delivering smooth balanced gameplay that doesn't have to be reset every year or so, this makes the best moment to start playing right NOW after so many vital bugfixes, rebalances, especially with celebration week on that allows you to level up really fast and fix any mistakes you have with your build thanks to free reroll in this week. The game still keeps expanding in directions it should while we're secretly focusing on next season. Yes. It is in works, that's obvious, another obvious thing should be that we do not plan to release half-assed product and deliver a season 4 with hopes that transition onto it will be a final wipe. Should you wait for it? Oh no, a small team of developers no matter how much devoted in delivering such product takes time. Be patient and enjoy the current session, or not. It's a game after all. Made by gamers for gamers. If you want to take a break, we wish you to enjoy yourself anywhere you desire. See you on the wasteland my friends and all new faces.

Roleplay / Wasteland News
« on: September 19, 2017, 23:35 »

The Aftermath.

A shocking act of terrorism struck into the heart of New California Republic! The military force known as Enclave destroyed key locations in the long-standing capital, Shady Sands. During the tax delivery in the bank steel flying machines were sighed by various individuals. The radio station has gone crazy despite the warning.

As you, my dear readers know. The devil with no name, formerly know as Enclave Commander, has hacked into Vault City to announce and warn the town of Shady Sands. Thanks to this, NCR administrative managed to proceed with fluid evacuation and Mayor of our lovely town Hub has welcomed the refugees with open arms, giving them temporary shelters in tents and warehouses of the Oldtown district.

The assault was nothing like we've seen before, even the assault on Klamath was known by everyone to be Pure senseless slaughter was nothing compared to the strike on the town of our dear New California!

One of many Enclave airstrike units.

One of the wastelanders managed to capture the fear-mongering sight of one of the artillery spots. Those Metal covered murderers have begun artillery strike few hours prior the assault. Despite valiant blows coming from Ranger teams, our soldiers in orange armors were unable to pierce through defenses and disable bombardment.

The explosion didn't even halt on the hour zero. Enclave seemed to not care and kept shelling the town just as their forces were walking into town!

There are rumors of a band of Mercenaries hired by Enclave, those raiders knew as BBS were involved if the slaughter of hundreds of innocent citizens! Survivors say that equipment raiders were wearing was on par with enclave soldiers, yet lacked the fresh and polished look paired with enclave logo, let us assume they used own, salvaged equipment from times of the great war.

Battle for the gate.

The enclave united with raiders struck with great force, they smoothly pierced through the town outskirts and maintained tactical positions to secure it. In meantime, our fearless friends stood strong in the inner gates, getting ready for the assault.

What happened after is still cause of many arguments. Some people blame overwhelming power of enclave. Others blame leadership that crumbled under heavy stress. We would like to discuss every rumor and discussed points to find the real issue.

Famous NCR security gate. Main chokepoint.

The preparation - Many people blame NCR for not preparing for the battle. Minefields, gearing up the guards in highest-tech gear, barricading the outskirts to repel enemy forces. The fact was that none of that happened. Tactically the NCR was unprepared for the assault, having faith in pure firepower of their soldiers. There might have been multiple reasons for the lack of defensive structures. One of the most possible is that NCR was worried about civilians and wastelanders caught in the traps set for the enemy forces. Fear of wounding their own was too much to risk it.

  Brotherhood officer examining the damages to the installment.

The paramilitary help - We've heard open pleads and offers from the infamous Brotherhood of Steel. Despite many differences, they do care about weakest, as it was proven in the Slaughter of Klamath. The shiny men offered voluntary help and expected nothing in return. This would strengthen home defenses of the NCR. Why did that not happen? We all know that Mercenary group contracted by NCR, known as Talons clashes heavily with the followers of BoS Codex. After some discussions, it was set to the stone that having conflicting groups together behind one barricade might prove too tense to focus on properly protecting the premises.

Another key aspect brought in and really visible is that Enclave was using raiders factions unified under BBS banner to pierce through defenses. Knowledge of the infrastructure and sheer hate was strong fuel to convince group known as Bang Bang Smash to assault the turn the town into ruins. From our knowledge gained by communicating with bragging mercs that drank and toasted in the Maltese Falcon after the events - They have gained nothing in return except the taxes collected from the simple citizens! They stole money from the bank!

The battle was too chaotic and ruthless to describe. The Enclave hastily took the town and took secure positions to keep enemies away and gate open. In meantime crews wielding packs of high-tech explosives planted charges all over the key locations of the town.

Despite not being called. The Brotherhood blew open their own bunker to get into the town and try to chase away attackers. As we have witnessed by the fan of dead Enclave bodies around the bunker, they did a let me quote Sheriff's work: "A bunch of good fucking work."

The NCR army did not stay behind. They kept striking at the town with means of seizing it back from two sides. However, as we all now know. It just wasn't enough. Many good soldiers have died that day, the graves cover rough sand in the town of Shady.

After everyone thought it's over. The worst came. The town was under carpet bombing and rigged to explode. There was not a safe place to hide in. Walls have been set to blow. Buildings to receive utter destruction. Screams and panic of people running of the town can be heard up to this day.

Following the destruction, the conflict did not cease. Many raider groups came in like a band of vultures and swarmed the town from every side. Looting the bodies, killing innocent. The battle wasn't over. It will not end until the NCR is back in their prime state.

Moving the debris and bodies away took few days. There are still places ruined by the explosions but buildings - the ones that stood through the conflict seem to be structurally safe.

Dear wastelanders. It is better to stay away from the current town of Shady as it is as dangerous as the northern towns. Maybe even more as the destructions lured in greedy bandits. However. If you feel like helping. You can always donate resources and Materials to the New California Republic. They really need it to rebuild the capital of their country. Help our dear friends. They would not turn their back if we would be in need.

We are also interested in letters describing the events and issues. We would gladly publish any word from either side of the conflict Both NCR and Brotherhood are kindly asked to send us their standing. Also, who knows? Maybe even The Enclave would send us a word?

Samantha Heyer. Hub News Head Journalist.

Roleplay / Vault City Loudspeaker system message.
« on: September 02, 2017, 22:13 »
The sun was disappearing behind the horizon as the day ended. Citizens of Vault City were preparing for an end of the day, servants quickly wrapped up their jobs and snobby vault descendants ate their luxurious dinner before falling onto the comfiest beds in the whole wasteland.

Just as the night fell, Vault 8 Main computer received an old command. Unknown backdoor left by the ancient vault-tec engineers passed a pre-recorded audio message. All computers in the vault lit up. Every loudspeaker turned on, giving out an annoying buzz until the audio begun to play.

A slow clap could've been heard for few seconds, it was followed by an upbeat feminine chuckle.

"Well done, It was quite amusing." Unknown said. "Seeing you subhumans tear each other apart. You couldn't unite to fight off a single assault force. That was quite..." the voice fell rough and annoyed. "Disappointing."

A brief pause brought the annoying buzz back to the loudspeakers until the Woman spoke out again.
"The assault of Klamath was supposed to be only a show of our power. But it turned out to be a decent way to gather military data of the savage tribes that roam our country. Well done, morons."

The mild noise of flipped pages could've been caught as the female stranger cleared her throat.
"Three sides, one more savage than the other. Shallow scum formed by the new world.

Shiny fools greedy for all pre war tech, gathering technology to let it rust. Acting high and mighty as long as it suits them, but much different from a simple gang with just a bunch of rules slapped on their morality.

Second group. A collection of raiders. Bandits connected with simple goals. Kill. Rape. Plunder. Skilled in two of those three, seemed to storm the Klamath for pure profit, ripping off valuables from dead hands of civilians. Stripping clean other combatants from gear like vultures.

And finally, a military organization, cooperating with Biker gangs and false descendants of New California. Despite their "official" status as the owners of an area where the battle took place, they had no care for the butchered civilians, it was quite opposite, all the chaos was just opportunity to bring profit.

We have a message to the three of you. Our intel informs us about the town called Shady Sands, which is presumed to be a capital of the current 'country' on our American soil, This country feeds off the taxes from communities of all other subhumans around. We will come and crush you during next money delivery. Consider it as early warning allowing you to prepare. Bring your best so we can show how easily you can be crushed.

Raiders Known as BBS. You have an itch for profit. We do not need the rusted bottle caps you savages collect. You will be able to grab them all if you'll decide to join our attack and prove to be worth the scraps. Leave us a message. It will reach us one way or another.

The military contractors are known as Talons, what about you? How faithful are you to your NCR boss? Just step aside and let us destroy the town. We will give you a reasonable compensation for betraying them.

Shiny Brotherhood Members. What will you do when we strike? Will you side with your enemies to protect civilians we're going to wipe out? Or will you allow the city burn and finish off survivors? I'm curious what your dodgy codex will say about this situation."

Voice got distorted as Vcity technicians tried their best to turn off the message of terror.
"We are coming. The New California Republic. We do not expect you to survive the assault."

News and Announcements / Changelog 18/07/2017
« on: July 18, 2017, 22:18 »
    - Added a new purchasable base for 200k bottle caps. An old abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker. You can buy it by NPC in lost hills, although you will have to find out a way to convince the NPC to sell it.

    - Added Russian translation for storage units for NPC factions.

    - To prevent heavy brute force and third party macros used to steal electronically locked cars, the failure will now bring a 10-second cooldown.
    - Kenny will now mention Junktown Scouts faction as a good place to reach out for help for new players.
    - Town Defense will stop any ongoing TC if they happen to launch in the same town.
    - Brotherhood of Steel NPC's will not gossip anymore about ongoing events.

Thank you Lucek for doing such great work with the Brotherhood base.

Faction Icons updated. Run updater.

News and Announcements / Changelog 07/05/2017
« on: May 07, 2017, 11:49 »
    - Vault City vault medical area has now an implant terminal - a safe way to install it at a double price.

    - Brotherhood and Enclave storage system rework.
    I'm going to explain current new system so it will be easy for people to refer to it later and update the wiki.
    Previously system required you to use item, old and messy way.
    The current system for storages allows officers to access storages without issue and also add players to the list. Added players can toggle door open and locked. A person standing in the doorway while it's being closed will be cut in half.
    Door control terminals exist on both inside and outside of the storage.
    Loot storage and Crafting area storage use separate access lists.
    - Brotherhood NPCS will now take 50 minutes to respawn after being killed.
    - Car Parking level has now exit grid.
    - Added way to rebrand Enclave armor to Brotherhood armor without any downsides.

    - Brotherhood Questline unlocked:
    All details about the quest can be found here:
    On finish you don't get brotherhood armor anymore.
    As you complete the storyline. You are added to recruit list which you will remain on until becoming a full member or joining other faction.
    You are not required/forced to join brotherhood after the questline.
    Brotherhood officers are able to check recruit list and call them to the bunker.
    IF player will be online and belong to some faction while the list is checked, he will be erased from recruit list.
    Brotherhood officers are able to send a message to all recruits, the message will tell nickname of the officer and notify them that they are interviewing.

    - President can now also blacklist people from town, not only pardon.
    - President can block BoS Bunker door from being opened.
    - Officers and leaders of both rangers and army can check the amount of money in the bank.
    - Guards respawn with new weapon instantly after weekend deal is realized.
    - Ncr soldiers will notice explosives dropped near them and attack.

    - Mariposa boss alarm will launch sooner, before entering the room.

    - Removed pvp protection from brotherhood lost hills bunker.
    - Brotherhood npcs won't shoot allied factions.
    - Minor fixes.

Faction Icons updated. Run updater.

Open up Brotherhood of Steel questline for people to join?

Make a single post where you either say YES or NO followed by an explanation why you think so.


Yes. I think that opening brotherhood would be a good idea, people could experience the cool storyline quest and new players would be able to find a good place to be taught the core rules of the gameplay.

Votes will be counted after few days.

All other posts or off-topic will be deleted and the user will receive a warning.

General Discussion / Community Opinions about BoS.
« on: April 14, 2017, 16:56 »
The project is going for a while right now. I would love to hear the voice of the community, of people outside of the BoS. Depending on the opinion of the crowd. Group will be either rewarded or punished.

Brotherhood also has core rules, breaking any of them would mean they didn't keep the promise they made. If anyone has seen one of them broken please write below.
Core rules:

-Stay with canon.
-English only. (Russian nicknames are unwanted yet not disallowed, yet speaking in a foreign language without knowledge of English is dismantling the roleplay aspect of the project.)
-No mutants. (Kinda obvious. Mutants /= BoS)
-Preserve technology. (Don't sell t4 and rare objects. It's your task to collect them not barter them away.)

No faction alting. You either play BoS and only BoS or none at all, using BoS as a proxy account is highly unwanted.

News and Announcements / Changelog 18/02/2017
« on: February 18, 2017, 22:40 »
    Town control loot rework:
    The loot was completely reworked, removing useless items like hunting rifles and bb gun ammo from spawning.
    Lockers will spawn now:
    - Tier 3 weapons.
    - Metal armors.
    - Useful ammo only.
    - Great numbers of main ammo (5mm, 223 etc.)
    - Drugs and super stims in proper amounts.
    - Books and blueprints.
    - Explosives and usable items, stealth boy, motion sensor etc.
    - Combat armors
    - Tier 3 weapon and armor recipes.
    - Tier 4 recipes - excluding APA recipe.
    - Tier 4 Ammo

    - Tier 4 parts, except APA ones.
    - VERY RARELY Tier 4 weapon.

    - NCR taxes from holding a TC town raised.

    This change should significantly boost worthwhileness from holding up a town and make it actually rewarding than being just way to lose items over your own name on a status board.

    - Blackjack was translated into russian.
    - Faction icons updated. (Run updater)
    - Louisville Slugger useless perk removed, damage boosted.
    - Cathedral Quest can now be also ended in Den and San Francisco.

    - Radio dropped on the ground in town will toggle its reception off, preventing spam clouds.
    - Lockpicking a car with lock in combat will not send you to world map anymore.
    - Suspicious ruins wall holes fixed.
    - Town control loot doesn't downgrade anymore.
    - Caravan Packer quest fixed cooldowns.

Gangs / That's enough, fellow Siberian Bears.
« on: February 14, 2017, 15:55 »
As everyone knows, Siberian Bears faction has a long story of breaking literally every rule in the game. To not keep it long and make people easier to translate since most of them 'cannot into engrish' I will just say this:

It's a final warning.

Breaking any rule by a Siberian player, all of them included. (That also means playing with an ip banned person ) Will result in:
- All bases associated with the faction to be deleted.
- All accounts associated with the faction to be deleted.
- The faction itself will be removed from the game, and any future similar name will be also erased.

Now explanation to others. We are tired of fighting and struggling with liars, clowns, and cheaters that come from this faction. This is the only group I personally, not as the developer but a player myself - hate. Yet we did stay objective, treating the group as any other despite their expanding history of cheating and breaking rules. They did everything. From Dual log and threatening admins to hexbot and item selling. This is the moment where we don't treat you as part of the community anymore but as cancer that without, we could only improve.

So this is the last chance. Keep your hands clean or I will erase you.

Don't try to hide items. You already know it didn't work even if would be again making an alt with the car on world map, a trunk filled with t4.

No memes, no cute jokes. I'm serious.

News and Announcements / Maintenance Finished 12/02/2017
« on: February 12, 2017, 19:22 »
Town Control Lockers:
Loot from lockers was heavily boosted. Added low chance for:
- Combat armors, T3 recipes. Tier 4 recipes and weapon parts have a chance to spawn.
- Added a VERY low chance for tier 4 weapon to spawn.
- No tier 4 armor parts will spawn there.

Hunger games:
- Camping heavy buildings were adjusted added new entrances and windows.
- Containers have a chance to spawn mines, dynamite, and c4.

- Fixed few map bugs.
- NCR check taxes command now checks all of the six safes.

Molerat arena disabled once again. Added sad face in the place of the brawl.

The Characters blocked because of being a suspect in pretty big exploit/bug abuse scenario. Their Bases were also blocked.
Asthenis Ekdikitis
Skopia Periagogi
Redding Drill
Barracks Officer

Characters deleted because of being used by ip banned person:
Mary Keat

Some bases were blocked by being involved in item selling for real money or because of being used by ip banned person.
That includes Siberian Bears Main base.
Some Characters of SEGA_RUS and Разведос locked until further inspection.

Friendly reminder. Playing with IP banned person will get you banned and punished.

It's hard to work on a game when managing a community filled with liars, cheaters and rule breakers takes so much time.

News and Announcements / Server Maintenance - Around 3 Hours
« on: February 12, 2017, 12:47 »
We are going to shutdown server right now for a small maintenance. This should take no longer than three hours. Expect it to be back at 16:00 Server time. The Ip of the server will stay the same after the server comes back in. Thank you for your patience.

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