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New California Republic / Re: -NEW CALIFORNIA POST-
« on: March 27, 2020, 22:05 »

Missing ex. president ClegDos appeared in Shady Sands bazaar!

Cleg disappeared under unknown circumstances during his presidential mandate.
After performing a medical check, he was confirmed to be in a satisfactory health state and was issued a new identification papers with his name by the NCR government.
What happened to him? Where was he during his absence?

Read his story in the interview article in the next edition, only in the New California Post!

- *Coming Soon* -

This is an urgent NCR warning message to all wastelanders:

There are numerous reports from various persons that they are receiving multiple invitations to the group called "Ultra Violence" in Hub and caravan routes connected to the NCR, without explanation, even when declining repeatedly.
That group is expelled from premises of Shady Sands for their criminal activity and raid attempts. Shady Sands guards are instructed to shot on sight any member of mentioned group upon entering.
This group is under suspicion, in a new low even for them, in doing some backhanded attempt at robbery, to loot victims belongings after they enter the Shady Sands. The matter will be further investigated.

- NCR appeal to be responsible in this fragile times! -

Inform yourself about group you are joining before accepting the membership, check your NCR karma before visiting Shady Sands and keep your nose clean.

I wasnt on much last couple of days, feel free to handle over that tape to any ncr you see in shady sands. Including Mister Gutsy.

I was postponing finding this post for a long time. Thx for finding it.

Still around.
If you have any inquiries feel free to ask me.

It is an issue, well known issue from the start of the season, that became a feature. Basically, you need to keep an correct order to do all 5 at once, if you do the box lifting in the wrong order, one will be glitched until the cooldown ends. But cant remember the correct order, maybe someone has it written somewhere and can be of help.

Wastleanders, the 2nd NCR Citizenship Day is ahead of us!

NCR government prepared a new limited series of Citizen Vouchers and approved a big tax relief!
You can find your Citizenship Voucher in NCR Industries shop on the bazaar of Shady Sands.
Today our Citizen Office has an open door policy towards visitors. The office has been stationed just across the Rawhide Saloon.
Pay your citizenship taxes, get a real benefit and become a part of the civic community!

Sign your application with help of our clerks:
tax fee on Citizenship Day: 15k caps
tax fee on Citizenship Day with Citizenship Voucher: 7,5k caps

Upon application approval person will get an NCR Civic Package, which includes:
- support of NCR troops
- Citizen discord access (you will get more info about benefits there)
- Knightcare package

The government secured Citizen Packages for all currently registered citizens. All they need to do is to show up in our Citizenship office today!

Visit Shady Sands, talk to your favorite NCR soldier, become a citizen today!
Let's celebrate together!

(This is a player driven event that started upon this announcement and it will last for about 30 minutes after this message is posted.
You can involve yourself in NCR community as a simple civilian, even if you are member of the faction hostile towards NCR. All you need to do is to apply for citizenship with your alt that is not a member of the faction hostile towards NCR, and you can RP that you like NCR all you want. But be noted, if your char will become hostile or will defect to faction hostile towards NCR, he will lose citizenship status with all its benefits. Characters already known for trolling, or already in faction hostile towards NCR will be rejected from their application and their taxes won't be taken.)

2nd Citizenship Day celebration is over! Our citizens received their Citizenship Package. Citizen Truzen has been voted for "The Citizen of the Citizenship Day!" award. Congrats!
Thank you all for visiting Shady Sands!
Citizenship taxes are back to normal.


Hey you guys still kickin around?

Indeed, NCR is still patrolling the California Wastes.
PM sent.

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN - [Never Top PK Until Swarm]
« on: February 19, 2020, 13:04 »

NCR history; Chapter V (4/4)

It may sound that NCR society thrived and raised to the top, but there is still lots to be done.
Even that NCR managed to secure a better quality of life in the capital, Shady Sands potential is not fulfilled. Rare army patrols, occasional travelers and curious traders is all that can be seen by the habitants.
While it can't be seen openly, the government is conducting a racist policy, trying to push out irradiated and infected out of the borders.
Though it was denied by the government, there is obvious diversity in authority treatment towards mutants, ghouls comparing to non infected persons. Mutants have a harder time when applying for NCRA, and it is practically impossible for them to advance in ranks.
When it comes to the citizenship status, it is even worse. FEV infected are repeatedly rejected from their citizenship application for various and ridiculous reasons.
The constant struggle between expansion, resource exploiting and protecting the borders against lawless militia forces is taking its cost, both in caps and lives. You can often hear complaints from civilians against NCR brutal laws and enforcing controls over citizen life by citizen vouchers and taxations. As not all can just accept imposed laws they never heard of and governing of persons in fancy suits over night, California wastes is full of resistance movements against NCR. And that is why NCR army is still waging an endless war on several fronts. Because of the army efforts economic situation is better than before and civilian life in Shady Sands greatly improved, and citizens mostly forgot what war against Enclave did to them. For most of them war is non existent. Until war comes back knocking on their doors. History is often repeating itself, and often we are witnessing that magical circle of dystopia.
And war... War never changes... 

Final word:
"History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books-books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, 'What is history, but a fable agreed upon?'"

Phrase dictionary:
Hub coup: individuals or groups of known felons, mostly residing in the Hub, not connected to the NCR, trying to overthrow legitimate NCR government
Hub swamp: beggars residing in Hub downtown, yelling anti-NCR phrases, blaming any current NCR government for their misfortune
NCR blacklist: a security system that is implemented as a measure against outlaw elements in Shady Sands. Individuals and groups marked as an enemy of the republic are shot on sight by town guards. The system is controlled by NCR officers and president.

NCR history; Chapter V (3/4)

As head of army commands, president, Knight Shift merged leadership of NCR army and NCR Rangers under his command after general of Rangers retired. From that time Rangers are not filled with various wastelanders without proper training and questionable morals. Centralized army produced better results on the field and removed all potential disagreements between two army branches.
Member of the Rangers can become only NCRA soldier with high rank and long time service record, upon application and the president's approval.
Under the presidency of Knight Shift, NCR annexed the Junktown. Officer Richard Harrison got the town's major function. NCR, as confederation state, vouches by its constitution autonomy to entities that are part of the republic borders. According to that, Junktown got autonomy from NCR bureaucracy. Richard Harrison brought Junktown Scouts patrols back on the track. JTS were provided with NCR military training, and that's how many of them ended up in NCR army.
[See Chapter III; "NCR annexation of Junktown"]
By unclear reasons NCR broke the confederacy with Junktown and left that southern town as fully independent again. But the people of Junktown can still remember the big progress that the town has made under NCR governance.
The NCR National Guard was founded. It serves as a military academy where any wastelander can get a proper combat training and knowledge, being trained by some of most experienced NCR army officers. After finishing drills in NG, cadets who have graduated are taken to NCRA as a recruits in initiation process where they are taking the oath to the Republic.
Knight Shift's cabinet hasn't only made progress on the military field. During his term, NCR secured stable paychecks for army, jobs and payment for wastelands, changed citizenship gaining process, provided benefits for citizens and taxpayers. Luxury housing was provided in the inner area of Shady Sands. A contract between NCR government and FLC bank (Friendly Lending Company) was revoked. Since then NCR is not gathering tax money by foreign banks but rather by its own clerks. The health department is offering free health care to every citizen. The Shady Sands town guards are often doing their weekly shifts equipped by high tech weaponry and the town itself is safer for traders and visitors. The capital advanced. New buildings, new workplaces, advanced technology, all thanks to the government's efforts.
[See Chapter IV;  "Rebuilding Shady Sands"]
NCR first and only newspapers were launched. "New California Post" is an edition of a newspaper available to any literate wastelander interested in reading news about happenings in California wastes. Because of Shift's high involvement in publishing, along with Lucek who is an official editor many will criticize the newspaper as a propaganda material.
NCR Council was reformed and is composed out of the State Secretaires, army officers, citizen, and ally representatives.
State Secretaires are involved in everyday civilian life with their duties.
Considering Knight Shift is serving the longest term in the presidential office, it is expected that his government brought most of changes to the republic.

NCR history; Chapter V (2/4)

After clearing ranks and decision about alliances, republic really started to breath. NCR dissolved the alliances with Talon Company, while keeping the support of Unity of Broken Hills and Midnight Riders, as two of the last mentioned groups showed their continuous dedication to government's projects itself.
Outlaw individuals and groups were expelled from premises of capital along with their supporters. NCR formed regular patrols around the whole California wasteland. By expanding and exploiting of resources, NCR quickly became one of the biggest power forces in the region, which many didn't like. After the period of peace often raids started to happen on the premises of Shady Sands, especially on the day of tax transaction. Though NCR army was successfully defending its town, that still reflected negatively on civilian life in town and also on the activities of NCR connected to the other points of interest.
So called "Hub coups" started to be part of everydays life in NCR's capital. Raids, propaganda, terrorism. Subversive activities pointed against, not only NCR government, but NCR society in a whole was at its peak. Sponsored by elements that didn't like to see NCR progress, coup lasted for a long period. But long time supporters couldn't be fooled.
Even that NCIA and NCR army managed to minimize coup threats it is still most favorite subversive activity of outlaw elements.
As introverted as NCR became, the bigger inner support and trust grew between the government, NCR army and citizens.
The highlight of the clashes was a big Enclave attack on Shady Sands, which left town lying in ruins.
[See Chapter III; "Enclave attack"]
NCR government managed to rebuild the town and society. Strict laws and peace on republic borders were restored.

NCR history; Chapter V (1/4)

- Reforming NCR - presidential and government powers - first days of the new NCR era
NCR reforms started when Lucek was elected for president. Disagreements between the president and army officers started when Lucek was more inert towards suggestions of making NCR more professional. Support of allies started to fade. Midnight Riders and Wu-Tang Clan started to lose faith in the president, sometimes even willing to act against NCR interests. Those disagreements resulted with Lucek demoting Knight Shift from officer rank, who was the main figure in forcing the more strict reforms, mainly focused on the professionalism of the army. After demotion, Knight Shift left the NCR army with a few other officers; Richard Harrison, Challenger, Legate Damar, and several soldiers who shared his ideas about NCR. Resigned officers formed a government in exile. At their Council meeting it was voted to form an parallel NCR entity, naming it New California Confederacy and by that provide to wasteland what official NCR government, by their opinion, couldn't - a professional and well trained army that will protect the heritage of NCR and its citizens. Seeing that army ranks deteriorated and that NCR is losing the ally support, Lucek decided to leave the office, nominating the Knight Shift as his successor. Shift accepted that nomination and soon after the new NCR council was formed. First council was formed out of NCR army officers, ally representatives, citizen representatives. On inner meetings was confirmed that Knight Shift is staying in office. NCC united with NCR. Knight Shift continued Lucek's reforms in a more strict manner. It brought stability to all sectors of NCR, from civilian life in army ranks.
According to the presidents promises, the first major move was, as it was expected from an ex. officer, to strengthen the army and its position, not only by keeping the current alliances with MRMC, but also with a support of Talon Company.
The resources were secured, drill instructors received new orders, new training facilities were opened, and army started to be better equipped, trained and more prepared for the tasks ahead of NCR.
That too could not go without troubles. Lots of subversive activities happened in that period. The army started to fill its ranks with wastelands who had questionable interests. Alliances were more flexible on the expense of NCR. Many supporters thought that inevitable circle of attempts will result with fail of the republic once again. But instead of failing, Shift's government decided rather that it is time to change a course instead of repeating mistakes.

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