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Suggestions / Re: Robot Delivery (Fuckin' A)
« on: May 19, 2019, 00:30 »
Guarantee of hypos and higher chance of random t4 part would be good to attract ppl. Chance of spawning EMP grenades would help as well.
In general this event should rework, for named reasons.

Upon recent happenings, president of NCR issued immediate blacklist for groups named Regulators and Vault Citiy. For violating several laws, including raid attempt, these groups became unwanted element on NCR territory including Shady Sands.
Town guards are under strict orders to keep mentioned groups outside of capital.
By neglecting this regulation Regulators or Vault City members are taking the risk to be shot on sight.

Outlaw groups failed to cause bigger disturbance. Terrorists were neutralized at the very entrance to the city. Town premises were secured by quick and efficient NCRA action named "Enforcing the Peace".

Enforcing the Peace I
Enforcing the Peace II

Citizen, NCR is here for you!
Best regards from Shady Sands.

General Discussion / Re: Questions and Answers
« on: May 07, 2019, 22:19 »
"Main" plot quest is your first quest that you get when you make character. If you speak with a guy named Kenny who is standing next to the tent you will find out more.

Quest that you get for Cathedral (you need to read certain holodisk to activate it) can be named also as quest where you are changing things, depends how you will decide to play. As quest is repetitive, it can break the immersion, but still counting.

By paying "fees" of 30k player can have citizenship status on his characters as long as they are not members of factions that is hostile towards NCR.
Applications of players that are known for townbursting or breaking of NCR laws in Shady Sands will be declined.
If char with citizen status is playing with enemy factions, he will be shot by NCR members as all will be counted as one team. When playing with non faction players, but known enemies of NCR will be also shot for same reason.
Citizen character playing with faction hostile towards NCR will have his citizenship revoked.

Simpler to say, in your case, you can get citizenship status on char(s) that you wont use when playing with players who are known as hostile towards NCR.

This is the actual in game benefits that you will get as citizen:
   - access to NCR events
   - caravan escorts
   - protection and/or non-interference in select hostile environments (Warehouse, Mariposa, SF Tanker, Necropolis, and Vault 15)*
   - physical fitness courses (build advice)
   - exclusive community communication network access (this is actually not in game benefit, but it is discord made for citizens)
   - free condom

You can read more on this topic.

Need to emphasize that, as citizen, player will get access to discord made for players with citizenship status on his character(s). There you can get in contact with other NCR members, citizens, ask for support, find out more about citizenship privileges or NCR project in general.
Player citizen can ask to add/remove citizenship on his characters as he likes, as long as he is following mentioned rules.

To meet in game, or to talk more detailed on topic, it will be the best that you contact me via discord:
Knight Shift#8258

Btw, about housing, houses are instanced, and there is no rule about getting them except having caps to buy them and pay monthly fee. That is the game mechanic. Same goes for shopkeepers.
Citizenship benefits are player driven. Up to player to decide if it is worth or not.

Suggestions / Re: Remove Crit Roll from Plasma Rifle
« on: May 07, 2019, 15:07 »
plasma +4 roll base, like other decent weapons.

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: May 07, 2019, 14:55 »

General Discussion / Re: Questions and Answers
« on: May 07, 2019, 14:44 »
Hey there :D Got into the Fallout series a few years ago. I went through Fallout 1 two times; 1 play-through of Fallout 2; working on Fallout 1.5 and Fallout 2 RP. Also trying to work on 3 but I am having trouble getting invested into it.

Anyways I liked the idea of Fallout online, so I used some Google-Fu--and lo and behold I discovered this as well as Reloaded. Anyways that brings me to my question for you: how much PvE is in this? From what I've gathered, people seem to tell me this game focuses heavily on PvP compared to Reloaded. My own perception of Reloaded was that I was dissatisfied that it was a non-canonical midquel sandwiched between the first two Fallout games and felt very...railroady to me. I understand this version of Fallout Online is set closer to Fallout 2, which makes it feel less rail-roaded than Reloaded. With this in mind, how much PvE content is in this version? I enjoy cooperative PvE and PvP games, but want to make sure that the balance of what I am looking for is present here.

You can enjoy several pve instanced dungeons and quest locations here. Some of them will require cooperation with other players, some wont.
Once a week there is pve event in random unprotected town where pvp is disabled during that event, forcing players to cooperate rather than shoot each others.
Certain zones will have certain npcs or loot that you can farm. For example, ruins around SF can be interesting for new players looking for pve/farming as lockers there can spawn higher tier of items.
The larger the player group is - the larger the group of npcs will be in encounter. Same goes for caravans. So whole thing can be challenging.

When entering random zone encounter it will become open for other players to find you if they are traveling over same zone.

There is also sierra caves complex that is filled with pve challenges. You can enjoy this experience alone or with company. In that place you can meet other players that will, probably, be hostile. So, one can say, sierra caves is pve/pvp well balanced.
You can think that game mechanics are pushing players to pvp, and even that this might be true, you can still enjoy various pve challenges all you like, even that you wont find here numerous big pve-only instances.

And, worth to mention, there are public location dungeons that require bigger group to go through them. They can provide a fun pve experience. These locations are often visited by pvp factions as loot pool is better than on other places.

There are more details on wiki about all that, and it is pretty much up to date.
You can also check this thread.

Best is to check the game and features on your own, inform via wiki if you like spoilers.

New California Republic / Re: -NEW CALIFORNIA POST-
« on: April 08, 2019, 17:52 »
7th edition released!

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: March 26, 2019, 14:33 »

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: March 08, 2019, 13:53 »


NCR is today welcoming any wastelander willing to help our growing community and settle as NCR citizen!


Yes, NCR citizenship can be your privilege too!

- Apply with your name on holotape and bring it to our officer clerk in Shady Sands!
- Our old Citizenship Office, in front of "gate A" is opened on Citizenship Day!
Is that all?
- Aside from your application on holotape you need to secure 20k caps for processing fees!
What's the benefits?
- Generally speaking, NCR protection in Shady Sands and outer skirts, but ...
*better scroll up for more detailed info on our Citizenship program*

[event is starting in 15 minutes and will last for 30 minutes. Welcome!]

Thank you for attention!
Citizenship day has ended, and processing citizenship fee is back to 30k per applicant.
Stay tuned for our further announcements about Citizenship Day!
Have a nice day.

Suggestions / Re: NCR Karma
« on: February 10, 2019, 20:08 »
Protip: not raiding shady helping players not to get blacklisted and to have free access to town and town features.

Suggestions / Re: NCR Karma
« on: February 03, 2019, 17:21 »
Napalm, you got it all wrong.
NCR is player driven project with its town included (same as it was intended for bos and enclave and their hq, but they are closed for reason), that means any person or group who wants to, for example, change their status in shady sands needs to contact ncr representatives. Whole idea is to encourage communication between players, bring an rp touch into it and most of it is in session changelog.
NCR is trying to be fair towards everyone, we had in past many gangs and individuals put on, and removed from blacklist, with most of them we had communication in one way or another. NCR is compensating everyone who is mistreated in shady sands by ncr members. Your gang deserved blacklist in shady, and the way you are basically saying that your gang is falling apart just because they cant enter shady that they raided some time ago is really not fair towards your other team members.
You can say, by deafult, ncr has laws any person should follow. When you break it, there are consequences.
Shady Sands has unique mechanics, regarding other towns, it is offering a small diversity and it has been like that whole session. (I think session 2 as well.) You are not first to complain about this and I doubt you are the last. You should inform yourself better about game features before complaining about it, but as I see, you are only using this complaint as an excuse for your own shortcomings.
On the other hand, when you townburst guards in Hub you will have consequences as well.
Most of other things was answered to you in previous posts from other ncr members.

Anyway, your approach is shameful, as for issues you are having you should rather try to explain some things to your own members, or approach ncr officer or me, than openly embarrassing yourself by calling ncr blacklist an guilty party for all of your inner gang issues.

New California Republic / Re: Governement official announcements
« on: January 22, 2019, 03:01 »
NCR patrol was sent to the far west to check paramilitary activity on San Francisco docks, and found a suspicious vehicle.
After checking the vehicle thoroughly, it was confirmed that the vehicle belongs to a person associated with a group of thugs known for their abuse of the residents of Boneyard, the Regulators.
Vehicle is confiscated and will be repurposed to the NCR Army.

NCR patrol with K-9 unit - SF caravan depot

Citizen, stay vigilante and report any suspicious activity to NCR authorities!

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: January 21, 2019, 23:29 »

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