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Representatives NCR and FLC signing contract considering NCR tax transfering on mutual benefit.
contract signing

Another securing NCR taxes went according to plan.
NCR with allies made another financial transaction successful and NCR secured tax income.

NCR appologize for any inconvenience that may have been experienced by civilians, and strongly suggesting to stay outside of Shady Sands during NCR tax transaction.

Regarding securing taxes, NCR (most active) members have been payed directly on their bank account:

Dean Domino
Kurt Russel
Done Deal

Check your bank account and enjoy your paycheck!

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

(if some memebers were active but I forgot, pls remind me on ts, officers are excluded from this paycheck)

-NCR town commission report-

Status: partially declassified, public release form

Republic Document v002.1
Constitution Paragraph - [Document Not Available]

Initiative:                 MUKHOSRANSK (not Muhosransk)
Involved party:         MUKHOSRANSK, NCR
Review of request:   NCR Government
Matter:                   Requirement to grant safe Shady Sands entrance to gang known as MUKHOSRANSK
Rescript:                  Request granted, bail decided
Bail terms:               [Classified]

Meeting Summary:
After long negotiation, NCR representatives and representative of MUKHOSRANSK (not Muhosransk) found agreement on
mutual benefit. NCR town commission decided on bail amount for MUKHOSRANSK deeds against NCR members and
citizens on and outisde of current NCR teritorry. Terms went to long negotiation process and after deciding what is in
best interest of both party they were accepted from both sides.

MUKHOSRANSK members from now have same rights as any wastelander visiting premises of Shady Sands.

This bail does not including safe pass for members of MUKHOSRANSK on territory of NCR activity and interests outside of
Shady Sands.
It is also not including safe pass in Shady Sands 1h before and after FLC bank vault opening on bank transaction day.

This document is guarantee to every MUKHOSRANSK member safe entrance and stay in Shady Sands as long he is not violating NCR Constitution,
except Bank Transaction time. 

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

-NCR town commission report-

Status: partially declassified, public release form

Republic Document v001.1
Constitution Paragraph - [Document Not Available]

Initiative:                 Muhosransk (not MUKHOSRANSK)
Involved party:         Muhosransk, NCR
Review of request:   NCR Government
Matter:                   Requirement to grant safe Shady Sands entrance to gang known as Muhosransk
Rescript:                  Request granted, bail decided
Bail terms:               [Classified]

Meeting Summary:
After negotiation, NCR government and representative of Muhosransk (not MUKHOSRANSK) gang after
long time found agreement on mutual benefit.
NCR town commission decided on bail amount for Muhosransk deeds against NCR members and citizens on and outisde of
current NCR teritorry. Terms were accepted by Muhosransk side.
Muhosransk members from now have same rights as any wastelander visiting premises of Shady Sands.

This bail does not including safe pass for members of Muhosransk on territory of NCR activity and interests outside of
Shady Sands.

This document is guarantee to every Muhosransk member safe entrance and stay in Shady Sands as long he is not violating
NCR Constitution. 

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

New California Republic / NCR WANTS YOU! [NCR Recruiting Center]
« on: December 21, 2016, 20:35 »

NCR government is announcing NCR Army Recruitment Center.

Do you need a protection of an real army, and in same time you have will to offer your services to republic and make better place out of wasteland?
If you think you are experienced enough to participate in main group game events, no matter pvp or pve, enlist to back up army of fighters, via Army Recruitment Center (NCR ARC).
Interested party can obtain information about NCR structure as well as some crucial info about game itself.
Do you have what it takes?

APPLY BELLOW IN COMMENTS (with short bio of your char-optional), BY PM ON THIS ACCOUNT OR DISCORD - Knight Shift#8258

NCR application form
Application form will be released on demand. After you apply in comments or PM, you will get a message when NCR application form is released and you will be able to fill it. Wait for feedback on your application. 
God speed!

What is expected from applicants:
- TS3, microphone
- history of applicant is not important as long as he/she did not commit base raping or abuse of game features
- knowledge of English language (B1)
- applicants needs to be approved by faction officers and will be evaluated by going through a trial course in NCR National Guard (applicants will be taken to trial period with viable burster/flamer build, lvl 18 or higher)
- human characters, burster/flamer and rocketeer ~lvl 26 or higher (to be taken to NCR official rank after trial course)
- car with trunk for regear purposes
- discipline in actions
- follow NCR Constitution and NCR members codex
- undoubted loyalty towards colleagues, superiors and Republic

What can NCR offer to You:
- experienced team that will cover your back
- knowledge about FO2 California wasteland
- initiation ceremony
- "IKE" - "Initial Kit of Equipment" contains 5x sets of drugs, 2x regular metal armor, 1x tesla armor, NCR CA MKII uniform, 2x weapons with ammo based on your skills (depends if needed) on start of your career
- NCR citizenship
- chain of faction bases which you can use as parking spaces to reach any destination fastest possible or returning to action from
respawn points
- access to NCR training facilities and opportunity to sharpen your skills on training courses
- participation in every game aspect: tc/pvp/pve/dungeons/caravans/rp - with proper guidance
- advancing rank system - 10 ranks - from recruit to general leading officer with possibility to earn decorations or rp political function
- "NCR Industries" faction crafter stylish signature
- fair loot sharing, including implants and t4
- free condom

NOTE: In case of experience lack check our military camp guideline.

Thank You for attention!

          NCR government
          President of NCR
                 Knight Shift

Buy / WTB def implant
« on: August 22, 2016, 23:17 »
caps or exchange for other implants (enhancement, chem control) + caps.



Junktown Scouts / NCR announcement regarding Junktown status
« on: July 04, 2016, 21:08 »
Dear people of Junktown!

After long time of good relationship with New California Republic,
NCR is announcing that negotiations with representatives from both sides are over!
Junktown met all requirements to be joined into NCR territorial boundaries! Congratulations on your brave decision, especially in these hard times. NCR is spreading its boundaries to the south on mutual benefits!

Therefore, current representatives of Junktown is stepping down voluntary and official NCR government will take over Junktown, designating NCR officer Richard Harrison for that job.

-New NCR town government is announcing that Junktown Scouts forces are reactivated and searching for volunteers,
no matter of their experience!-

Apply for your membership by contacting NCR authorities in Junktown, Shady Sands or via PM.

Junktown Scouts is entitled to act independent, and are welcome to serve as one, as long they dont turn hostile to authorities.
Only requirement that is needed for any new applicant is to sign forms and become fully registered NCR citizen via our IPP.

Junktown Scouts is offering to you many benefits such as:
- faster registering of your citizenship
- patrols around Junktown
- cooperation with NCR members on all levels
- opportunity to apply for NCR army

Stay safe and welcome to NCR - Junktown

NCR government

Bugs / VC entrance bugged?
« on: July 03, 2016, 01:16 »
When you try to speak with guard to open vault for you it says "target is blocked".


Greetings wastelander!

If you seek a place to call your home and a community to shelter you from the ravages of the wastes, look no further!

The NCR State Secretariat of Defense and Secretariat of Civil Development are proud to present you with an opportunity to make a better life for yourself and your families.

The concept is rather simple: All you need to do is to officially register as citizen of the New California Republic and you will be able to benefit from many services, such as
   - access to NCR events
   - caravan escorts
   - crafting services (you have materials but you are lacking crafting skills? NCR Industries will produce items that you require)
   - support, protection and/or non-interference in select hostile environments (Warehouse, Mariposa, SF Tanker, Necropolis, and Vault 15, tutorial escort for instanced dungeons like Toxic Caves or Cathedral)*
   - physical fitness courses (build advice)
   - exclusive community communication network access (discord specially made for citizens, with NCR officers on your disposal)
   - full tax and shop rent refund for shop owners that have competitive prices - after 3 weeks (based on NCR State Secretaire of Civil Development assessment)
   - free housing (base map)
   - civilian MedKit pack (set of super stimpaks, anti-rad protective medicines, doctor's bag)
   - free condom

Any member of the NCRA is obligated to provide you any reasonable support you need, as long as you maintain an upright and lawful attitude.
Remember, as citizen, you have an advantage when applying for NCR Army!
Citizens can call for NCR army support via radio or pipboy (citizenship discord) and NCR soldier will be sent to your protection as soon as possible.

Any digression from NCR law, enlistment or belonging to factions that are NCR enemies, or repeated failure to comply with orders from an NCR officer will result in automatically forfeiting registered citizenship.

How to properly apply and register your Citizenship:

First step - Apply by filling holodisk and hand over it to NCR officer, or send request directly to this account with next info:
- Your name,
- Faction affiliation,
- Short background,
- Reason for application.

Second step - To be full registered your application need to be approved. If you aren't known as criminal element on NCR territory your application will be approved in shortest possible period. (apply with non faction character)

Third step - Please stand by for your application to be processed.

Use this tool for your pipboy to properly fill your holodisk application: Holodisk Editor

Apply for full citizenship today and become a proud and prospering member of our community!

Enrollment for citizenship will be announced in advance on specific dates.
- Processing fees for citizenship enrollment: 30k caps.
- Processing fees for citizenship enrollment on "Citizenship Day": 20k caps.
- Tax relief with Citizenship Voucher - 50% off. For Citizenship Voucher check NCR Industries shop on Shady Sands bazaar.

[Shady Sands citizenship perk is visible as your other perks in your character sheet]

* The clause in this case implies 1) protecting citizens from anyone who would attack them, and 2) help them clear these areas if such help is requested, and all materials found in these expeditions are to be looted only by the citizen, and 3) never to attack a citizen in these locations. These benefits do not apply if a citizen is working alongside a faction/player designated as an enemy of the NCR, or if the citizen is wearing sand or hubologist robes.
If encountered in public dungeon that is spawning t4, ex. Glow, citizen is obligated to follow the issued orders and leave the parameter while NCRA is activity is under way.

When you receive citizenship it will be listed under your "Perks" section. NCR and NCR Ranger members can see citizenship perk and it looks like this:
Pretty cool, isn't it?

Citizen, the government is protecting you!

Applications from persons that are affiliated with outlaw groups will be rejected.
Every non registered citizenship will be withdrawn.
Every citizen that will break NCR laws will lost his citizenship.
(to be taken under consideration, persons character needs to be reasonably high lvl - 20 or higher)

Thank you for attention.

Signature: President of NCR
               Knight Shift

Buy / WTB low lvl hintbook
« on: June 17, 2016, 17:44 »
lvl 24-35, need only 1 for now. PM me, thx.

Buy / WTB turbo plasmas
« on: April 13, 2016, 16:10 »
State condition and price, Ill buy.

New California Republic / -NEW CALIFORNIA POST-
« on: April 01, 2016, 14:27 »
New California Republic government decided to bring the NCR news to every part of land known as California.
Expect updates on most interesting stories from Klamath to LA Boneyard, from San Francisco to Shady Sands, from your grandmas secret recipes of cookies to reports on first line NCR soldiers eating it!!!

Have confidence in finest and bravest journalists across the NCR!

-sincerely, NCR press center-

(Thanks to Lucek for providing graphics for New California Post)

New California Republic / NCR operations documentation v1.0
« on: March 31, 2016, 21:29 »

operation files

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

New California Republic / -Presidental announcement-
« on: March 22, 2016, 15:25 »
-Announcement regarding last incidents in Shady Sands-

Due recent incidents of killing innocent visitors in Shady NCR government and president itself feel
responsibility and regret for things that occurred.
NCR members who did offensive acts against innocent visitors were already properly punished for their vicious and
cowardly acts which is considered as abusing of authority by NCR Court of Law.

Shady Sands was always friendly town and will continue to welcome anyone who come in peace.
Every friendly minded wastelander is free to take citizenship, become member of greater community and feel more safe
when encountering NCR members on duty. Citizenship can be obtained by talking with NCR clerk stationed in building
outside of town gates or requesting directly from president.

Every citizen can freely ask NCR member for advice, caravan escort or protection while visiting parameter of Shady Sands.
Citizenship will be revoked from any person who is member of gang who did offensive acts towards NCR.
Citizenship is evidence that person didint do any offense towards NCR property or NCR members.

NCR members have duty to guard bazaar and parameter around to protect property and visitors from potential villains.
Its expected from every NCR member to follow -⋆ Code of Conduct. -, and they are not authorized to shoot persons who are provoking
as long they are not known offenders or they didint do any concrete acts which will lead to breaking of -⋆ Laws & regulations.-.
NCR members are not authorized to shoot visitors in Shady Sands if they got shooted by them outside of Shady Sands as long as
they are not acting aggressively.
Every breaking of that rules should be immediately reported to higher NCR personnel or personally to president.
If that occurs it is expected to get evidence of NCR member breaking the law. (send screenshoot on PM)
Every member who is breaking the law will be properly punished and victims will be compensated for their losts.

Also, NCR members are encouraged to report any breaking of laws from intruders, they are authorized to shoot on sight the offender
and confiscate his equipment. Looting the offenders by non-NCR member considers as crime.
Repeatedly breaking of the laws can be punished by expulsion from the Capital.
NCR members are authorized to single shoot any robed person who enters the town to identify person.

Keep your weapon holstered and enjoy your stay in Shady Sands in friendly environment.

SIGNATURE: President of the NCR - Knight Shift

Buy / WTB Gas Station base
« on: March 15, 2016, 15:40 »
2x bases 55k. Need only one more - 25k. PM

New California Republic / NCR Presidental pronouncement
« on: March 13, 2016, 06:25 »
Dear people of NCR. In this moment, as I am surprised with decision of resignation of now, ex-president Lucek,
that much Im honoured to have opportunity to take such an important job as being president. Things that occurred regarding
his resignation is strange and be sure it will be further investigated.
For time in NCR I must thank Lucek, and must thank for giving me opportunity to take over presidency.
I can promise to all NCR community that NCR will continue to grow and make even more progress with more flexibility
towards potential friends.
NCR will keep the main goal and that is to protect oppressed, clear borders from the enemy
and to serve their citizens.
Considering laws and constitution, NCR will remain with unchanged laws and constitution, as they proved good for now but with possible changes in future.

As I will immediately start to work you can expect more details soon.

Thank you all, once again, and see you all around.

SIGNATURE: President of the NCR - Knight Shift

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