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Dear citizens and wastelanders all around California land, this is your president Knight Shift speaking.
Many people ask who and what is the NCR government actually representing, even though we have governed this land for over 3.5 years. Yes, there are still people around this land who didn't hear about NCR or what the NCR government stands for. News travels slow for some. But, no matter where you are and who you think we are, NCR hears your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, longing for knowledge and a better life. Day by day, you can see NCR improving all areas and aspects of life in the wasteland!
There are people who claim NCR seeks dominion under a tyrannical heavy hand. That we are an autocratic dictatorship, or even a monarchy. No matter if you never heard about hose terms, none of this is true, as we are standing united for the people.
These lies are from the corrupt minds of villains hold no good will toward you peaceful minded travelers. Those that raise a hand on our brothers, our sisters, let me tell unto you, we have a bullet with your name on it!
We wiped out the those irradiated and deviated elements from our borders. We forced Brotherhood of Steel to return to their rat hole in Lost Hills where they belong! We punched back Enclave forces and drove out their invasion from our lands!
But, we are not heartless bastards like our enemies. We secure burial places for every and each criminal, raider and pillager that is interested in fighting against our cause. We burn a flare for every soul we couldn't save.
And yes, it is a flare colored in red! Honor for every drop of blood spilled unwillingly.
Now, who are we and what is our agenda? We are striving to bring a direct people's democracy, where every resident of NCR will have the same rights, in their individuality and freedom, in every part of the NCR border.
Do you like to be fed? Do you like to have access to non-radiated, clean water every day? Do you like having a roof over your head? NCR is offering to fulfill your needs and grant them as human rights, for free!
Taxation? Yes, but in a very limited form. Is that theft? Ask your neighbor from Shady Sands who freely associates under a now higher quality of living and luxury. The republic needs to finance your rights and secure your freedom. Our citizens have right to a tax refund. With this in mind, even our health care is free!
We fight to grant these rights upon all of California land! By knowledge of the history of our ancestors, we see the future! And the future is bright, brothers and sisters! When you see our army do not hesitate to welcome our troops into your town! We are freeing you from oppression and the false promises of your slavers! We *WILL* make you our citizen!
And you will like it as much as you will like to pay your taxes on time!
I promise you, you will feel the difference! Starting today!
For those thinking of joining our army ranks, do not bother! Our services have a wide network of information at disposal. If you are worth something, NCRA recruiting personnel will knock on your door! Be sure to have your boots polished!
We are here, so why not become our citizen?
Fulfill your human rights and be first in line when NCR Army is recruiting!
Democracy is calling, pick up the phone.
The future is now, grab it!
There is no alternative.
Let freedom ring!
Long live the NCR!

[Speech was broadcasted live on radio channel 0]

President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

Buy / Re: NCR is buying t4
« on: August 29, 2019, 15:07 »

Buy / NCR is buying t4
« on: August 24, 2019, 19:13 »
NCR shopping fever!

Sick and tired of noobos selling or buying items and not publishing price just so they can overcharge (or try to underpay) it when you contact them?
No matter how strong emotions about NCR you are having (and you love us one way or another),
Republic's government is buying and our prices are transparent:

- used PA - up to 800k (depends on deterioration percentage)
- used APA - up to 1,2 kk (depends on deterioration percentage)
- used plasma gatling - up to 1,1kk (depends on deterioration percentage)

- APA parts - 900k
- titanium minigun barrels - 350k

- tokens - 140k each

Use this opportunity and for once take your tax money back by supporting NCR.
Can throw Medical Implant (estimated value 250k caps), drugs, combat armors, t3 weapons into trade.

Pm me.

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: August 19, 2019, 13:30 »

New California Republic / Re: Shady Sands Blacklist
« on: August 04, 2019, 16:49 »

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New California Republic / Shady Sands Blacklist
« on: August 04, 2019, 16:46 »
This is a declassified document, containing the names of lawless individuals who have broken the NCR law and violated the constitution in the most heinous ways. Town guards have instruction to shoot every listed individual on sight.
If you see any of the listed individuals walking free in Shady Sands, do not approach them. Report it to nearest NCR solider on duty.
Listed persons cannot be removed from the town blacklist by their own actions, they may instead appeal for blacklist removal. In this case, persons need to contact an NCR officer or the presidential office directly and wait for decision of the Council.

 Listed individuals have broken the law on the premises of Shady Sands in the following ways:
- Terrorist activity (planting of any kind of explosives, townbursting, attacking town guards or NCR members)
- Subversive activity (leading visitors or citizens to a trap to be killed on town premises, helping a townburster by securing his items and items of his victim, constant false reports, continuous spam in any way; ex. - lvl1 alts of known blacklisted players)
- Organized raid on town
- Helping criminals during raid in any way (looting NCR members, distracting NCRA, not following curfew hour instructions, acting as a scout for raiding parties)
- Continuously neglecting town regulations (rejecting to remove robes that are hiding name, owning non competitive shop - keeping prices too high or stock empty for longer period)

[Player can check if he is on NCR blacklist by checking NCR karma under the karma tab in the character sheet. Town guards will shoot any character with -10k NCR karma on sight. Characters with -10k NCR karma were either constantly killing Shady Sands guards or were manually put on blacklist by an NCR officer or the president, because of reasons mentioned above. Players can't raise NCR karma on their own, but need to contact an NCR officer or the president for removal from blacklist.
Player can automatically get on blacklist by joining blacklisted faction. For faction blacklist press "K" in game and check NCR enemy list]

Bugs / Re: Problem with displaying the area around
« on: August 02, 2019, 15:34 »
Remove mods if you are using them and update your client.

If that wont work, delete game and try with downloading and updating client again.

New California Republic / Re: NCR Council Home
« on: July 27, 2019, 15:41 »

Council seats are divided among State Secretaires. State Secretaires are considered as core of Council. Every one of them represent NCR in manner described bellow. State Secretaire role can be earned only by NCR members with long internship (about 3 months) in NCR, after applying and being voted to position by majority of present legitimate voters; president and at least two State Secretaires and/or Officers.
Council membership is a highest honor NCR member can achieve and he is highest ranked NCR representative outside of NCR territory, no matter of army rank.

State Secretariats:

-State Secretariat of Administration-
duties: making plans for council meetings and present topics to president before meetings; managing faction discord, official NCR lector for faction publications, handling faction official statements
requirements: private rank or higher
seat: Xero

-State Secretariat of Civil Development-
duties: managing citizenship
requirements: sergeant rank or higher
seat: Warpig

-State Secretariat of Council-
duties: TBA (even more preposterous than State Secretaire of Truth duties)
requirements: private rank or higher
seat: N/A

-State Secretariat of Counselling-
duties: TBA (even more preposterous than State Secretaire of Council duties)
requirements: private rank or higher
seat: N/A

-State Secretariat of Defense-
duties: action voice leader, organizing team actions, organization of training drills and tournaments in training base, organization of Shady Sands defense
requirements: sergeant rank or higher
seat: Alexander

-State Secretariat of Education (goes with Drill Sergeant decoration)-
duties: fluidly using voice com, introducing server newcomers to NCR National Guard and introduce them to features according to NCR guide
requirements: sergeant rank or higher, char in NCR National Guard, NCR veteran ribbon decoration, experience in game mechanics and knowledge of the map
seat: free
current candidates: none

-State Secretariat of Resources and Development-
duties: managing caravan protection program, armory, gathering crafting material, gathering supplies for faction shop from other members and quartermaster/faction bases, issuing gear for members in need with president approval; suggesting citizenship and potential members
requirements: sergeant rank or higher
seat: free
current candidates: none

-State Secretariat of Treasury-
duties: managing paychecks/IKE, bases, armory, Shady Sands job fair
requirements: officer rank
seat: free
current candidates: none

-State Secretariat of Truth -
duties: spreading NCR propaganda
requirements: sergeant rank or higher
seat occupied: Legate Damar

State Institutions: (it can go along with secretariats duties; more than one member can have "State Institution" role)

-Shady Sands sheriff-
duties: patrolling Shady Sands, establish patrol in Shady of 1-2 more team mates (deputies) and taking care of civilian protection in town by conducting Shady Sands laws and NCR constitution. Organizing gear sets in Rangers Camp storage building for soldiers. Organization of Shady Sands defense upon raid.
requirements: sergeant rank or higher
seat: Warpig
1st deputy: Mister Gutsy 01-M

-NCR Ambassador-
duties: communicating with representatives of other (non ally) factions, offering small errands (mostly means spreading the good word about NCR) to newer non faction players in Hub and Vault City, towns with NCR embassies
requirements: private rank or higher
seat: free
current candidates: N/A

duties: managing storage building in Rangers Camp, designated person for looting TC box with report of the loot, sorting dungeon/TC loot for roll, designated person for armor painting, transport items from faction bases to storage building in Rangers Camp, sorting Glow cards in Glow base
requirements: sergeant rank or higher
seat: Boss Johns

(List of NCR current rp decorations that have real in game purpose and it is expected from every NCR member that will apply for opened seat to act according to named role duties. Duties may change and vary regarding faction progress and needs.)

New California Republic / NCR Council Home
« on: July 27, 2019, 15:40 »
Public government announcement about reformed NCR Council
(You can inform yourself about NCR council meetings and updates on this topic)

The NCR government ensures democracy for its citizens by providing a legislative body of people formally constituted as representatives, forming a Council to manage the affairs of the Republic.
Only the president can call upon or approve a Council meeting. Council meetings can only be called with the minimum of the president and 2 officers and/or State Secretaires present.
Every State Secretaire has a guaranteed seat in a Council Home. Every State Secretaire and officer can equally participate in voting and suggestion matters.
NCR Council has 9 seats in total, with 2 rotating seats, so other NCR members, with sergeant rank or higher can get a temporary council seat and participate equally as officers/State Secretaires.
Allies can participate with 1 representative each. Depending on the decision of the Council, allies will be able to vote and/or only propose/listen to motions.
The president is the only person who has the right to veto any decision or proposal.

Citizens can attend in limited number, depending on the current security level of Council meeting*. They will not have a vote but can propose/listen to motions, also depending on decision of the Council.
Proposals discussed at panel meetings are non-binding (no obligation to fulfill the terms), but will mainly serve as a sounding board for participants. Topics that will be discussed include RP projects, joint actions, and faction relations.

(maximum and guaranteed seats)

- 9 State Secretaires
- 2 rotating seats
- 1 representative seat per ally faction

- *3 citizens spectators

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: July 15, 2019, 03:41 »

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: June 29, 2019, 15:28 »

New California Republic / Re: -NEW CALIFORNIA POST-
« on: June 24, 2019, 21:56 »
8th edition released!

Do you consider yourself as independent wasteland journalist but at the same time feel like you are wasting creativity? If you have an idea or you want to share inner faction sweet sweet intriguing drama with the whole wasteland, write for us. Get your signature at the bottom of the article and you even may get paid for it! (in this case remember we will fact check the other side of story too)
Do you want your voice to be heard? We can arrange an interview for a symbolic fee of 30k caps that will cover the expenses of our journalists' trip and printing.
If you are eccentric enough you may be asked for an interview by some of our finest journalists.
Every interview, except in our printed edition, will be available on holodisks(limited quantity) in Shady Sands - NCR official shop.

Let us know what would you want to advert. Send us your ad text and screen(s) and we will set you up with your own ad in next New California Post edition for 50k caps.
[If interested, contact me by PM for details]
Support your troops!

Hello wastelander!

The NCR government wants to remind you of instructions that you need to follow if you want to secure quality of your life on the premises of the Shady Sands, New California Republic.

- raiding Shady Sands, attacking guards, other wastelanders or taking hostile actions on premises of town will put offender on town blacklist and that person won't be able to enter town anymore without being shoot on sight by guards
- interfering with everyday life in Shady Sands [constant spamming, yelling, insulting, in general acting in interest to spoil others gameplay experience] can result with offender being shot on sight by NCR soldiers and, upon repeating offenses, blacklisted
- organized raid on Shady Sands, with faction or alliance, will put offenders on town blacklist along with factions that participated in it
- during "attack on Shady Sands" global message NCR lifts curfew hour. Please stay away from town until NCRA handle situation. Neglecting this condition can result with unpleasant consequence for you.
- if a known group of offenders joins/make a new faction, that faction will be blacklisted.
- if a faction is making alliances and is constantly acting with factions that raided Shady Sands [that are already blackisted in town] they will be blacklisted.
- individuals or factions can be enemy of NCR but not blacklisted in town. They can lose that privilege by acting hostile on town premises.
- when faction puts NCR or NCR Rangers to their (in game) enemy list, it will automatically work vice versa. Faction on NCR enemy list is automatically blacklisted in Shady Sands.
- check if your faction is on NCR enemy list [blacklist] and your NCR karma before entering Shady Sands
- Shady Sands is not secured parking lot. Do not park your vehicle on town premises if you don't want your vehicle to be towed away
- do not wear robes that can hide your name! Wastelanders with robes are treated as potential threat and will be shot on sight.
- wastelanders who didn't commit any offenses on Shady Sands premises is entitled to bid for town shop. NCR permits one shop per person. Owners need to keep their prices competitive. Neglecting mentioned conditions can get shop owner on town blacklist.
- if you feel mistreated in Shady Sands you can file an official complaint to the NCR president [PM to this account using english language]

For more information about NCR visit: [english language links]
NCR constitution
Citizen Info

Thank you for attention.


Информация от Новой Калифорнийской Республики.

Здравствуй путник!

Правительство НКР напоминает следовать инструкциям, которые должен соблюдать каждый, чтобы сохранить достойный уровень жизни на территории Шейди Сендс (Shady Sands), Новой Калифорнийской Республики.

- за рейдерство на Шейди Сендс (Shady Sands), атака охраны, других жителей пустоши или проявление любых враждебных действий на территории города вы будете занесены в черный список и охрана будет стрелять в вас на поражения сразу при входе в город
- вмешательство в каждодневную жизнь Шейди Сендс (постоянный спам, ругательства, агрессивное поведение, совершение любых действий целью которых является испортить игровой процесс другим) приведёт к тому, что вы будете застрелены солдатом НКР, а за повторное нарушение будете занесены в черный список
- организованный рейд на Шейди Сендс, с фракцией или альянсом, повлечет за собой занесение всех причастных фракций в черный список
- на протяжении глобального сообщения «атака на Шейди Сэндс» ("attack on Shady Sands") НКР вводит комендантский час. Пожалуйста, держитесь подальше от города, пока Армия НКР не уладит ситуацию. Пренебрежение этим условием может привести к неприятным последствиям для вас.
- если известная группа нарушителей вступит или создаст новую фракцию, эта фракцию будет занесена в черный список
- если фракция заключит союз и будет взаимодействовать с другой фракцией, которая совершает рейды на Шейди Сендс (уже занесена в черный список города), то эта фракция также будет занесена в черный список
- отдельные личности или фракции могут быть врагами НКР, но не занесены в черный список. Они могут потерять, данную им ранее привилегию, из-за совершения враждебных действий на территории города
- когда фракция занесёт НКР (New California Republic) или Рейджеров НКР (NCR Rangers) в их список врагов (в игре) это автоматически сработает аналогично со стороны НКР. Фракция в списке врагов НКР автоматически занесётся в черный список Шейди Сендс
- перед входом в Шейди Сендс всегда проверяйте есть ваша фракция в списке врагов НКР (черном списке) и вашу карму в НКР
- в Шейди Сендс парковка для машин не охраняется. Если вы не хотите, чтобы ваш транспорт угнали или отбуксировали не оставляйте его на территории города
- не одевайте робы, которые скрывают ваше имя! Жители пустоши в таких робах будут восприниматься, как потенциальная угроза городу, по ним будет открыт огонь на поражение
- жители пустоши, которые не совершали преступлений на территории Шейди Сендс, имеют право заключать сделки с городскими торговцами магазинов. НКР предоставляет возможность нанять только одного торговца. Владелец должен содержать цены конкурентоспособными. Пренебрегая указанными условиями, владелец магазина может попасть в черный список города.
- если вы выявили правонарушение в отношении вас или других жителей пустоши вы всегда можете обратиться с официальной жалобой лично к президенту НКР (личным сообщением на его аккаунт, используя английский язык)

Дополнительная информация для посетителей НКР: [англоязычная ссылка]
Конституция НКР
Информация для жителей НКР

Спасибо за внимание.

(thx again to Xero for doing the lector's job
thx to Dimone for russian translation)

President of NCR/Президент НКР:
               Knight Shift

New California Republic / Re: - NCNN -
« on: June 17, 2019, 14:57 »

-NCR town commission report-

Republic Document v003.1
Status: declassified, public release form
Constitution Paragraph - 1.10.1

Initiative:                 President of NCR
Involved party:         NCR town commission; NCR government independent decision
Review of request:   NCR Government, NCR Council, NCR town commission
Matter:                   Granting safe Shady Sands entrance to Talon Company mercenary group
Rescript:                  Granted
Bail terms:               None

Meeting Summary:
On president's initiative and support of government, town commission voted unanimous on proposition #217 - removing Talon Company from Shady Sands blacklist.

Talon Company members, from now on, have same rights in Shady Sands as any visitor to town's premises.

This bail does not include safe pass for members of Talon Company on territory of NCR activity and interests outside of Shady Sands.

This document guarantees every Talon Company member safe entrance and stay in Shady Sands as long as he is not violating NCR Constitution.


Отчет НКР о статусе Talon Company в Шейди Сэндс.

-Отчет городской комиссии НКР.-

Документ v003.1
Статус: расскречено, публичный доступ.
Параграф 1.10.1 конституции НКР.
Иницитатор: президент НКР.
Вовлеченные стороны: городская комиссия НКР, независимое решение правительства НКР.
Рассмотрение запроса: правительство НКР, совет НКР, городская комиссия НКР.
Запрос: предоставление безопасного доступа в Шейди Сэндс для группы наемников Talon Company.
Рескрипт: предоставлен.
Условия поручительства: отсутсвуют.
Итоги собрания:
По инициативе президента и поддержке правительства, городская комиссия единогласно проголосовала за предложение № 217 - исключить группу наемников Talon Company из черного списка Шейди Сэндс.
Отныне члены Talon Company имеют равные с любыми посетителями города права в Шейди Сэндс.
Этот документ не включает безопасный пропуск для членов Talon Company на территории деятельности НКР за пределами Шейди Сэндс.

Этот документ гарантирует каждому члену Talon Company безопасный въезд и пребывание в Шейди Сэндс, если он не нарушает Конституцию Республики.

(Thanks to Xero for doing the lector's job
and thanks to Nero for russian translation)

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift

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