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Suggestions / Remove your non-base manager char from base
« on: February 17, 2016, 15:40 »
I see many players have problem with this. Someone with base manager authority stop playing and other players who are just members cant remove themselves from that bases, which than become just unwanted place on your wm, or in some examples are unwillingly added to "trap bases".

My basic idea is to implement unique number to every base or even option to create name of base which will be visible from wm when cursor is on top of that base location. Names of bases would even more contribute to personalize base for faction or personal use.
Sequentially to that available command for removing your online char from that place.
Base name on wm: Camp - 98662
Removing your char from that base command: ~deletelocation 98662

In other example numbers can be replaced with some letters via base terminal to personalize it.

Or: when holding right mouse button for 2 sec over base location, red X will pop up in menu and when you chose it with positioning cursor over it message would appear: "You sure you want to delete this location from your pipboy memory?" Or something like that.

Idk if this is currently possible to implement, maybe someone have better, more simpler idea.

Buy / WTB titanium barrels
« on: February 12, 2016, 02:10 »
PM me

New California Republic / Re: NCR ambushes caravans ?!?
« on: January 31, 2016, 18:06 »
Terrible thingy happening nowadays in the streets of Shandy Sands !
Looks like inhabitants of capitol keep hiring wastelanders to ambush caravans under the protection of military forces of California !

I demand to imedietally investigate whole situation and arresting all involved cityzens, soldiers and officers.

Citizen Misty

Thank you for reporting violent behavior on NCR territory. NCR law enforcement personel identified few persons connected to breaking of NCR laws on territory near NCR Capitol. Case is currently under investigation, more data about this is currently classified to public for safety reasons.
Any info about reported case that can be currently shared with public is that NCR take actions against such individuals and most of them are restrained from further actions against NCR laws.

NCR government dont support any violent actions on their territory and accusation of breaking own laws is just nonsense that shouldnt be even considered. You can have utmost confidence in any NCR member and report to them any violent behavior if occurs.

Shady Sands is safe for trade, visit or live, citizens and visitors can feel safe and there is no need for panic as all is under control.

SIGNATURE: N.C.I.A. - New California Intelligence Agency - office for internal affairs, higher officer Knigh Shift

Suggestions / Opportunity to dismantle lockers
« on: January 14, 2016, 16:49 »
As title says, you will have ability to get back some materials that you spent when crafting lockers, same as weapons.

Buy / Re: WTB Drugs
« on: January 14, 2016, 16:38 »
Still buying jet, giving 550 for piece.

Buy / WTB Drugs
« on: January 10, 2016, 20:34 »
jet up to 200 - 550 for a piece
psycho up to 50 - 700 for a piece

PM me with amount and time when you want to do trade.


General Discussion / Re: What is this place?
« on: December 28, 2015, 16:32 »
You can add people to it.

Actually you cant. I contact noisy about this, also I asked "how" in start of season, I was not answered in topic question and answers, but later I found out on myself. For example I could add ppl in house in hub oldtown, but I couldnt in hub apartment north. Also I had 2 houses in VC with same char, and I couldnt add ppl in 2nd. Also system of adding is some kind of "weird", you can only add char that is online.
And again I will tell same problem:
After I rerolled char, houses become unavailable. I mean I can enter with chars that are previously added, but I thought if owner is "rerolled" houses will become buyable again, but its not the case. Its now like "ghost" houses. And its 2 apartments and 1 house in hub and 2 houses in VC. If any of devs could make these houses available for buying again, I will gladly send a screens of it.

Sell / Re: PEDOBEAR shop -in Hub Watermerchants-
« on: December 23, 2015, 14:10 »

+1. but..
Should be able to use geck only in controlled conditions, like farm base or some "special places" so it wont be many space for abusing things if I think about xsarq implementation. rlly would hate to see market trolled by broc flowers and shit.
Maybe when you "open" g.e.c.k. you should be able to put trees and nature shit around like furniture in your location? every geck have limited option of planting trees, broc flowers, etc.. and it should be rare.

Tasks / Re: Fonline 2 Mapper
« on: December 04, 2015, 00:24 »
didn't work, i am using mapper as standalone, probably i am doing something wrong.

crits does not display, adding them on map crashes mapper.

same problem, would like to have some tutorial for more "noobish" enthusiasts ;)

News and Announcements / Re: CHANGELOG 29-11-2015
« on: December 01, 2015, 18:24 »
so anyone got to the hole yet? :)

Is it that only me read dialogues and finished quest the "other way"? ... In any case it was fun :)

AH sry, im not the only one.. :)

News and Announcements / Re: CHANGELOG 29-11-2015
« on: December 01, 2015, 18:21 »
so anyone got to the hole yet? :)

Is it that only me read dialogues and finished quest the "other way"? ... In any case it was fun :)

Survival Guides / Game Help / Re: What is Bank event ?
« on: November 30, 2015, 18:12 »
its the event when NCR bank vault gets open and anyone can get inside and take the caps.
The key words here:
..anyone can..
It's like, anyone can capture taking to boarding aircraft carrier USA
This can make

I really hate to repeat myself here.. Well too bad if you feel that way. Anyway as zippo stated in suggestion topic, and many ppl leave their feedback on that, probably that event will need some change in future but sure not on ncr expense.

Suggestions / Re: T4 ncr guards
« on: November 30, 2015, 02:41 »
lol zippo.. you will know if you didint know till now..
ncr caps are not free caps.. those are caps collected mostly from tc (and less from taxes, depends, you can read it on forum and wiki   and these link are obvious sarcasm) so ncr is only faction that must fight 2x for their own property. Imagine that you must fight 2x for any loot you won.. Because you probably think NCR have free stuff its not the case.. Economy of ncr depends on that event. Also NCR need to guard town from trolls and raiders so I dont know why you want to change this if you just dont want "free caps with little pvp", just try to put yourself in position to lead a faction that needs to guard town and also 2x fight to gain loot from tc. And ofc NCR needs to get some advantage because its Shady, NCR capital, (and I dont think there is any advantage in guards its only distraction for 30 secs) if you dont like event just dont come, you cant win free caps here. And if you cant handle like 15-20 stupid npc which aim only torso even that all have gatlings your argument is invalid. So think before post something in future pls.. or you can just strting to post troll suggestion in future like: nerf ares, let me respawn insta on my regear stuff and spawn caps directly to my base from heaven!
This event is good challenge for all but sure could be more balanced.
Another topic is backstab from sot or any other faction etc etc.. For random pvp you can go anywhere.

I didnt read all of comments and im so sry if someone already denied this obvious nonsences from zippo
good day to you all sirs ;)

!. Aiming only torso :) You know nothing as i can see they are shoitng head and eyes :)
2. Free caps really? With 2 teams waiting to backstab you?
3. You could just drink coffe and npcs would do everything for you like they did. You didint event need to heal urself hide etc bcs npcs were killing us. What i see you never fight agaisnt them so you dont know how powerful they are.
Just try one time and you will see it.
4. To defend the city against trolls etc you dont need t4. t3 is enough.
5. In dungeons im fighting for loot two times too wiht npcs and then with players...
6. Defend from riders? Really when someone is riding town you are just hiding and do shit bcs you know you can lose nothing. Thats the thing so dont tell me about defending town from riders.
7. Yea you should have advantage but so many gurads wiht t4 is too big advantage.
8. So show me how you are handle wiht that ~25 npcs and 25 players :) When you show me that you will do it. I will apologize for my stupid suggestion and for everything i wrote here :)

1. Sry, than I was wrong, my bad (npc-s right?)
2. NCR earn that caps by trading and TC, you dont need to come :) But on the other hand you will than miss all that ncr smart smart npc-s  indestructible elite killer machines.
3. Sure npc guards OP. nerf t4, nerf coffee
4. Sure npc guards OP. nerf t4 (its not like 3 guys can raid town now and it should be! thats what you meant to say?) NCR shops are part of ncr profit, the caps you are fighting for, so thats also potentially your caps they are guarding ;)
5. NCR have their own expenses too, not just paying for guards t4 all the time you know.
In TC (not dungeons!!!) NCR fight and than loot tc boxes. Oh wait thats the ALL other factions and NCR need to "confirm" TC wins in bank event too (good that NCR dont need to fight npc op guards too, maybe ask devs to spawn you some npc-s on your side and pay them 200k for t4 and lets say there need to be at least 2x more of them than shady killers npc-s and let npc-s fight for loot and we will all be wm camping. watching them and cheering.. drinking coffee..)
6. When raid on town starts when NCR gather there cant be done much. It will be pointless to go 5 vs 15 (in most cases it is that way, and you know it, idk why are you stating this, if raiders have enough honor they will stay and wait to fight 5 players and 15-20 npc-s) So why dont you say to nerf guards than, this rlly contradicts your previous statement, but you bring good point to discuss that, only on another topic.
7. Sure npc guards OP. nerf t4
8. Nothing is so stupid so it needs to be rejected right away. I was only stating that its obvious (well not directly) something else needs to change not nerf guards, or nerf ncr member (rlly?! talking about numbers of ncr and allies?:D) or whatever but I dont have anything good in mind. If nobody have constructive idea this thing could stay that way if you ask me. This is only massive pvp when NCR (or any other faction if not swarm one) have some advantage and probably only massive event now (250+ online when started on server) so not rush with conclusions here. Backstabing is disadvantage but than we could spread it to backstabbing everywhere.. You know.. When youre in Ares its very annoying to be backstabbed while fighting npc-s.. But that is fun part here isnt it. For backstabbers that camped 30 mins drinking coffee and doing nothing and get free stuff with only few clicks in 1 min. Sure map camping is annoying (for ppl who likes actually to play) and should be reworked but that another topic.
By now you can see how any of us can have opposite stance on things and not see bigger picture? And I was only following your way of summing things.

Also I could go on and on about all things that bothers me but if I dont have any valuable suggestion for all community to be happy (or most of it) I keep my mouth shut. My personal opinion is something else. But you reach out for hot topic here only didnt make any valuable statement, it will be better to see things in more constructive ways. Maybe someone comes out with best solution for all, as it seems on comments ppl want to change this event.
But also any solution of someones problem will just transfer problem to another part of community, we all need to see bigger picture there to make some kind of consensus if nothing better.

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