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News and Announcements / Re: Patreon - October Article
« Last post by Lord Mutanus on December 07, 2019, 10:27 »
Bugs / Re: Turning + Attack delay
« Last post by K0FM on December 06, 2019, 02:12 »
I'm a terrible burster, but this fov feature coupled with my ping has made it almost impossible for me to hex another player unless he runs into me or is immobile from a KD/KO. Its come to the point where I literally have no chance against an EU/Russian player as a burster; in fact, some of them are well aware of it and actually taunt me by moving a single hex in one direction at a time knowing that any attempt to hex them, because of the delay, will result in a ranged burst. It's taken all the fun out of playing burster away from me.
General Discussion / Re: What's your funniest FOnline2 story?
« Last post by K0FM on December 06, 2019, 01:01 »
There's been a few, but one of the funniest that I recall was at Glow surface. Talons/MRMC/NCR/etc were on south and either Bears or BBS were north, both sides on mostly ranged characters. Laser bolts, rockets, and 5mm rounds were flying in both directions when a mutant named Big Puns spawns in south. Now you'd think if someone spawned into such a barrage of fire, their first reaction would be to go out as soon as possible. But no, Big Puns walks gingerly across the field of fire, rockets and lasers whizzing by to his left and right and in between Avengers bursting, and enters the hole without a scratch.


There was a new Junktown Scout, his name was Forty-Two Seven or some such, that wanted some help leveling his character, and asked to join him for a caravan. I meet him Hub north and he's with another player with a very similar name to his. I thought nothing of it and we go on caravan, but he wants to go turn-based. So we are on our way, and the turns are absolutely brutal in length. It's as if he were physically running to another computer to move the other character. After a few encounters I tell him, look, if you want to level your other character, this is taking way too long, we can take it to toxic caves or something. To which he replied, "Oh, sorry, but I'm not on that other character. It's my 5 yr old son"
Bugs / Re: Turning + Attack delay
« Last post by shekel_goblin on December 05, 2019, 12:58 »
bumping, because this delay bug is anything but negligible and acceptable, and on top of that extremely overlooked at. i dont know what this feature was supposed to fix, because the desync between server and client when rotating around is still there, (see: along with a bunch of other stuff which makes you lose APs while no action happened. so this addition rather seems like some kind of a coding jerk off to show that yes, we are now able to do this, as this feature was introduced right after the source code of fonline became open. so right, i dont know what it supposed to fix, instead i can tell you what it actually broke: bursters, and hexing in general.

i did some testing and calculating, though i am not too smart when it comes to this stuff, ill try to explain my methodology:
recorded a clip in 60fps to measure the additional delay when the character needs to turn, my ping is between 50-70, though i didnt notice much difference when my ping was slightly higher, lets say 90-100.

simply shooting to enemy in a straight line took 7 frames, from the point when i lost aps until the actual damage was scored on character. if we count 7/60=0,11 seconds delay, this equals to 110ms. this was the standard delay for a long time.
when the character had to rotate, it took 19 frames under same condition, that is 19/60=0,31 seconds delay, which equals to 310ms. this is how it is for about a year now, not including lag spikes of server etc.

probably not the best methodology to measure this and probably there are people playing this game who could explain this better, however the point i am trying to make here is that the impact is huge here, especially as the server is laggy enough, we dont need any more delay added to the gameplay. please consider disabling and reverting this feature.
Suggestions / Re: DRUGS Machine
« Last post by shekel_goblin on December 04, 2019, 12:27 »
this is just a problem of your faction. even if you die and regear it doesnt take more than 1 minute to go back from replication point to your tent, regear and spawn in the town. set up some standards and train your members to not be noobs.

though drugs should refresh when retaken i agree
Suggestions / Re: DRUGS Machine
« Last post by Dequ on December 04, 2019, 06:53 »
For glow fastest regear can happen in about 13seconds (this include full regeared, back in glow, full hp). If you wanna start playing with drug vending machine in your base you gonna waste time.

If this post was about drug change that new drugs can be eaten while old still active to extend timer then yes, but it is already suggested many times.
Suggestions / Re: DRUGS Machine
« Last post by S.T.A.L.K.E.R on December 03, 2019, 23:24 »
Back in my day, I use to just make pre-made loot piles in my tent/base and just pick up all and boom, ready for PvP, have my dual log taxi me, ez.

And I highly doubt drugs are the cause of "slow regear"
Suggestions / Re: DRUGS Machine
« Last post by Pyra on December 03, 2019, 12:55 »
Please no dont make this game more noobfriendly.
And i dont like that suggestion. If your IQ is atleast near avarage of community IQ you can redrug in time.

General Discussion / Re: What's your funniest FOnline2 story?
« Last post by 邪悪 on December 03, 2019, 09:51 »
I'll start.

A friend of mine created an Account named Username and the Password was Password. So whenever new players would log in the game they would press register and walk around, do dumb stuff and quit.

After about a year the account was level 17+
I could be wrong but I believe the account was rerolled at level 24-26
This story is quite sad, just think of how many new players thought that in this game you don't even create a character, just start in some random place with already leveled character and do some idiotic random stuff without explanation and tutorials. And with stupid character's name - Username.
Then they told all their friends "This is not fallout online, this is just some arcade game with fallout graphics, where you can't even choose your SPECIAL, skills and perks! Don't even bother downloading it!".
And now FOnline is dead because of friend of Aco!
Suggestions / DRUGS Machine
« Last post by Napalm on December 03, 2019, 00:00 »
We could buy/craft a Nuka Cola MACHINE to drop in our bases. Controling access by password as well.
Function: give you different set of drugs: Glow set, Sniper set, BG whatever.
We must add drugs inside for sure.

WHY this? To team get rdy faster. Basicly in FO2 if you wants make pvp action, you must run against time, specially out from TC.
Also should drugs effect works even if you already have some mins left of drugs. Like in FOnline Reloaded.
Sometimes its too hard to get action, and exaclty when we need team rdy, some people or everyone have 2min left of drugs, then must take antitoxin, re-drug and all... when we go town, fun time is over. Its fucking annoying. Have natural solution? Yes have, controlling use drugs, taking antitoxin all the time etc... but come on!! Its stupid!

BAD thing about add this things: some how its little things that makes people dont regear too fast, then teams who are inside can wait for armors etc, leave safe without second shit wave.

I leave this discussion for you all and Devs. Thanks!
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