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Gangs / The Iron Legion
« Last post by Synark on July 29, 2020, 20:23 »

Seeing that Caesar's aims were only self-serving, those secretly loyal to similar ideas as those of Joshua Graham, banded together in the Legion and ventured out into the wasteland on their own. They brought with them the basic ideals of the Legion, albeit for different ends, believing as Graham that we can't expect God to do everything. They saw to become the Iron Rod of the Lord, spoken of in the Good Book.

Neither abhorring nor fully condoning slavery as it had been known in the past, The Iron Legion justified slavery only as a way to punish wrongdoers. Since food was scarce, any tribal of their ranks that broke their law, could not be afforded to just be sitting around in a cage, they were either hanged, flogged or put to forced labor if they broke the code of honor, oppressed the poor, cannibalized humans, killed innocents or the like.

Setting before them the vision of rebuilding a greater Christian civilization with essentially the same hierarchical structure as the Legion, to defend the weak and avenge the victims of the wastes, a band of brothers emerged alongside, people who had left both the Brotherhood of Steel and even the Enclave. The old techno-phobia of the Legion was discarded, as they merged with the rogue Brotherhood and renegade Enclave elements, nor was technology worshiped, as in the old Brotherhood ranks. Rather Christ, Justice and Honor were the new central tenets. A Just Hierarchy For A Just Cause, not for power in and of itself. To rebuild the wastes and to do good, even by brutal means.

Tribals eventually formed an embryonic Iron Imperium parallel to Caesar's Legion, having separated themselves from their heathen ways and going on an Exodus into the Western Wasteland. Still being large in ranks, merged with rogue parts of the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave, while still organizing all tribals as Caesar had once intended through forced conscription, but no longer held back by any fear of technology or chemistry, The Iron Legion hailed a glorious new dawn. The wastes were ripe for taking, the scum ready to be crushed, and the masses were crying out for Iron to avenge them. The Iron Legionary Crusade continues.

A message from the Lord Commander:

Faith, Family and Fatherland will march in close ranks with us in fully restored spirit every time we defiantly raise The Black Banner of Fascism to the defense of everything righteous, good and true still worth defending in this vile world.
Against the turbulent tide of the zeitgeist we let our incorruptible Christ-centered counter-current surge forth from laying down our lives for a cause greater than the mere husks of mortality in spent rat races.

Against all odds.
Against all forces of greed and depravity.
Against the pitfalls of misguided virtues.
Against tyranny and chaos.

For the little man.
For the seemingly weak that God chose in undoing the mighty powers of wickedness ruling this world.
For the slights and wrongs and every cut and bruise.
For the unheard, helpless and voiceless snuffed out in the dark of night, whose blood is crying for Holy Vengeance from the soil of the providential Fatherland.

For Poetic Justice and Divine Wrath.

Cross your swords with The Iron Legion and slay the dragons of our age.

Game info:

+International, you have to know some English.
+Leadership is in +1 GMT timezone. Normal local gaming hours for us are between 6-12 pm.
+PvP, PvE, dungeons, etc, we are open for suggestions from rank and file on activities.
+Internal trading benefits.
+You don't have to be self-sufficient or a regular player to join, but to rise in ranks you have to be a good, loyal and dedicated player.
+Discord only, and you must have it. Server:
« Last post by Ermac on July 28, 2020, 17:15 »
Yo guys; changelog for quarantine 1.6 subrealease (Last Update: 2020-07-28 05:10 PM):

- Nothing was left untouched - interfaces were submitted through the private Java program of my own to paint them.
- Added blue and green flavour.
- Fixed ammo display number when count is over > 999 not displayed. [Firewall]
Buy / Re: WTB mission briefing and PA shell
« Last post by Serdos on July 28, 2020, 14:27 »
PA shell already has been bought. But I still need cathedrals. Pm if you interested.
New California Republic / Re: - NCNN - [Never Top PK Until Swarm]
« Last post by Blobfish on July 24, 2020, 10:09 »

Gangs / Re: Faction Icons
« Last post by Cannon on July 24, 2020, 06:28 »

(290) Milf Hunters
General Discussion / Re: Hey guys ( Still worth playing? )
« Last post by 邪悪 on July 12, 2020, 13:19 »
I know alot of people from 2238, who are just waiting for the wipe and then will come back again.
Did you even read Blinkz and my post? Devs want wipeless server, which logically means... yeah, these people from 2238 will wait forever! Then they will turn into skeletons sitting infront of PC, still waiting for wipe. According to devs, there will be only one and the last wipe. And as I said already many times, if you remove something from FOnline, something, that existed forever, then old people will quit and new people won't come, because of reputation thingy. It's always like that with any project - if you want to change core features of a project, then you must start new project, there's no other way.
You can't turn WoW or dota into shooter, because old players will quit and new players, who didn't like WoW/dota, but love shooters, will never even consider playing these games. That's why everything what happened to FOnline, like quests and dungeons, never attracted new players (because they played FO2238 and didn't like it), while stopping wipes caused old players to quit. This project is already doomed, because it's too old, you can't change it, people already know what FOnline is.
General Discussion / Re: Hey guys ( Still worth playing? )
« Last post by Dagon on July 12, 2020, 07:33 »
I dont want to rage after a pk and sandboxie my old acounts to help :D
:o lol. Well first off you don't need sandboxie anymore to run multiple windows. Also there has been dual log/fast relog protection implemented too. 

Is the game worth playing? Well it aint dead and there's loads of pvp if that's what you after.

Thanks MarineKing :D
Did not know...
General Discussion / Re: Hey guys ( Still worth playing? )
« Last post by Dagon on July 12, 2020, 07:32 »
Ughh why so Nihilistic.

I know alot of people from 2238, who are just waiting for the wipe and then will come back again.

But yes, it is very lonely.
I was really never a TC kind of guy.
Did alot of it, but i mostly like playing alone.

So it is a kind of weird experience for now.

How many people are online usually?

General Discussion / Re: Hey guys ( Still worth playing? )
« Last post by 邪悪 on July 11, 2020, 17:42 »
Fonline has a reputation of being session based 2d pixel shooter with TC and zero content. FOnline exists for so many years, that all potential players already know about it. It doesn't matter what devs do: they can add quests, content, other activity - no one will care. If they remove TC or RT combat or stop wiping - people will care and quit. Simple as that. If devs want to change something, they need completely new fresh project with different name, because FOnline is RT TC PvP 2d shooter with wipe every N months. Ask any fallout fan about FOnline, they will tell you that it has nothing to do with Fallout, it's just PvP MMO with fallout sprites. There will be no new players and old are quiting, because no wipe. So yeah, FOnline is truly dead now, mostly because it's too old. It'll have its constant few players, who are true FOnline fanatics and that's it. Then they die by age and no one will play FOnline anymore.
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