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Roleplay / Re: Lost things and broken bones
« Last post by Azulon on May 27, 2020, 16:20 »
…Loading Holodisk 2…

Lieutenant Azulon’s personal diary,
Commander of the 5th Enclave Platoon.

Couple of days later:
Somehow the radio distress signal was picked up by an outpost to the north, I’m a lucky son of a gun, huh? The doctor told me I must have been unconscious for two days there. As soon as they found me they loaded me on a truck and transported back, good that we take care of our guys.  Now I lay in the hospital being drugged with tons of chems to get me on my feet, on the plus side I kept my arm, a bit numb but still there. Tomorrow they’ll discharge me and I already got an order to present my direct report to the superior, great…

After the mission debrief:
The mission is to find some escapees, sounds easy enough. Fresh out the vault, no idea how the world works now, how HARSH it can be and nobody will miss them. The information they manage to extract could prove highly beneficial to any other organization, apparently it concerns some new-fangled tissue regeneration without any use of invasive chemicals. We get the experiment data directly transmitted, although if it got out to our rivals like the Brotherhood of Steel or NCR who have a much bigger yet technologically inferior army, such case would be a disaster for the government of America. I have to get to Klamath, as it’s the closest town to the vault, and ask some questions there. As always no witnesses can be left behind.

…Holodisk ends here…

Roleplay / Re: Lost things and broken bones
« Last post by HapPpy on May 23, 2020, 12:20 »
11/10 bro i love roleplay ^_^
Сап тред. Небольшая личная кладезь ВИДЕВО нарез очек с биззарных адвенчур по миру фонлайна.
Русская территория / Re: Удаление перса
« Last post by HapPpy on May 23, 2020, 11:54 »
~deleteself *Пароль*
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