Author Topic: Tactical Fallout instead of fast clicking Fallout.  (Read 475 times)


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Tactical Fallout instead of fast clicking Fallout.
« on: August 12, 2017, 00:03 »
I am sorry that this topic can not be better described, but here it goes. Fallout 1,2 and Tactics were RPG but because of turn based combat, they were also more strategy oriented than the new ones (Fallout 3,4 and New Vegas). With that in mind - is it possible to run a copy of Fonline 2 server for a small period of time with hexing disabled? This feature enables a couple of builds and allows single player dungeon run, but it also kills hand to hand builds and small gun pistols. I do understand that power gaming is fun for some people, but based on declining player numbers I would rather try out a more strategic Fallout - one where hiding behind walls is more important than sniffing each other buts while running in circles. I suppose that some balance changes will be required after some time, but there is only one way to find out.


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Re: Tactical Fallout instead of fast clicking Fallout.
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 06:25 »
Theres tactic in the current PvP meta.

One perception characters get close and try hexing for max damage and tank hits, snipers can do incredible damage, cripple, and knockout/knockdown, rocketeers have higher perception, do decent damage in groups and do knockbacks taking away AP, and sneakers can give enemy positions and take out snipers who aren't notoriously tanky.

If you want to have gameplay where you poke out of a wall shoot and go back into the wall then do TB battles. But while I do enjoy a good TB trap, there's more skill and tactic in Real time.

Even in the original Fallouts hexing was a thing.
The reason why people make builds for it is because its a great tactic and it suits a lot of playstyles.
I mean Fonline Forever has no hexing and in my opinion a horrible PvP system that fits what you're describing. So by all means go check it out.
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