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Abandoning NCR project
« on: February 21, 2015, 18:46 »
So after a long deciding, Im abandoning NCR project.

Right now there is like 5 active people, who play regulary and are able to come to Teamspeak.
Im fed up with all those players joining NCR just so they have power to shoot in city to kill random people or shopkeepers.
Only about one in twenty players who join are actually interested in doing roleplay, a lot of them are not even interested in doing dungeons or pvp.

NCR gets ignored by developers, they just dont give shit, not only about NCR, but community in general.
We have needed ammount of testers now, we will invite players when game will be more finished.
But of course its their game, their rules.

I dont get why did Glumer run for president, if he is not active. And Im getting tired of him promising to start playing.
First inactive Vaultloner, then Glumer. Despite them having good intentions, president post needed someone active, willing to invest time into this project.
Blackbeard should have won, he is ok guy. He didnt win for certain reasons, those who were involved know very well what Im talking about.

I tried to make RP stuff, joint actions with allies, tried to do reforms, like clearing NCR ranks(feedback from NCR members was almost none), was working on new set of rules to be followed by NCR and even thought about changing leadership somehow.
I came to conclusion that its too late for that, it should been made months ago.

There were some RP projects on way, like dealing with Quetzal Khanate.
Some brahmin riders animations:
Or NCR humanitarian aid involving some soylent green references.
NCR food ration "soymeal orange", high-protein


So yeah, Im done.

NCR had great potential, people were interested. Now its completely wasted. Not even miracle will help here.

There were of course highlights and moments I enjoyed, bank events, casino event, actions with our allies and more.
I would like to thank all those who were active in this project, allied factions, and certain rangers(Noisy ^_^™ , Rock and others)