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Laws of NCR
« on: May 23, 2015, 17:19 »
This is going to be an ongoing project for the council, and we welcome all citizens to come with their own suggestions of laws that they want implemented into the system.

A person observed committing an act that could be considered suspicious will be warned verbally that they are being watched.
If a criminal act is observed, the observing guard will notify the person verbally and give them the opportunity to leave town.
If person refuses to leave town, they will be verbally warned that maximum force response will be result.
If person then refuses to leave, they will be shot by RNCR Army soldier.
There wil be no penalty for free speech, loitering or entering town for any reason. The caravan stop will be open to all factions and all players in good standing with the Republic.
The police of Shady Sands will maintain a court system. If a person is accused of many crimes successively, they will be judged before a panel appointed by the citizens council. If deemed guilty, they will be banned from entering town.
This ban will be enforced by an individual blacklist. No longer will entire factions be prevented from entering town and engaging in fair trade and caravan commerce.

Yellow: Keep an eye on the suspect inform of the law. Repeated offences puts the suspect on alert level Orange.

Yellow: Banned items (Dynamite sand robes ETC)
Yellow: Spamming
Yellow: Repeteadly offending others in NCR

Orange: Lethal force is allowed depending on situation. Repeated offences puts you on alert level Red

Orange: Stealing
Orange: Abusing Game mechanics in NCR
Orange: Tent following

Red: known criminal shoot on sight no warning.

Red: Killing or harming innocent civilians or NCR personnel inside Shady Sands

The Shady Sands Citizens Advisory Board
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