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[archive] Recruitment Office.
« on: July 31, 2015, 22:01 »

" The New California Republic is dedicated to bringing peace, security and justice to the people of the great west. NCR's fine police forces constantly patrol and arrest any raiders, cannibals, slavers, and lawless mutants within the country, and the NCR army valiantly protects the borders against outside marauders. "

Recrutation is open! Enlist now!

Expectations for recruits:
Respect for the Law, knowledge about Code of Conduct and understanding the role of NCR in fonline2 and in fallout universe, also responsibility, loyalty, communicativeness and ability to follow orders. It's all. We do not expect 24/7 activity. We are open for recruits from every time zone. Mutants are allowed!!!

We offer:
Good atmosphere and company (without division into better and worse), participation in interesting actions, also support, training and knowledge. In current time we do not offer payment for duty, but some prizes for participating in actions are probable.

Want join? Just PM me few details about you: where are you from, how long you play FO2 and/or on other server, your nick in game.

If you are troll, thief, serial killer, clanjumper, outcast from another gang or just stupid dick, please, go away, our ranks are not for you - join BBS, Rogues or other bunch of desert scum.

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