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Wild Bill Hickok

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Thank you Mr. President
« on: August 03, 2015, 17:34 »
I wanna thank you Mr. President for this oportunity to be in the side of the law and justice, you are  a good , mercyful, brave, inteligent, wise man, (i think im gonna cry) Now, like a TH member (and gloriouz NCR Citizen) im going to do my best effort for the nation, chasing criminals, hunting treasures, keeping Shady sands safe,  not slaping New Renos prostitutes, and trying to control my happy trigger "problem". I want give thanks to Vick and Justin my 2 best friends in the wasteland, this is for you too, my brothers! We are in this together! (i hope someday i can become NCR soldier) thanks    :'(