Author Topic: ⋆ Long live the Junktown!  (Read 1515 times)


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⋆ Long live the Junktown!
« on: September 05, 2015, 14:40 »
Fair Junktown Citizens, brave Scouts!
As you all know some time ago New California Republic took the Junktown under its protectorate. This step was required to stabilize the situation and implement the necessary reforms in Junktown, also it was strategic move to strengthen the role of NCR in region, of course, for the benefit of all.
Today we can say that things are going well. I see fresh recruits in JTS ranks, experienced instructors in work, also our loyal Republican, monsieur Crowell start his investments in Junktown. Definitely it is the right way to economic and moral renewal.
Scouts! We all know these pathetic words: "Now they are known as the shield of hope, the defender of the innocent and the defeater of the cruel, they are the Junktown scouts.", also we know other sentence: "No Junktown Scouts without drama". All of the above words show how important your role is and also how difficult. Do what your best, to the benefit of Junktown, the Republic and the whole Wasteland. As a President of NCR I wish you luck and I assure you of my good will and willingness to help. Long live the Junktown!