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[archive] Special Presidential Speech.
« on: December 27, 2015, 13:08 »

My fellow Republicans! Soldiers! Citizens! Wastelanders!
I heard about some hostile and malicious peoples and their attempts to interfere from outside in the peaceful life of our community. I heard about some bad and mindless peoples who try to destablise our efficient political system. No idea if I even should say something in this case to not help to him spread his shameful activity, but I can't resist, I can't resist the arogancy, hypocrisy and meanness! It is time to say something loud and clear. It is time to definitely cut off these dirty hands who try to disrupt quiet life of our lawful society!
Some random coyotes can't just come from desert and claim for rights to decide about future of NCR! They can't raid the Capital, kill the citizens and now try to usurp the right to decide about our fate! Some duplicitous intriguers can't just appear from nowhere and try to change the NCR! They can't throw shit on Republic, shout lies and spread hateful propaganda and now by using sweet words tell us what we should do and how Republic should work! Republic is not abandoned, is active, stable politically and economically, driven by capable people who identify with it, driven by people who raise it from ashes. Everything what is good in NCR is the fruit of hard work of our community. Our blood, sweat and tears what we sacrificed in the name of Republic are confirmation of our effort and our payment for the privilege to lead this country! Satisfied citizens and visitors, punished criminals, safe streets of our Capital and the heroism of our soldiers is a confirmation that we are moving in the right direction! The land of free and home of brave is here! And now!
New California Republic is driven by community of Republicans, community of members, citizens and supporters, community of peoples who believe in law, justice and ideas of the Republic. We are here not by empty words and false promises, we are here by our hard work and till we are alive and determinated, we are legitimate managers and residents of this land and desert raiders, fake activists, low intriguers or Hub criminals will not decide how will look our political life, elections, economy, diplomacy and whole fate of the Republic and future of our childrens and brahmins!
We are the salt of this earth, We are the New California Republic!
NCR prevail!
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