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NCR Presidental pronouncement
« on: March 13, 2016, 06:25 »
Dear people of NCR. In this moment, as I am surprised with decision of resignation of now, ex-president Lucek,
that much Im honoured to have opportunity to take such an important job as being president. Things that occurred regarding
his resignation is strange and be sure it will be further investigated.
For time in NCR I must thank Lucek, and must thank for giving me opportunity to take over presidency.
I can promise to all NCR community that NCR will continue to grow and make even more progress with more flexibility
towards potential friends.
NCR will keep the main goal and that is to protect oppressed, clear borders from the enemy
and to serve their citizens.
Considering laws and constitution, NCR will remain with unchanged laws and constitution, as they proved good for now but with possible changes in future.

As I will immediately start to work you can expect more details soon.

Thank you all, once again, and see you all around.

SIGNATURE: President of the NCR - Knight Shift

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