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-Presidental announcement-
« on: March 22, 2016, 15:25 »
-Announcement regarding last incidents in Shady Sands-

Due recent incidents of killing innocent visitors in Shady NCR government and president itself feel
responsibility and regret for things that occurred.
NCR members who did offensive acts against innocent visitors were already properly punished for their vicious and
cowardly acts which is considered as abusing of authority by NCR Court of Law.

Shady Sands was always friendly town and will continue to welcome anyone who come in peace.
Every friendly minded wastelander is free to take citizenship, become member of greater community and feel more safe
when encountering NCR members on duty. Citizenship can be obtained by talking with NCR clerk stationed in building
outside of town gates or requesting directly from president.

Every citizen can freely ask NCR member for advice, caravan escort or protection while visiting parameter of Shady Sands.
Citizenship will be revoked from any person who is member of gang who did offensive acts towards NCR.
Citizenship is evidence that person didint do any offense towards NCR property or NCR members.

NCR members have duty to guard bazaar and parameter around to protect property and visitors from potential villains.
Its expected from every NCR member to follow -⋆ Code of Conduct. -, and they are not authorized to shoot persons who are provoking
as long they are not known offenders or they didint do any concrete acts which will lead to breaking of -⋆ Laws & regulations.-.
NCR members are not authorized to shoot visitors in Shady Sands if they got shooted by them outside of Shady Sands as long as
they are not acting aggressively.
Every breaking of that rules should be immediately reported to higher NCR personnel or personally to president.
If that occurs it is expected to get evidence of NCR member breaking the law. (send screenshoot on PM)
Every member who is breaking the law will be properly punished and victims will be compensated for their losts.

Also, NCR members are encouraged to report any breaking of laws from intruders, they are authorized to shoot on sight the offender
and confiscate his equipment. Looting the offenders by non-NCR member considers as crime.
Repeatedly breaking of the laws can be punished by expulsion from the Capital.
NCR members are authorized to single shoot any robed person who enters the town to identify person.

Keep your weapon holstered and enjoy your stay in Shady Sands in friendly environment.

SIGNATURE: President of the NCR - Knight Shift

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