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NCR operations documentation v1.0
« on: March 31, 2016, 21:29 »

operation files

NCR government
President of NCR:
               Knight Shift
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Re: NCR operations documentation v1.0
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2017, 17:09 »
Military Log 25.03.2275.0.1.2

NCR services gathered crucial intel which considers Republics interests in land. It is decided that public deserve to know reasons of NCR actions.

Reports on Klamath:
population is hit by starvation and oppression from random savages
Suggested solution:
as population of Klamath is loyal to NCR and NCR would have multiple benefits of taking the authority over town, best solution will be to take over town, and liberate loyal population by handling with outlaw groups.
Implemented actions:
NCR came in town with best intentions, sharing rations of cheesy poofs and TV dinners alongside with allies and supporters, patrolling through town. Part of population welcomed liberation, including oppressed town mayor, but other part formed rebellion groups. They didnt hesitate to take their weapon and try to massacre anyone who was in town.
NCR with support easily handled rebellion side which resulted with implementing NCR government in town.

Reports on Modoc:
there is several reports that some criminals are earning caps on black market with selling gecko pelts and by that destroying main economy town branch.
Suggested solution:
offer to Modoc mayor town counselor from NCR and try to resolve this economic sabotage in most peaceful manners as its possible. There is no need to spread panic around Modoc peaceful residents.
Implemented actions:
as NCR revealed whole chain of trading routes on various gecko pelts on black market and presented that evidence to mayor of friendly town Modoc, mayor itself asked NCR to install temporary government until this criminal acts will be resolved.
As whole chain of black market and criminals were included in that, NCR decided to invest in human resources in Modoc and accepted mayor offer. There was need for stopping that market as in long term it could have negative impact on economy with negative impact even on Hub residents on south.
When acts of taking over the government of Modoc was in progress, whole chain of rebellions publicly revealed itself trying to stop actions in progress.
NCR with allies and supporters expected attack in this point, so prepared teams easily push back all gangs who tried to spoil plans for the benefit of so called "wasteland economy".
NCR regain control of Modoc and helped mayor to resolve "gecko skin crisis". As successful NCR impact was in Modoc during "open war zone", mayor insist that NCR government sign new contract which will obligate NCR to protect town in return of sending town taxes to NCR. NCR accepted offer on mutual pleasure.

Confirmation of document: Government of NCR
STATUS: partially declassified


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Re: NCR operations documentation v1.0
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Military Log 29.02.2922.0.1.0

Main objective
Scavange high pree war tehnology in interest of improving NCR tehnology progress.

Minor objective
Obtain more information about facility and check possibility to reprogram sierra robots.

Additional info
NCR technicians were able to crack code to reprogram Sierra Army Depot robots.

Patrol with special codes on holotape was sent after urgent information from NCIA came. Intel showed Mister Gutsy improved military version went off from the main SAD defensive network mainframe and it is possible to reprogram him. Action was a success beyond any expectations. Mister Gutsy was brought to Shady Sands for additional tests, experiments and possible upgrades.

Photo Documentation



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Re: NCR operations documentation v1.0
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-NCR established control in all major areas of New California land-

NCR with Talon Company, Midnight Riders, Treasure Hunters and No Fate established order and reclaimed territory from savages and outlaws. Every Citizen and peaceful civilian is safe!

Gecko main objective:
Project -powering NCR-

NCR restored order and influence in Gecko. Government project will be activated in next days. Main objective is to bring efficiency of working reactor from current 32% to 100% and power NCR land with electricity. NCR scientists and technicians are sent to nuclear reactor.
Current habitants of old Poseidon Oil reactor will be taken care of, provided with suitable jobs in nearby radiated pre war mining posts.

Gecko secondary objective:
Project -restoring reactor construction site-

Mister Gutsy 01-M is sent to scan area around unfinished reactor and bring intel to to NCR capital about possibility of restoring it. With restoring project there is possibility of NCR influence spreading over current boundaries of California land!

Not everyone is supporting NCR progress. Criminal elements and outlaw groups are trying to cut off NCR territory and move attention from our primary objectives.
Stay in safe places Citizens, and wait for NCR Army to arrive!

NCR with allies defending Gecko interest

Thank You for supporting NCR troops!
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Re: NCR operations documentation v1.0
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-NCIA Intel-
Brotherhood of Steel, once known as introverted military force, that is harassing civilians for their pre war technology exist no more in its form. California BoS chapter continue to recruit raiders and criminal elements who are imposing to peace and order inside of New California Republic boundaries. They united with anarchist gang known as MUKHOSRANSK and now seem to be their puppets, raiding caravans and attacking citizens wherever encountered. If it continues, it will result with destruction of what is left from humanity on these lands.
Which distinguishes them from known BoS chapters, as evidence is showing, they are not using or seeking high tier pre war technology but using home made equipment, stolen from various villains hiding around land.
After opening of Lost Hills bunker, after forming of some sort of "governing", support of civilians rapidly vanished, mostly because civilians who supported them became their victims. Evidences are showing that they are not holding back from raid caravans, even killing and vulture their own members and supporters of pacifist factions such as Treasure Hunters who are protecting caravans on route to San Francisco. Reports are showing they were mostly attacked from BoS members and their allies when passing by BoS patrols near Lost Hills.
After Brotherhood tried to cover up their deviant and savage acts of misbehavior in NCR capital, and bring insecurity to citizens, NCR government rapidly decide on further actions as it could not be tolerated or resolved with diplomatic measures.
It is now third time in a week that armed BoS members tried to spread panic around Shady Sands. After Sotrix and Chuck Green, last attack on NCR guards came from BoS high ranked and council member Vilgefortz.
BoS members were trying to deviously manipulate truth and spread  anti propaganda against NCR. Their outlaw mentality proving anarchy in their own ranks. There was need for clear action, more then just protecting civilians and property on Shady Sands premises and living in constant fear of possible intruders.

Photo documentation v1

BoS terrorist acts
Photo 1.1
Photo 1.2
Photo 1.3
Photo 1.4

NCR personnel meeting was concluded with words of brief but strong retaliation regarding Brotherhood of Steel oppression on territory of NCR.
Government raised all available units. Objective was to push BoS criminal elements out of their underground complex known as Lost Hills.
-Operation "SHADY HANDS"-
Acting of NCR army, NCR Rangers, Talon Company, Midnight Riders and Treasure Hunters units in Lost Hills resulted with heavy casualties but overall win over BoS raiders and their anarchist allies MUKHOSRANSK. Defeated enemy fled on all sides leaving Lost Hills unguarded. NCR with allies recovered available technology from BoS bunker for further tests and improvements in NCR MRI facilities.

Photo documentation v2
NCR with allies suppressing raider threat
Photo 2.1
Photo 2.2
Photo 2.3

Operation "SHADY HANDS" was overall success.
Even with high casualties, NCR army will not have a problem to rebuild as there is currently no fear of BoS raider elements on NCR premises. Confiscated technology will be used to improve efficiency of NCR personnel on field and research laboratories.
Jeopardy of BoS is momentarily neutralized.
No civilians or citizens were hurt during operation.
-Additional info-
BoS head officer contacted NCR president after operation.
BoS admitted defeat by agreeing on NCR terms on mutual benefit.
-Agreement terms-
Brotherhood of Steel members will not act individually, under cover, or in organized groups against NCR in Shady Sands. In return NCR will stay away from Lost Hills base, where BoS remains will return.
NCR will keep on fighting BoS lost patrols on New California land to restore law and order and bring safety to all civilians.

Do not participate on further attack on Lost Hills!
Please report to higher NCR authority any misbehavior of BoS members, or persons who are cooperating with BoS faction undercover in Shady Sands and confirm it with evidence!
If any discrepancy from agreement will be confirmed, NCR government will enforce counter measures against BoS HQ.

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Re: NCR operations documentation v1.0
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[NCIA attachment]
Report log - report on "Threat 1" investigation

Log entry #1
Cooperation with VC technicians showed results. It is confirmed that organization and threat behind jamming v8 loudspeakers and threat to Shady Sands is imminent. Going into trace of their messages cant be done, which is only showing their technological power and advancement.

Log entry #2
It is confirmed that organization behind threatening message is known as "Enclave".
Further investigation cant reach any facts or conclusions why they decided to attack Shady Sands at this moment. They seems too technological advanced to share ideas about same values as we do.

Log Entry #3
Information about "Enclave" is almost impossible to be found, and when found, almost impossible to confirm. What we can confirm is that they are powerful military organization. They obviously have some sort of hierarchy in their organization, but we could not find any information about their leadership structure or their agenda except killing and pillaging places which they confirmed by their acts in Klamath.

Log Entry #4
This organization is too technological advanced to be easily tracked so we are lacking resources to continue investigation. Regarding their power, attack on Shady Sands can result with heavy human casualties and material damage. It is suggested to proceed with evacuation protocol and mobilization of all available units to defend premises of Shady Sands.
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