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State Secretariat of Civil Development
« on: June 28, 2016, 14:23 »

Greetings wastelander!

If you seek a place to call your home and a community to shelter you from the ravages of the wastes, look no further!

The NCR State Secretariat of Defense and Secretariat of Civil Development are proud to present you with an opportunity to make a better life for yourself and your families.
Introducing the Integration Incentive Program (IIP) - your ticket to become part of the new civilized world!

The concept is rather simple: All you need to do is to officially register as citizen of the New California Republic and you will be able to benefit from many services, such as

   - police escorts in NCR controlled territory for safe trading
   - caravan escorts
   - survival and dungeoneering training
   - combat and self defense courses
   - exclusive community communication network access
   - protection in hostile environment
   - free hat

Any member of the NCRA is obligated to provide you any support you need, as long as you maintain an upright and lawful attitude.
Any digression from NCR law, defection to enemy factions, or failure to comply with orders from an NCR officer will result in automatically forfeiting registered citizenship.

How to properly apply and register your Citizenship:
The first step - Apply by filling holodisk and hand over to NCR officer, or send request directly to this account with next info:
- Your name,
- Faction affiliation,
- Short background,
- Reason for application.

Second step - To be full registered your application needs to be approved. If you aren't known as criminal element on NCR territory your application will be approved in shortest possible period.
Third step - Please stand by for your application to be processed.

Apply for full citizenship today and become a proud and prospering member of our community!
Use this tool for your pipboy to properly fill your holodisk application: Holodisk Editor

Applications from persons that are affiliated with outlaw groups will be rejected.
Every non registered citizenship will be withdrawn.
Every citizen that will break NCR laws will lost his citizenship.
(to be taken under consideration, persons character needs to be lvl 26 or higher)

(char needs to be online when receiving citizenship perk, but don't need to be online when citizenship is revoked. When you receive citizenship it will be listed under your "Perks" section. Any NCR or NCR Ranger member can see citizenship perk over citizens names)

Thanks for your attention.

Signature: President of NCR
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Re: State Secretariat of Civil Development
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2018, 19:51 »
Shady Sands Citizenship office re-opened

Our Citizenship office has changed location to Rangers Camp.

How our new office works
NCRA personnel are entitled to take their citizenship with our office clerk, without passing their request to president.
Allied groups are entitled to apply for citizenship at Rangers Camp, only with NCRA escort.
Citizenship office is opened 24/7.

Other persons interested in obtaining citizenship will need to fill a form on holodisk and hand it over to NCRA officer. Person can also send his citizenship application directly to NCR president.
Citizenship will be approved or denied upon person's background check.

NCRA personnel are not authorized to escort any non NCR or non ally person to Shady Sands Rangers Camp.

Scroll up for more detailed info on our Citizenship program.
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