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Greetings wastelander!

If you seek a place to call your home and a community to shelter you from the ravages of the wastes, look no further!

The NCR State Secretariat of Defense and Secretariat of Civil Development are proud to present you with an opportunity to make a better life for yourself and your families.

The concept is rather simple: All you need to do is to officially register as citizen of the New California Republic and you will be able to benefit from many services, such as
   - access to NCR events
   - caravan escorts
   - crafting services (you have materials but you are lacking crafting skills? NCR Industries will produce items that you require)
   - support, protection and/or non-interference in select hostile environments (Warehouse, Mariposa, SF Tanker, Necropolis, and Vault 15, tutorial escort for instanced dungeons like Toxic Caves or Cathedral)*
   - physical fitness courses (build advice)
   - exclusive community communication network access (discord specially made for citizens, with NCR officers on your disposal)
   - full tax and shop rent refund for shop owners that have competitive prices - after 3 weeks (based on NCR State Secretaire of Civil Development assessment)
   - free housing (base map)
   - civilian MedKit pack (set of super stimpaks, anti-rad protective medicines, doctor's bag)
   - free condom

Any member of the NCRA is obligated to provide you any reasonable support you need, as long as you maintain an upright and lawful attitude.
Remember, as citizen, you have an advantage when applying for NCR Army!
Citizens can call for NCR army support via radio or pipboy (citizenship discord) and NCR soldier will be sent to your protection as soon as possible.

Any digression from NCR law, enlistment or belonging to factions that are NCR enemies, or repeated failure to comply with orders from an NCR officer will result in automatically forfeiting registered citizenship.

How to properly apply and register your Citizenship:

First step - Apply by filling holodisk and hand over it to NCR officer, or send request directly to this account with next info:
- Your name,
- Faction affiliation,
- Short background,
- Reason for application.

Second step - To be full registered your application need to be approved. If you aren't known as criminal element on NCR territory your application will be approved in shortest possible period. (apply with non faction character)

Third step - Please stand by for your application to be processed.

Use this tool for your pipboy to properly fill your holodisk application: Holodisk Editor

Apply for full citizenship today and become a proud and prospering member of our community!

Enrollment for citizenship will be announced in advance on specific dates.
- Processing fees for citizenship enrollment: 30k caps.
- Processing fees for citizenship enrollment on "Citizenship Day": 20k caps.
- Tax relief with Citizenship Voucher - 50% off. For Citizenship Voucher check NCR Industries shop on Shady Sands bazaar.

[Shady Sands citizenship perk is visible as your other perks in your character sheet]

* The clause in this case implies 1) protecting citizens from anyone who would attack them, and 2) help them clear these areas if such help is requested, and all materials found in these expeditions are to be looted only by the citizen, and 3) never to attack a citizen in these locations. These benefits do not apply if a citizen is working alongside a faction/player designated as an enemy of the NCR, or if the citizen is wearing sand or hubologist robes.
If encountered in public dungeon that is spawning t4, ex. Glow, citizen is obligated to follow the issued orders and leave the parameter while NCRA is activity is under way.

When you receive citizenship it will be listed under your "Perks" section. NCR and NCR Ranger members can see citizenship perk and it looks like this:
Pretty cool, isn't it?

Citizen, the government is protecting you!

Applications from persons that are affiliated with outlaw groups will be rejected.
Every non registered citizenship will be withdrawn.
Every citizen that will break NCR laws will lost his citizenship.
(to be taken under consideration, persons character needs to be reasonably high lvl - 20 or higher)

Thank you for attention.

Signature: President of NCR
               Knight Shift
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Re: State Secretariat of Civil Development
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2018, 19:51 »
Shady Sands Citizenship office re-opened

Our Citizenship Office has changed location to Rangers Camp.

How our new office works
Citizenship office is opened 24/7 for NCRA members and groups allied to NCR. Allied groups are entitled to apply for citizenship at Rangers Camp with NCRA escort. Both NCRA and allied groups are exempt from processing fee.

NCRA personnel are not authorized to escort any non NCR or non ally person to Shady Sands Rangers Camp.

-You want to become citizen, and you are not currently part of NCR? Scroll up for more details-
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Re: State Secretariat of Civil Development
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2019, 23:34 »

NCR is today welcoming any wastelander willing to help our growing community and settle as NCR citizen!


Yes, NCR citizenship can be your privilege too!

- Apply with your name on holotape and bring it to our officer clerk in Shady Sands!
- Our old Citizenship Office, in front of "gate A" is opened on Citizenship Day!
Is that all?
- Aside from your application on holotape you need to secure 20k caps for processing fees!
What's the benefits?
- Generally speaking, NCR protection in Shady Sands and outer skirts, but ...
*better scroll up for more detailed info on our Citizenship program*

[event is starting in 15 minutes and will last for 30 minutes. Welcome!]

Thank you for attention!
Citizenship day has ended, and processing citizenship fee is back to 30k per applicant.
Stay tuned for our further announcements about Citizenship Day!
Have a nice day.
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Re: State Secretariat of Civil Development [Citizenship info]
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2019, 17:06 »
State Secretariat of Civil Development announcement
Citizenship Voucher program

If you are still looking for an asylum, and you are not infected with FEV, apply for Shady Sands citizenship. Feel welcomed in part of community that will respect you, provide you with clean water, roof over your head, medicines and in same time give you an opportunity to contribute to our thriving society.
Citizenship Voucher program will grant you at least 50% of tax refund.
You can get your Citizenship Voucher in authorized shops in Shady Sands.

Illustration of Citizenship Voucher

*Citizenship Vouchers will be available in shops in limited number and, by decision of the Council, will be restocked after certain period of time.
Every voucher has unique ID to make your registration secure and to protect your identity.
Contact NCR State Secretaire of Civil Development Warpig or president's office office to get your citizenship processed.

Inform yourself about all benefits of becoming an NCR citizen by scrolling up.

[Player is entitled to get citizenship on character upon paying certain amount of caps. Player can have multiple characters with citizenship, but will need to pay one time fee for each of them. Exceptions are NCR members (who get citizenship by default) and members of allied factions that can get citizenship free of taxation. Mutant characters can get citizenship only in case they are members of NCR or ally factions. In case player is member of faction hostile towards NCR he can apply for citizenship with his non faction alt. If citizen will be showing hostility towards NCR, or visitors in Shady Sands, he will lose citizenship.
For citizenship perk, you can post your application with short background in comments bellow, look for NCR officer in game (if you like bureaucracy even more, you can also fill in holodisk following an example from the 1st post) or contact Warpig or me on forum or discord; Warpig#2438 Knight Shift#8258]
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Re: State Secretariat of Civil Development [Citizenship info]
« Reply #4 on: March 08, 2020, 22:34 »
Wastleanders, the 2nd NCR Citizenship Day is ahead of us!

NCR government prepared a new limited series of Citizen Vouchers and approved a big tax relief!
You can find your Citizenship Voucher in NCR Industries shop on the bazaar of Shady Sands.
Today our Citizen Office has an open door policy towards visitors. The office has been stationed just across the Rawhide Saloon.
Pay your citizenship taxes, get a real benefit and become a part of the civic community!

Sign your application with help of our clerks:
tax fee on Citizenship Day: 15k caps
tax fee on Citizenship Day with Citizenship Voucher: 7,5k caps

Upon application approval person will get an NCR Civic Package, which includes:
- support of NCR troops
- Citizen discord access (you will get more info about benefits there)
- Knightcare package

The government secured Citizen Packages for all currently registered citizens. All they need to do is to show up in our Citizenship office today!

Visit Shady Sands, talk to your favorite NCR soldier, become a citizen today!
Let's celebrate together!

(This is a player driven event that started upon this announcement and it will last for about 30 minutes after this message is posted.
You can involve yourself in NCR community as a simple civilian, even if you are member of the faction hostile towards NCR. All you need to do is to apply for citizenship with your alt that is not a member of the faction hostile towards NCR, and you can RP that you like NCR all you want. But be noted, if your char will become hostile or will defect to faction hostile towards NCR, he will lose citizenship status with all its benefits. Characters already known for trolling, or already in faction hostile towards NCR will be rejected from their application and their taxes won't be taken.)

2nd Citizenship Day celebration is over! Our citizens received their Citizenship Package. Citizen Truzen has been voted for "The Citizen of the Citizenship Day!" award. Congrats!
Thank you all for visiting Shady Sands!
Citizenship taxes are back to regular.

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Re: State Secretariat of Civil Development [Citizenship info]
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2020, 14:26 »
NCR Government updated regulations for the Shady Sands shop owners tax refund.
Taxes may be refunded yearly (monthly real time) if certain conditions are met:
- shop continuously in ownership of the same person for period of 3 weeks or longer
- various item offers, gear with high durability, competitive prices
- citizenship can help to get bigger tax refund

By the program of NCR Secretaire of Civil Development, shop owner "Perinium" met the conditions to get shop tax refund for the month of May.

Tax refund for the shop ownership; Shady Sands
Name: Perinium
Approved tax refund: 30 000 caps

Conditions met for tax refund:
- quantity of merchandise [yes]
- quality of merchandise [yes]
- competitive prices [yes]
- often restocking [yes]
- shop consistency; in continuous rent for 3 weeks or longer [yes]
- citizenship [yes]
Document form
Vouched by the constitutional provision I-2.17; in the form of protecting the civilian, trading and economy rights.

Perinium, contact Mister Gutsy 01-M in Shady Sands for shopkeeper's tax refund.
(or PM me to this account about details)

NCR government appeals to all shop owners in Shady Sands to keep track of their shop ownership contracts and upkeep them frequently. Every shop ownership contract lasts for 7 (real time) days and it can be renewed last 3 days of the contract.
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Re: State Secretariat of Civil Development [Citizenship info]
« Reply #6 on: October 09, 2020, 23:01 »
3rd NCR Citizenship Day in Shady Sands

Do you want to be a part of NCR community, but you don't feel comfortable with armed persons walking around you all the time?
Apply for Shady Sands citizenship with 50% tax relief!
Clean water, free housing, free health care guaranteed!
Become a part of the NCR community as a civilian!

On main event, citizen Torquemada has been voted for Citizen of the Citizenship Day!

Interested parties, to obtain your citizenship, contact Mister Gutsy 01-M on bazaar.
(or PM this account / Knight Shift#8258 on discord until end of this Sunday, server time. After Sunday, citzenship taxes are back to 30k caps)

Rules and benefits:
- any non faction or member of faction not hostile towards NCR can apply for citizenship by paying 15k caps fee to NCR officials. (no matter if you are member of faction enemy towards NCR with other chars)
- new citizens will get a symbolic gift from NCR government
- new citizens are welcomed to the Citizenship discord upon their request. There they can find any vital info about how NCR government works or be in contact with NCRA officers in case they have further questions
- upon defecting of their citizen characters to the factions that are hostile towards NCR, shooting at NCR patrols in wasteland, or starting to break laws in Shady Sands, citizenship status and discord membership will be revoked
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