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NCR announcement regarding Junktown status
« on: July 04, 2016, 21:08 »
Dear people of Junktown!

After long time of good relationship with New California Republic,
NCR is announcing that negotiations with representatives from both sides are over!
Junktown met all requirements to be joined into NCR territorial boundaries! Congratulations on your brave decision, especially in these hard times. NCR is spreading its boundaries to the south on mutual benefits!

Therefore, current representatives of Junktown is stepping down voluntary and official NCR government will take over Junktown, designating NCR officer Richard Harrison for that job.

-New NCR town government is announcing that Junktown Scouts forces are reactivated and searching for volunteers,
no matter of their experience!-

Apply for your membership by contacting NCR authorities in Junktown, Shady Sands or via PM.

Junktown Scouts is entitled to act independent, and are welcome to serve as one, as long they dont turn hostile to authorities.
Only requirement that is needed for any new applicant is to sign forms and become fully registered NCR citizen via our IPP.

Junktown Scouts is offering to you many benefits such as:
- faster registering of your citizenship
- patrols around Junktown
- cooperation with NCR members on all levels
- opportunity to apply for NCR army

Stay safe and welcome to NCR - Junktown

NCR government

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