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Brotherhood of Steel: Policy towards wastelanders
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Policy of Brotherhood towards wastelanders

 After Brotherhood of Steel Squad Alpha officially started it mission every person in wasteland made their own conclusions and decisions about Brotherhood.Some people perceive us as bringers of peace and freedome,others as enemy.

 As a Head Paladin of Squad Alpha I want to inform you.Wastelanders,dont be afraid of Brotherhood soldiers.If you are not positioning yourself hostile as well as a member of reiders' organisation,Brotherhood will never shoot you.

 If you encountered Brotherhood soldiers,dont panic and dont make sudden moves.Dont try to run away or towards Brotherhood soldiers as in this case you can be recognised as hostile person.Dont move,put your weapon away and say "Hello" as a gesture of good will.

Team "Hope"

 Though Brotherhood always tried to minimilize contacts with wastelanders,danger of new mutant army attack and rise of reiders' amount in wasteland made Brotherhood Council changed policy.

 Recently a group of new recruits informed HQ about group of Brotherhood knights which help them a lot,as well as others.Growing fame of these knights cant pass through HQ being unnoticed.

 Team "Hope" is positioning itself as friendly helpers and teachers.They are ready to help and teach every wastelander how to survive and protect him(her)self.

Team members:

-Gladwin(Head knight)

Sign up by Brotherhood of Steel Squad Alpha Head Paladin:
-Komandor Leo

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