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Brotherhood of Steel:Changing of commanding
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 Head Paladin of Squad Alpha-Niklaus recently declared about his future unability to stay in Head Paladin rank and lead squad,by Council dessision he was retired and now became simple wastelander.
 90% of Brotherhood took part in common Council voting,which aim was a choosing new Head Paladin.By most of voting, Head knight Komandor Leo became a Head Paladin of Squad Alpha.Senior knight Gladwin became new Head knight.

[Part of speech of Head Paladin-Komandor Leo at Council meeting]

"...The war which happened in 2077 and destroied civilisation must not ever happen again.But war for freedome and happiness is coming closer each day.Mutants making attempts to conquer wasteland again,same as they tried before and were stoped by Brotherhood.Reiders who kill everyone: men,women,kids...following unknown aims.A final battle with evil is coming and no matter what will happen,Brotherhood will stand versus enemy till the last drop of our brothers and sisters blood,protecting simple people.Because we are the hope,the only hope of humanity...And without us,humanity is sure to perish..."
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