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[Archive]Brotherhood of Steel - Codex
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Brotherhood Codex

The Codex is the constitution and set of laws for the Brotherhood of Steel. All members of our organization are sworn to obey and serve our brotherhood. All new recruits take an oath to follow  the Codex. Any irresponsible action or breaking one of our rules result in punishment.

Rules and regulations
  • Collect all prewar data and advanced technology,
  • Report, any advanced technology you found, to your commander,
  • Any advanced weaponry you found belongs to you,
  • Absolute prohibition of selling advanced technology(T4)* outside of our community,
  • You are only allowed to exchange advanced technology with other members of our brotherhood or to our quartermaster,
  • Anyone who sold or tried to sell our equipment(T4), will be expelled from our ranks,
  • Advanced Equipment found during expeditions, goes to our quartermaster,
  • Our quartermaster gives out equipment, according to your activity*,
  • Unwavering trust in your leader commands,
  • Do not question your commander orders,
  • Absolute discipline on the battlefield,
  • You behavior represents the Brotherhood, show respect to others and serve with dignity,
  • Respect higher ranked members,
  • Do not insult anyone,
  • Regularly participate in BoS expeditions,
  • Everything said in the brotherhood, stays in the brotherhood,
  • Do not shoot anyone, unless they are a threat to our operations,
  • Do not cooperate with unknown gangs,
  • Reinforce any expedition which requests immediate help,
  • Serve, fight and die for The Brotherhood!

* - even when it belongs to you.
** - you can check your activity in your terminal.

Rules and Regulations for initiates

    • Initiates follow same Codex as Brotherhood,
    • In case of breaking Codex rules initiates will be punished in same way as Brotherhood members,
    • Every initiate must stay in contact with Head Paladin/Head knight/his(her) mentor

       Signed by:
       Squad Alpha Leader,
       Komandor Leo
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