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NCR Statement on Brotherhood of Steel
« on: May 06, 2017, 14:47 »
The following is to clarify recent events to better inform NCR citizens as to what NCR’s position is regarding the Brotherhood of Steel.
When the BoS came out of their bunkers, NCR’s position was supportive; in fact, it remained so despite several NCR soldiers defecting to this organization. NCR also enjoyed cordial relations with several Knights of the Brotherhood.  But along the way and in a short time, it seems to have been corrupted. NCR patrols began to encounter former Grifters in their ranks; far from protecting, hoarding, and seeking technologies, these individuals behaved liked bandits and thieves. NCR patrols, after initially tolerating this behavior, began to fire on these night raiders (on a case-by-case basis) who hide amongst their ranks like fleas. 
This uneasy period was followed by a further decline in relations, when this Brotherhood began cooperating openly with known enemies of NCR, and even including them within their ranks. Far from seeking technology, these murderers were more intent to kill our soldiers and their families.  These outlaws continue to make a mockery of this organizations purported goals. NCR was left with no choice but to kill these individuals and those who travel with them, wherever they are found. These scum have begun resorting to immoral methods to hide their identities, including operating in other faction’s uniforms to try to do NCR harm. That they were and continue to be protected by the BoS, unfortunately, leads to the situation as it is now.

BoS raiders tried to infiltrate Shady Sands premises making terrorist acts and interfering with peace in town, collaborating with criminal elements from other parts of land. They were trying to act undercover to bring distortion and panic among citizens, but NCIA anticipated their moves and obstructed their intentions. NCIA found that BoS undercover terrorist cell was using mutants for their operations. Curfew hour was lifted immediately and BoS raiders was taken care of. NCR Army acted on time, preventing any bigger accident and restored order in NCR capital.
Photo documentation - public release
BoS undercover terrorist act

NCR neutralized BoS terrorist cell

At from this moment NCR and BoS are in fully open hostilities, if not outright war. BoS is expelled from NCR territory and is unwanted element in progress of California land. It is our duty and recommendation that all NCR citizens should exercise caution when encountering the Brotherhood of Steel during this time. NCR is open to talks with the Brotherhood leadership, though attempts on their side to do so have been wrecked by their own inner turmoil. 
Your government will continue to keep you posted.
Stay strong and keep supporting Your troops!

NCR government
President of NCR:
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