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...War...War never changes...When I was young these words meant nothing to me.Nothing untill I get older...

 For years Brotherhood was the most powerful organisation in wasteland.Saving pre war technologies,building outposts and communication systems all over the wasteand ,we were sure in our bright future and absolute domination...We were light of hope,saviors of new world...

 But we were wrong about our thoughts...

 War with mutants showed all loses of old system.Brotherhood lost too many people...too many...

 By Council decission Brotherhood activated "Isolation" protocole.But everyone understood that it will not solve corrent situation.

 Many brothers and sisters hate new "Open recruitment" policy.But it was a thing which Brotherhood needed to ressurect army.

 Becoming a Head Paladin of Squad Alpha I was sure only in brothers and sisters around me.But wasteland...


 First time I felt the true severity of it...

[End of message]

 Standing up from ground,being in armor was hard.The front protecting pannel of it was nearly destroied after the hit of rocket,launched from rocket launcher.Semi blindly Leo tried to find his plasma rifle which was lying a but away from him.

...Though everyone is unique...

-THEY ARE COMING FROM EAST!DONT LET THEM IN!-scream of Paladin Pyra can be heard well,no matter that the whole world seems sank in sounds of explosions and gunshots.

 All Lost Hills surface garrison was involved in fight versus 3d wave of reiders trying to get controll over HQ.

But in war...

 Both Paladin Vilgefortz and Inquisitor Zimniok ran to Leo shooting all their way.

-Come on sir!Wake up!-Vilgefortz slowly helped Leo to stand up.

...In war everyone is same...

-Thank you...Thanks,now...-Leo finally found his plasma rifle and turn towards reiders group. -Now...time to fight for the Brotherhood once again!Hold them!Dont let them inside!...

War which spreads all over the wastes...

 Will it ever end?


Who knows
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Re: Notes
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2017, 12:11 » did it all start?

 I looked at her with surprise.Night was quiet and cold,so I sat a bit closer to campfire.

In front of us there was a wonderful view on valley with brightly lighten Lost Hills.I could hear the noise of it,noise of steel and progress.

-Do you mean..?- said I without looking at her.

  I looked at sky and thought for a moment

-It started with idea...- I carefully looked at her.
-I guess you did loads of things.
- I looked at Lost Hills again - We did.We all...
-Ah sure...Well,look...I will join you but you know the deal.

 I looked at her kindly and than looked back at Lost Hills.


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« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2017, 12:42 »,The Tribe?

 The room was well lighten.I was standing near west coast map and carefully looked at her,smiling to me as always,slowly moving blue figures to the center of the map.

-Yeah...I think they are not so simple as we think they are...Probably they have a big amount of old technologies or probably its some sort of NCR agency...You should know better...-she said.

I laughted loudly and some figures on map fell.

-You are funny,why are you so suspiciouse towards simple tribe which tries to help people? least from time to time.Look,these people position themselves as kind one,searching something in wasteland.They are not raiders,not crazy jet addicted.I dont think they are somehow involved in this bloody war...we wanted to suggest them help,but seems they need nothing...

 I carefully looked at map again.

-...but for sure we will carefull watch them.


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Re: Notes
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Squad Alpha continues to spread Brotherhood ideologies in the Wasteland. Hundreds of posters can be seen from aircrafts and Hummers which showcase the Brotherhood and their belief of a brighter future. Brotherhood agents can be seen in Caravans, helping wastelanders and recruiting most of them after. Brotherhood informants now exist in every organization....what does the future hold for our knights in shining armor? Nobody knows.....