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Brotherhood Operation Ecnaralc
« on: June 19, 2017, 17:59 »
Paladin Sotrix operation Ecnaralc, squad Omega, report 2295-04-01

Our inteligence discovered heavy remants troops moving northeast from their hideout in Mariposa. Head Paladin wanted us to check what they are looking for. We cant afford for them lurking right under our noses. We were five. Good armed and well armored, all prepared for action.
Mutants we encountered took us by suprise, suddenly walking from behind old ruins they've catched us on short range. If not our armors i dont know what could happen, but we won, suffering just minor wounds.


One of them was using high velocity unique plasma gatling. We focused all our firepower on him, forcing him down into the basement.
In the basement, we saw several mutants waiting impatiently for the good moment to attack, like cowards. After an eventful exchange of bullets, first muties began to show signs of weakness and ended up falling under the fire of Brotherhood Of Steel soldiers. There was only one mutant left, he seemed to be the leader. Scars on his face bears witness of a eventful past, full of military operations. His name: Sgt Malak . After a long battle against this abomination he've finnally fallen under the bullets of Paladin Sotrix


After this intense battle, we can check what they found in this old sheltered armory. To our suprise, we saw lot of old technologies. Scribes are going to be satisfied.

After this tiring battle, the Codename Ecnaralc mission was completed, Paladin Sotrix calls the headquarters to evacuate the Omega squad which consisted of 4 knights Torfrey, Grimman, Axebar ,Rodna

Once back at the base, the Sotrix paladin reports on what has been found, a lot of high technology weapon and component. The report is then sent to the Head Scribe Vilgefortz. Sadly Plasma Gatling appeared to be just heavlily modificated gatling laser. Someone with lot  of finese and skill changed chambers to produce plasma, leaving rest of mechanical parts untouched. It isn't that powerfull as it should be but gives us another message. Mutants have someone with good skills and knowledge in fields physics and energy weapons.

We found some important message among items taken from Malak.

We found those weapon stash Lieutenant told us about. Its really good pile of killing machines, some of them i don't even know how to use. Lou must see it. Location is secured and we are waiting for transport.
Sgt Malak


Concept and organisation
Scenario, photos
Pyra, Diabolous, Rasery, Supersonic, Roger Maxon and Lemon
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