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NCR training facility
« on: June 20, 2017, 22:48 »
Smaller upgrade of an old NCR Rangers training facility is done, and NCR training grounds are (re)opened for every NCR or ally member. You have opportunity to sharpen skills and shove it to face of Your opponent even better than before!
Facility itself can be divided on three sections, so it can host any type of big or smaller scale training sessions.
Set up of base is made to provide training and satisfy most of modes and demands of training courses needed to overcome any mental or physical barrier any modern soldier can have.
Enjoy company of team mates and drill sergeants.

Decision about gear issuing will be made before each session.


Regarding the size and capabilities of facility NCR will organize team *tournaments for any interested factions or individuals on mentioned grounds.
-Stay tuned-

Training Grounds
Location of facility


(Any interested NCR, ally, or supporter member can contact Richard Harrison or me - Knight Shift on TS and your chars will be added to base. Base itself is Traders Mansion type, marked as red circle, on respawn place near Boneyard. It can be tricky as many ppl have their bases on same place, so in some cases it can overlap with your base. If that happens, emphasize your request for removal after participation.)

*Topic is locked until further tournament announcements. Thanks.

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