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JTS Training School
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:29 »
JTS Training
The Junktown Scouts are now giving instructions under a new program called "JTS school" with several courses.  The school itself is a tutorial for new players.
If you are feeling overwhelmed and you see everyone around you gloating over your corpse, its time to change environment - to friendly one!
All you need is to catch some of our tutors/recruiter contacts: General Hangover, Rilwen or leader of JTS - Navajo Joe. You can catch them in Hub, Junktown or just ask for some of them via radio channel 0.
Don't hesitate; apply today to play in a casual environment of people who can introduce you to the basics of understanding game mechanics.

Our starting courses:
- History is past (checking your background with few simple questions)
- Welcome to Junktown Scouts (introduction speech and some of JTS unique and friendly perks made just for new guys to game)
- S.P.E.C.I.A.L. -izing your life choices (making new char if needed)
- Basic knowledge (explanation about faction activity, places of high and low danger)
- Job routing (pointing for easy jobs, experience and caps earning)
- Handling in Wilderness (explanation about weapon, armor and ammo usage, lesions on behavior in pve or pvp, help  in player development)
- Field practice (showing around basic events or dungeons with low player activity, as well as good farming places)
Every new applicant who decided to apply for JTS starting course, if he so agrees on conditions, is entitled on free set of books for his new character.  As Scouts are meant to become self-sufficient and capable in defending themselves, our conditions are that recruits build combat-ready builds (built to handle pvp).

Just speak with our tutors, let them know what weapon would you like to use in your new life path, and you will be provided with usable stats for your new character.
Our advanced courses:
- polygon drills (pvp training with NCR personnel in training base)
- NCR is your friend (cooperation with NCR in all dungeons, pvp not supported)
- Forward Scout Regiment (joining NCR forces in potential pvp areas)
- graduating from JTS school (after some time you will overcome basics and you can move on, join NCR, goes with some benefits, join any other faction, stay as JTS tutor or just move on your own)
- becoming Junktown Scoutmaster (after passing all needed courses you can stay to help new guys in same manner you were helped once. Congrats.)
JTS group is casual, so don't feel pressure, feel free to join TS or discord to discuss whatever you need help with.
To not repeat already mentioned in some of our hot topics, check out JTS recruiting topic to find out more about faction itself:
Also you can check our "Guidance", it can help you a lot by pointing out essential knowledge about Fo2 wasteland:
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