Author Topic: Continuation: A new oportunity.  (Read 1265 times)


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Continuation: A new oportunity.
« on: July 09, 2017, 00:33 »
      LagMaster went to the entrance of the base, waiting for his hooded friend to arrive.
      As the two robed figures approached each other, LagMaster finally got the time to ask:
      -Thank you for calling me, may I have a name, please?
      -My name is Surgeon,Brotherhood of Steel Squad Alpha' Elder.Thank you for coming.
      He nodded guards near gates and they put down weapons.
      -First of all,I need to know what you think about Brotherhood of Steel?
      -Haven't seen you well enough to make a decision.
      -Come with me,let's have a talk"- said Surgeon and showed LagMaster to follow him.-"Tell me,are you supporting somebody in wasteland?Serving some faction,or at least has big positive feelings about it?
      -The only thing I support is The Lag: Love, faith and kindness.
      -Good if so.Are you good in surviving and fighting?
      -I am a man of peace, I am not trained in fighting, but I can defeat a few animals and raiders.
      -You see raider killing woman,will you kill him or will you try to speak?
      -Both. The man travels the wrong path and I must oppose it, but at the same time I provide him the chance to change. What about you, child?
      Surgeon looked at LagMaster and smiled.
      -Look,I think we have some work for you. For completing each task you will be paid. What do you think?
      -May The Lag be with us!
      -All right,tomorrow you will revive a message with mission briefing in your pipboy. Questions?
      -Got a spare bed?
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Remember skycast and Rascal, abusing power never ends well.


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Re: Continuation: A new oportunity.
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2017, 22:14 »
So, The morning came, LagMaster was out already and was howling some brahmin skins from what apears to be a good hunting sesion.Surgeon Aproached him and told:
-So,are you still up for some work to do?
-Allright, here is a little job for you.Look,our convoy with food to our San Francisco outpost stucked in wasteland and may come there not earlier than in 2-3 days,but our people there need food already.So,you need to bring them at least 10 bittles of nuka cola and good amount of food...Normal food,be aware than people in outpost will check everything.So,will you take it up?
-Sounds easy, Surgeon, Those souls could use all the help they need, where is the food I need to transport?
-You need to gather it yourself.Not so easy now?
-It still is easy, The Lag will guide me!
-...Whatever,wish you luck.

 Surgeon prepared to go but LagMaster stoped him.

-Before you go, how much food would they require?

 Surgeon thought for a while.

-Look,now there are 10 people,main forces are on mission.They have water ,but in lack of food,so...I guess you need full scout car of food for them.
-I will be able to be guided, I just want you to know that I will just take a strol to San Francisco.-I will use this spear to hunt for food on my way and your troops will not starve.-In a day's time and a nights rest I shall reach San Francisco.May my trip be safe!
-Meat of mutants,aliens,centaures,flowters is not allowed. -said Surgeon with smile.


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Re: Continuation: A new oportunity.
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2017, 23:00 »
And so the trip began. From the start LagMaster managed to use some of the hunt I've already gathered, but it still would not be enough. Already lost half a day. He prepared his backpack and it was time to start the trip.
1 hour until sunset some ruins where in sight. They where mostly deserted, so LagMaster decided to make camp there. He has set up the tent and made a small camp fire, deciding to start cooking some meat so it would not spoil so much during transport, still he had a day's travel. Managed to make some iguana and brahmin swishkebab, hoping it will suffice.
The next day LagMaster started walking early, however a small dog wandered about. Friendly by nature, he went to pet it, but The Lag was not strong. His assumption was right and so barely managed to retract his fingers before a furious bite happened. Well, more meat for the soldiers!
After a few hours walk something fell odd, and indeed it was. A rocked hit LagMaster, flew a few feet in the air and landed on his stomach. A miracle he was still alive. He thrown some meat that he still had left and made a run for it, good thing he prepared some stims to bring with him on the trip.
Not 3 hours later he managed to find the camp. The backpack was filled with food, including some fresh hunt just found on the way. LagMaster was ready to meet the patrol.
Remember skycast and Rascal, abusing power never ends well.