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The tale
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 Sun was slowly going down and in some lonely farm ,somewhere in the wasteland the feeling of some unique atmosphere was so strong,that you could feel how your legs shake if you could be there.

 A man ,middle aged with long light hair and green eyes,closed big metal gates and came inside house.

-"Daddy!"-a young boy ran towards man and huged him.-"You promised to tell me a tale before sleep,do you remember about it?"

-"Sure Jackie"- man smiled and looked into his son's eyes.-"But first you need to lay in your bed."

 With slight laught boy ran into his room.Man walked into the kitchen to find something to drink.

-"You go again...right?"- his wife,woman with black hair and and slightly sad face came to him.In her eyes he could see tears.

-"Yes,baby...duty is calling"-he huged her and felt how she started to cry.

"Hey"- he said and looked in her eyes, -"I promise.I will come back".
 Woman wiped her tears and made deep sigh.

-"Just...Dont disappear for too long"- she said.

-"Sure,baby"- said man and kissed her.

 He went into his son's room and sat on chair near his son's bed.

-"Daddy,what is the tale about?"
-"Its about evil raiders,and good knights,lay down and listen...

 "Once upon a time appeared one big evil raidering group- Talon Company.They were dishonet scums killing every peaceful wastelander,stealing money from people,rob houses and bringing chaos.A goverment of another faction - NCR ,which sweared to protect wasteland from raiders and chaos didnt keep its word.Exept punishing them,they started to help them,bringing even more suffering and pain in wasteland.And seems noone could resist their big unite,and dark times came.

 But soon,appeared people who couldnt look calmly on tyrany of Talon Company.That people were brave knights,smart scribes and honest paladins of Brotherhood of Steel.They fough Talon Company raiders and threw their forces away.Suffering heavy loses Talon Company,like rats, called for their friends- NCR and Unity of Broken Hills to help them destroy Brotherhood Squad Alpha.

 But Brotherhood found many friends and good people in wasteland.With great help of Brotherhood allies - MUKHOSRANSK and Desert Wanderers ,unite forces of evil were destroyed and thrown back into their holes from which they sometimes go out to spread evil...

 Brotherhood and allies brang freedome in towns,paladins were proudly marching among the streets trampling down dishonest Talon raiders deep into the dirt.

 But enemy forces didnt give up,Talon Company raiders with their friends created stupid propaganda basing on rumors and lies.

 People say that war is still on...And Brotherhood with allies and friends fighting against that evil..."

 He looked how boy feel asleep and smiled.

-"Tommorow I will tell you story how half of the Broken Hills became Brotherhood territory...Sleep tight Jackie"

 He left the room and went on street and opened gates,than he went to the garage and opened it.Inside there was big hummer.He sat inside and in 15 minutes his was already driving among the empty road and painted emblem of Brotherhood of Steel could be clearly seen on both sides of the car.
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