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Hub and Vault City NCR consulate
« on: August 03, 2017, 22:00 »
NCR government improving relationship with Hub and Vault City authorities. NCR outposts in that towns will be reassigned to consulates.
Signed contract between NCR government, represented by NCR president, Vault City and Hub representatives will obligate NCR to upkeep their consulate buildings as well as serve as protectorate on lands close to Vault City and Hub where mentioned entities are lacking manpower to fight potential threats to their independence.
By contract NCR will not impose Hub or Vault City laws and regulations on its territory.
Buildings will serve as NCR embassies and territory in that part of New California lands.
Initiative came from NCR, as many residents of these two entities, but even some NCR citizens, from north and south part of California were searching for protection.
Consulate institution is counted as NCR territory with NCR laws active on it, and from this time on, every civilian is free to turn to our consulates and ask for asylum on NCR territory.
Consulates have direct communication link with Shady Sands government, so any request for asylum will be prosecuted in shortest period possible.
Contract terms covers active patrolling and scouting in zones around Hub and Vault City.


Consulate jurisdiction:
- Vault City building, zones around Vault City; Hub building, zones around Hub
- providing citizenship
- protecting NCR citizens rights in both entities
- can provide access recommendation for joining to NCR Army ranks after checking background
- receiving reports about breaching the NCR laws on NCR territory connected to embassy jurisdiction
- sending NCR Army patrols on scouting missions around territory connected to embassy jurisdiction
- observing activity in Hub and Vault city following contract signed with representatives of two entities
- enforcing NCR laws on land of embassy premises
- civil political activity in Hub and Vault City conducted in NCR interest
- offering minor errands for NCR
(yes, embassies will offer you a job from time to time, stay tuned on radio channel 0, pass by NCR embassies more often, or keep checking this thread)

NCR Hub consulate building
NCR Vault City consulate building

NCR respects individuality of Hub and Vault City residents

Keep your guns holstered!
Thank you for understanding.

NCR Ministry of Defense
NCR Ministry of Civil Development

Signature: President of NCR
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