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Brotherhood contact agency
« on: August 15, 2017, 13:49 »
 Open topic for your questions to our organisation,suggestions and complains.
 All off topic messages will be deleted as well as all kind of messages containing insultings.
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Re: Brotherhood contact agency
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-While TC Brotherhood must warn everyone in area about ongoing operation(simple shout in chat).
-BoS members must never insult other factions members/simple wastelanders no matter if they are enemies or not.
-If BoS member met group of simple wastelanders,he must never shoot them without reason.
-Every not enemy person's inventory whome BoS member(s) meet must be checked on high tech.In case if person doesnt want to give high tech-shoot to kill(this rule doesnt spread on allies).
-BoS members must behave as BoS members,not like some junkies(rule doesnt include Hub idling yet).
-On events like drug transeaction,Modoc tannery and so on,BoS members mustn't kill simple wastelanders,but give them protection if they are not dangerouse for ongoing operation/kindly ask them to leave area if their presense is somehow cause troubles for Brotherhood-if person(s) doesnt want to leave-shoot to kill.
-BoS members have full right to kill every person without warning in strategically important objects such as : Sierra Army Depot,Mariposa(inside and outside),Ares Rocket Silo,West Tek research facility(Glow).
-Raiding caravans(even if it is cravan full of enemies)without HQ approval is under strict ban.
-BoS members mustnt play on mutant characters.
-All mutants must be killed without warning(rule doesnt spread on allies).
-If you insult BoS members on duty-be sure that BoS member(s) can shoot you for this.

In case if you saw BoS member breaking these or Codex rules we kindly ask you to report it here or straight in our HQ(pm on forum).Thank you for attention

 Simple wastelander-neutral/civil who is not member of any enemy to BoS faction,not mutant or person with bad reputation in Wasteland.
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