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K0FM Reporting: NCR Response to New Threat
« on: September 04, 2017, 03:52 »
This is K0FM with an exclusive interview with Richard Harrison, officer in the NCR Army General Staff and one of the few privy to the plans to defend Shady Sands from this new, alleged threat to the Republic.  Mr. Harrison, thank you for joining us.

RH: Thanks for having me.

K0FM: The president gave a speech earlier today, in what was the government’s first official response to the message broadcasted from Vault City earlier yesterday.  In that speech, the president made it clear that he believed this threat to the capital was real, and urged all citizens to, and this is a quote, “Mobilize yourself!  Enlist for NCR Army and protect your land, your wife, your kids...”.  For the president of NCR to call upon mass enlistment into its armed forces, he must realize the threat is imminent.  Speaking from the perspective of the NCR army, what are your thoughts?

RH: Well, we believe the NCR army is fully up to the task in defending our borders, including our capital city.  Our soldiers are committed, well-supplied, and have adequate training to handle any threat to our great republic.  But I think what the president meant, in his remarks, is a general appeal for citizens to band together in these trying times, and it wasn’t a call for mass enlistment.  We don’t want to fuel any rumors or panic in these coming weeks.

K0FM: Speaking of, can you comment on the bank run at Shady Sands, where citizens and businesses have been withdrawing caps at an unprecedented rate upon news of the threat broadcast from Vault City?  Also, there have been rumors…

RH: Unsubstantiated rumors, you mean.

K0FM: ….rumors nonetheless, that NCR has withdrawn its scientists and war material further inland, and has accelerated the pace of, for lack of a better term, “super-soldier” program.  If the NCR government is abandoning Shady Sands, what message does that send to its citizens.

RH: First, I won’t waste my time commenting on bogus claims and rumors.  No one is abandoning Shady Sands.  Its my home.  Its you and everyone else trumpeting this bogus threat, not our government.  We’ll handle this Conclave or whatever they call themselves, just as we handled all the recurring threats to our city.  And you can take THAT to the bank!

K0FM: Thank you again for your time.
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Re: K0FM Reporting: NCR Response to New Threat
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 22:12 »
Statement by Richard Harrison, Officer of NCR:

With the devastation wrought upon Shady Sands, it is with great sadness to report that many good soldiers, Talons, Unity, and Midnight Riders lost their lives in defense of our capital city.  For us in the NCR, it was our calling, and we needed no motivation to defend our home.  But for our allies, I wish to share solemn gratitude, for they did not have to be there, yet they stood with us against unrelenting force.

I have with me now a list of confirmed casualties from the Enclave's assault on Shady Sands.  This list will be updated as reclamation efforts continue.

Navajo Joe - KIA
The Comedian - MIA, presumed dead KIA
Franklin Pierce - KIA
Hockstetter - KIA
Ulysses Monroe - MIA, presumed dead
Chuck Connors AKA The Rifleman - MIA, presumed dead
General Bethlehem - MIA, presumed dead
Another Loner - MIA, presumed dead

With that said, thanks to our president's initiative to evacuate Shady Sands, civilian casualties -- while numerous -- were kept to a minimum.  The destruction can be repaired, the lives lost cannot be replaced.  But NCR will overcome this.  You have my word.

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