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Shady Sands Job Fair
« on: September 06, 2017, 19:26 »
"They took our job!" - Don't let this happen to you!

Fight post apocalyptic high unemployment rate with NCR!
You have knowledge, experience and education, but you cant find a stable job?
Its not a surprise, in this dusty wasteland there is not much opportunities. Thaths why NCR Job Fair program is here!

NCR is looking for educated civilians to fill empty job seats in Shady Sands.
Look at advert and apply for available job. You can see description of every job offer next to it.
Every new employee will be under volunteer contract. Dedication to job will be recognized, and volunteer employee will be offered with permanent job contract. Only employees with permanent job contract will get a paycheck, which will serve them to continue their hard beloved work for NCR.

Requirements to apply:
- certain skills and knowledge, check availability of work places
- formal application with CV included. Send us your background with proof of your education
- applicant needs to be a strict civilian with no faction or gang affiliation

- NCR citizenship [upon paying citizensip processing fees]
- exlusive community communication network access
- paycheck on your bank account, occupation connected items - after signing full time job contract

NCR is looking for you! Find your life call, work for NCR and make your dreams come true! Apply and wait for confirmation. Every confirmed applicant volunteer will be announced on job board.


Chemist profession - all classes
First aid - 300
Doctor - 250
Living Anatomy
Healer (optional)
Job description - Shady Sands is looking for three doctors to work in three shifts. NCR health program "KnightCare" guarantee free health and treating any injuries free of charge. Doctors operation field is wide. They are spending most of their work time on bazaar and provideing medical care to persons in need. NCR Health Department can issue medical kits to doctors which they need to distribute to persons in need, such as caravaneers. Doctors are supporting caravans to Vault City and Hub as field medics, according to agreement between NCR and caravan contractors.
With full time job contract, doctors will offer small errands to everyone, offering them caps in return for medical supplies or medical blueprints, which they will later use to heal caravaneers or support NCR Army troops.
1 - Dr. Albert Hofmann - Hes doctor and chemist. He works in his ordination in Shady across the street from FLC and he is hired by NCR Government to serve the citizens as free public health care. Part of this great social project of our government is also free medical help for anybody, who will come to Shady sands wounded and in peace. Long live the humanity!
Dr. Hofmann has also to take care about medical equipment and supplies for this great governent project. So hes permanently looking for young scavengers, couriers and escorts to keep things running.
He hates violence and hes trying to avoid it i all cases, but his doctor oath is forcing him to dodge in the rain of bullets when its needed, to help the wounded. When hes forced to fight for his whole life, thx to his anatomy knowledge, hes able on close range to score a deadly hits by his old needler pistol.
He lives in small house on Shady sands guarded perifery.
2 - available
3 - available 

Technician 0/2
Science knowledge - 160
Repair knowledge - 160
Gunsmith profession - all classes
Armorer profession - all classes
Scientist profession - (optional)
Job description - Shady Sands is looking for two technicians that will be able to repair craft and tune almost anything, providing services of repairing, dismantling or crafting, if provided with materials, to any visitor and citizen in need. With full time job contract, technician will buy any kind of needed recipes for NCR Army. Project is financed by NCR government and expenses is covered by paycheck.
1 - available
2 - available

Brahmin herdsmen 1/1
Outdoorsman - 95
Job description - Shady Sands in looking for person to take care of Shady Sands brahmins and grasslands. Herdsman will offer small tasks, buy blueprints, issuing shovels and rewarding brahmin pen cleaners with extra rewards. Rewards will be provided from NCR government.
1 - Moe Lue - Born in a brahmin pen. He never met his mother. Story goes that she went to help some dude named Kenny in cave and never came back. Others saying she ran away with that Kenny guy to New Reno right after Moe was born. Some saying even its Kennys child. Which ever is true, this now 20 years old young man looks at least 20 years older. Life wasnt keen to him.
The person who claims its his father was a brahmin herdsman, with awkward fascination for his job. He found a child in brahmin pen several hours after his birth and named him Moe, part of the name of his favorite brahmin. That was only good luck for Moe in his life, as full name of that brahmin was Stinky Moe. Raised exclusively on brahmins milk, and with father obsessed with brahmins, he had no choice.
Even that he passed Junktown Scouts academy and worked for a while as patrol officer for JTS guard, he was more seen in brahmin pens then on his duty. One night he overheard JTS officers talking about firing him from JTS guard. Too many rumors including him and molested brahmins, especially one named Betsy. Whole life he was listening rumors about himself, but now he had enough. He packed his gear, took his tent and kidnapped Betsy, his favorite brahmin.
He traveled a lot, sometimes just jumping and aiding caravaneers, mostly sleeping under stars, so he knows outdoors of California wasteland pretty good. After some time he settled in Modoc. He worked there one year in tannery for Lee Balton, but he was depressed from lacking of brahmin company. He felt he is getting apart from Betsy. Then he saw pamphlet for pen cleaning job in Shady Sands. He knew he wont be warmly welcomed in that fancy town, but he needed to try. He packed his things on Betsy once again. Coming to Shady Sands is never easy. It was risky, but risk he was willing to take. He joined Far Go caravan until they reached Shady Sands where he said goodbye to caravaneers. He set up his tent near town, tied Betsy to a tree and now looking for best opportunity to introduce himself, ready to start career of herdsman, settle a bit and take good care of brahmins hoping his luck changed.

All expenses are counted into NCR annual financial budget.
After meeting requirements for full time contract, employees will be added to their new offices, base of operations, where they will be given their desk, locker and holotape with their job obligations which will be updated according to needs.
Most of obligations are described on job board - job description.

Any abuse, gang affiliation, exploit of position or neglecting current laws will result with immediate demission, revoking of citizenship and possible expulsion from Shady Sands premises.
For tax transaction day, any workers, civilians and citizens needs to follow curfew hour instructions to avoid consequences.

Thank you and good luck!



This is rp project to liven up everyday life in Shady Sands. Current job vacancies are exemplary and symbolic. Any rp enthusiast, no matter of gang affiliation can make his char and apply for his rp role or offer ideas of new work place.
Every char needs to be dedicated non faction and stick to his role. Digressions from char role will result with expulsion from town.
Apply bellow in comments with char name, his background and screen with stats to prove capabilities of that character.
Char name needs to be in rp boundaries.
Application from newly created forum accounts will be rejected, as well as some known persons who would like to apply just to spoil someones fun, to avoid possible misunderstandings in future.
Rules are not strict, but use common sense in choosing your occupation and interaction with other players.
Have fun!
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