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Wasteland News
« on: September 19, 2017, 23:35 »

The Aftermath.

A shocking act of terrorism struck into the heart of New California Republic! The military force known as Enclave destroyed key locations in the long-standing capital, Shady Sands. During the tax delivery in the bank steel flying machines were sighed by various individuals. The radio station has gone crazy despite the warning.

As you, my dear readers know. The devil with no name, formerly know as Enclave Commander, has hacked into Vault City to announce and warn the town of Shady Sands. Thanks to this, NCR administrative managed to proceed with fluid evacuation and Mayor of our lovely town Hub has welcomed the refugees with open arms, giving them temporary shelters in tents and warehouses of the Oldtown district.

The assault was nothing like we've seen before, even the assault on Klamath was known by everyone to be Pure senseless slaughter was nothing compared to the strike on the town of our dear New California!

One of many Enclave airstrike units.

One of the wastelanders managed to capture the fear-mongering sight of one of the artillery spots. Those Metal covered murderers have begun artillery strike few hours prior the assault. Despite valiant blows coming from Ranger teams, our soldiers in orange armors were unable to pierce through defenses and disable bombardment.

The explosion didn't even halt on the hour zero. Enclave seemed to not care and kept shelling the town just as their forces were walking into town!

There are rumors of a band of Mercenaries hired by Enclave, those raiders knew as BBS were involved if the slaughter of hundreds of innocent citizens! Survivors say that equipment raiders were wearing was on par with enclave soldiers, yet lacked the fresh and polished look paired with enclave logo, let us assume they used own, salvaged equipment from times of the great war.

Battle for the gate.

The enclave united with raiders struck with great force, they smoothly pierced through the town outskirts and maintained tactical positions to secure it. In meantime, our fearless friends stood strong in the inner gates, getting ready for the assault.

What happened after is still cause of many arguments. Some people blame overwhelming power of enclave. Others blame leadership that crumbled under heavy stress. We would like to discuss every rumor and discussed points to find the real issue.

Famous NCR security gate. Main chokepoint.

The preparation - Many people blame NCR for not preparing for the battle. Minefields, gearing up the guards in highest-tech gear, barricading the outskirts to repel enemy forces. The fact was that none of that happened. Tactically the NCR was unprepared for the assault, having faith in pure firepower of their soldiers. There might have been multiple reasons for the lack of defensive structures. One of the most possible is that NCR was worried about civilians and wastelanders caught in the traps set for the enemy forces. Fear of wounding their own was too much to risk it.

  Brotherhood officer examining the damages to the installment.

The paramilitary help - We've heard open pleads and offers from the infamous Brotherhood of Steel. Despite many differences, they do care about weakest, as it was proven in the Slaughter of Klamath. The shiny men offered voluntary help and expected nothing in return. This would strengthen home defenses of the NCR. Why did that not happen? We all know that Mercenary group contracted by NCR, known as Talons clashes heavily with the followers of BoS Codex. After some discussions, it was set to the stone that having conflicting groups together behind one barricade might prove too tense to focus on properly protecting the premises.

Another key aspect brought in and really visible is that Enclave was using raiders factions unified under BBS banner to pierce through defenses. Knowledge of the infrastructure and sheer hate was strong fuel to convince group known as Bang Bang Smash to assault the turn the town into ruins. From our knowledge gained by communicating with bragging mercs that drank and toasted in the Maltese Falcon after the events - They have gained nothing in return except the taxes collected from the simple citizens! They stole money from the bank!

The battle was too chaotic and ruthless to describe. The Enclave hastily took the town and took secure positions to keep enemies away and gate open. In meantime crews wielding packs of high-tech explosives planted charges all over the key locations of the town.

Despite not being called. The Brotherhood blew open their own bunker to get into the town and try to chase away attackers. As we have witnessed by the fan of dead Enclave bodies around the bunker, they did a let me quote Sheriff's work: "A bunch of good fucking work."

The NCR army did not stay behind. They kept striking at the town with means of seizing it back from two sides. However, as we all now know. It just wasn't enough. Many good soldiers have died that day, the graves cover rough sand in the town of Shady.

After everyone thought it's over. The worst came. The town was under carpet bombing and rigged to explode. There was not a safe place to hide in. Walls have been set to blow. Buildings to receive utter destruction. Screams and panic of people running of the town can be heard up to this day.

Following the destruction, the conflict did not cease. Many raider groups came in like a band of vultures and swarmed the town from every side. Looting the bodies, killing innocent. The battle wasn't over. It will not end until the NCR is back in their prime state.

Moving the debris and bodies away took few days. There are still places ruined by the explosions but buildings - the ones that stood through the conflict seem to be structurally safe.

Dear wastelanders. It is better to stay away from the current town of Shady as it is as dangerous as the northern towns. Maybe even more as the destructions lured in greedy bandits. However. If you feel like helping. You can always donate resources and Materials to the New California Republic. They really need it to rebuild the capital of their country. Help our dear friends. They would not turn their back if we would be in need.

We are also interested in letters describing the events and issues. We would gladly publish any word from either side of the conflict Both NCR and Brotherhood are kindly asked to send us their standing. Also, who knows? Maybe even The Enclave would send us a word?

Samantha Heyer. Hub News Head Journalist.
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Re: Wasteland News
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2017, 14:55 »
[From: Brotherhood Contact agency]
[To: Wasteland News]
[Topic: Enclave attack on Shady Sands]

  The Enclave attack on Shady Sands turned out to be a real masacre. Because of continous artilery attacks it wasn't possible to contact with city.The attack of main forces of Enclave was quite sudden, even more sudden was the fact that town defence system blew up in 15 minutes after start of attack. Because of it Brotherhood of Steel wasn't able to send main forces in battle. Though it was enought time for well known elite forces of "Squad Alpha" to come at time.

 Because of the electronic lock, wich has been installed on outpost door by NCR long time ago ,we had to blow it open to get into inner city. Many people ask us why we even bother to go in city of our enemies in order to save it. Well, as we think simple citizens of NCR are not involved into our political affairs, Enclave came with purpose to kill every single one and in common sense all people should unite against forces like that. But unfortunately it wasn't possible.We still can't clearly understand why NCR goverment refused all our attempts in making peace for this event, but it was their choice.Even though, Brotherhood of Steel forces does not need anyone's approval to come somewhere. The only power wich controlls Brotherhood of Steel is our Council.

Describing fights in city? We can't tell that there was any big progress. From start we get into heavy fight with Enclave forces wich were overwhelmed by our forces only because of perfect cooperation of "Alpha Squad"and pure arogant undrrestimation of our small group. Later when we tried to get deeper in inner city we encountered defending forces. Thought we did not expected any warm welcoming we surely did not expect open fire. We tried to explain our aims as peacefull but trough the fog of war enpowered by artilery shots landing all over the city we failed so we regrouped on the Bunker where we holded our defence line against anny agresors and vultures that tried to loot anything and anyone. After massive airstrike city  was ruined.We can only guess how many defenders and civils died.For sure such act of genocide showing true aims of Enclave - Kill everyone.
We want to make wasteland understand that Enclave is not some raider's gang. They are worse, they will not care either you are an old man, woman or child.They will kill you because for them we all are "subhumans". Don't wait untill Enclave soldiers will arrive in your town or village. Don't wait untill they will burn your house and kill your family. Unite against this evil. Only together we will be able to get rid of such danger known as Enclave.

 We want to offer our condolences to all NCR citizens who lost their families in this attack. Please remember, that Brotherhood of Steel does not want to harm any one of you.
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