Author Topic: Altering the colors of weapon and line sight range  (Read 854 times)


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Altering the colors of weapon and line sight range
« on: August 03, 2018, 01:28 »
Weapon range and line sight change - So since couple of people asked how to do it - here it is. But only for Open GL (that is normal FOnline2.exe). My graphics card doesn't support D3D client (which is FOnlineD3D.exe).
*used laptop for making and testing the D3D variant*

In this example we're both inverting the colors of weapon range and line sight (similar to what skycast earlier did) and increasing the thickness of the line. Check the source code in zip archive. It's well commented.

Works again only for Open GL since there is only one file. (it works for D3D too)

Screenshot of demonstration (you see cyan and magenta lines where red and green are supposed to be):

Download link:

To install it there're two ways:
1. Make new folder "effects" in FOnline2S3en/data and drag and drop both Primitive_Default.fx and Primitive_Default.glsl from archive into it.
2. Put in FOnline2S3en/data and then include it in DataFiles.cfg by typing data/ as the last line.

Then run CleanCache.bat and start the game over.

Testers: Legal (aka Moss) and Roxas. They Approved this.
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