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Gun Runners Recruitment!
« on: August 28, 2018, 00:52 »
Greetings, I am Vincent, a second hand to our headmaster Raven of the Gun Runners, and I want to interest you, the reader, into what we are as a Faction.

First let us divulge our roots as a people, it began some years ago, when our Forerunners made a risky, but profitable dicussion to run into the hell hole called "Mariposa Military Base." to aquire the vast riches that come within, however sadly they met their demise when met with the Liuetenant himself, they fought viciously, and with great prowess that the scene itself should be painted and marked as a historic piece of the ages, however despite their vicarous efforts for the good of the Faction, they eventually fell, one by one, some say a Man escaped, he made it out with his skin, but just barely, and roams the wastes to this day, troubling himself with the wanderers of the wastes, trying to live his life day by day with the remorse that came with the loss of his fellow commanders and officers.

But that's enough ghost stories for one day, that's not what I'm here for in the first place anyhow...

What I'M here for is to recruit you! Yes YOU reading this pamphlet right now! We need the biggest, the baddest, the most weathered mother fuckers who can take a .223 FMJ to the skull and keep kickin' until the brahmin come home!

We need dedication those are willing to take it for the team, who never back down from other wastelanders, or deathclaws, those who can listen to commands, measure a environment, understand what needs to be done when your best friend of 20 years takes one supercharged heated plasma blast straight in the leg, should you shove a super stim in their ass? Or kill what's right ahead guns-ho? That's for you to understand, and for you to prepare for..

Speaking of us, let's try and pave a positive light shall we?

Of course there's things you'll get out of this, you'll immediately get a free base to use with other members initiates, recruits, and people of the same skill as you, but as you work up, and show us that you're tougher than the average Marauder, you'll obtain acess to a better base, and more TRUST which is definitely hard to come by in the wastes.

Speaking of trust, there is obviously penalties to a blatant disregard to our trust, of which should be obvious dear wishful reader, which I am going to be going over now...

Doing any of the following can be easily classifyed as a display of mistrust with varying levels of action...

1. Stealing from ANYONE in the faction, including initiates, members, anyone with the tag "Gun Runners" over their name basically.
2. Killing, showing obvious attempt to kill.
3. Stealing good gear from dungeons, without an appraisal, also known as not reporting gear you've found. (We're not gonna just take T4 off you and say "fuck off" if you found it, just tell the truth and you'll be infinitely more likely to gain trust and respect)
4. Killing other players for absolutely no reason, we have a KOS list of people who've wronged us, do us a favor and hun them down, it's a good way to get on our good side and earn respect.


1. An immediate disbanding from our faction
2. A mark for KOS PERMANENTLY on your character
3. A loss of such good friends, and a faction that actually runs dungeons farms, and just gives you free shit for what? Some small cash grab?
4. A Slap on the wrist and being thrown out of better base, essentially being "demoted" in other words.

Now of course some of this is contextual, I don't want you to think that stealing from another player is going to warrent you on KOS, but if you steal from a Officer? Or our Captain? Expect to be met with repercussions.
But all in due time right? Greatness lies in wait for you, all you need to do is contact any officer at any occaision for a specialized trial of honor to PROVE you're fit for this great faction! Apply today at...


We are mostly on 100% of the time all the time, but sleep is important for the most part, so we can't check our Inbox all the time, but an application is a step further to getting your feet in the water!

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