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DDMT (Drop Down Menu Text Mod)
« on: September 01, 2018, 20:43 »
This mod ( Developed by a friend of Wesan ;) ) helps noobs differentiate what drop down icon does what (since sometimes the game is quite "archaic" in it's description for the newbies)

Some screens shots of what it looks like in game!:

The Actual Mod Itself Can be Found Here:

Installation is as follows:
1.) Download Zip
2.) Locate your "data" folder in your in your fonline folder.
3.) Drop everything in the zip here (merge both art folders, and if one is not present simply dropping one in will get the job done.)

(if you wish to over write a hud with these, just drag and drop into the huds files and when asked to over write the files present go ahead and do so, remember to delete the cache!)
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