Author Topic: My Custom TINY TANK HUD (For New Players!)  (Read 561 times)


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My Custom TINY TANK HUD (For New Players!)
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:47 »
Right, I had to revise some UI elements, fix up some text, but this is probably the definite version of the UI mod for beginners!

It runs on Tiny Tank and therefore the goal is to make a "immersive" "fallout-esque" UI that is akin to the "Default" that is easier to understand for new players, a definite shot on my part to make this the OFFICIAL "Default" hud for Fonline 2! However my efforts maybe in vain, but I digress, I love this game and if you have ANY input let me know!

The Download can be found at:
Installation is as follows:
1.) Download the ZIP found above
2.) Locate your "Data" FOLDER (I've had people try putting this in the data.ZIP and it doesn't work.)
3.) Drag and drop the contents in your "data" folder found within the same folder you fonline.exe is
4.) Delete the "cache" folder.
5.) Now the boot will take a little bit long, it'll show a black screen, don't worry, just close and open a couple times to get it to the log in screen
6.) Select "Default" hud option (Pure will fuck it up a bit)
7.) Tada! You're running the best UI so far made for noobs/pros alike

Some screenshots:

If anyone can load up "Default" and get some screenshots with the tag arrows shown, I'll add it to the "comparison" list.

Hope you all enjoy!

"Combat" Tiny Tank, taken from Jinxed Jack
The Tag Icons (stolen from the pure alt interface)
And some help with the drop down menus from a "personal" friend of Wesan's ;)

UPDATED VERSION 2.0 (9/19/18)

All I did was fix a small graphical error that was bugging me, it is perfect now, the Dropbox link is now updated to the current version
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Re: My Custom TINY TANK HUD (For New Players!)
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2019, 12:53 »
Good work Akira.