Author Topic: I cant find my items.. Reward is up 200k caps new enclave and ranger armor  (Read 563 times)

Dean Domino

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do you have any lockers on the surface by any chance? i have the same base and the locker spawned in this place for me; pretty sure it doesn't spawn underground

although i can't remember if implants and hintbooks were affected by that update (if anyone knows for sure feel free to correct me)

if you can't find them there then no clue, maybe you shared password with someone and you can't remember?

Yo deano,

Surface locker do not contain what I lost exactly, I never share my password, I never did this.

well then as the last resort i'd suggest you try the new base cleaner in case you haven't done that already (

it actually found items that i've had no idea about; if that doesn't help then the last thing i can think of is checking some other bases and tents if you have them. if that still doesn't help then it's most likely a bug that should be reported directly to devs; can't think of anything else tbf