Author Topic: Wessan is Kleptomaniac NOOB  (Read 1097 times)


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Wessan is Kleptomaniac NOOB
« on: January 05, 2019, 07:01 »
I had had a house in hub, which i bought fear and square at the start of session. Then i was robbed of all of my belongings...

Hello. Sorry for the stuff you have lost. I will check those houses on ground loot and inform you of my progress soon.
Good evening.

Sorry for few days without response. Too much trouble on my head.

Anyways here's the list of items from your ground.

Code: [Select]
10 silver gecko
4 golden gecko
ranger ca
617 hq steel
562 energy transformer
921 Gunpowder
2256 electronic parts
10 brahmin leather
4137 tubes
1365 metal parts
1108 junk
1805 wood
8 ropes
1231 syringes
452 tobacoo
24 cord
1235 torn paper
Whenever you agree I will go and put items from this list into your house. (Those items are summed up with items from the second house too.)

There were also few loose items like flares and 10mm smgs, some miniguns. I think 500k caps as recompensation for the trouble and for items missing from the list would be okay?

after not long 
There we go. It's delivered to your home. Sorry for the delay.
I probably had my shit back. But some pedonoobkleptosan decided that its not mine anymore, and removed it again.....i wrote him a PM message
Again same problem loot is gone from my hub house
and yet to recieve answer
today i  got to know that not only my shit is gone but my house is too, so mister Noobkleptosan FUCK you very fucking much -  you not only killed waste shit that is called NCR, you are responsible for this once good game's death, suck more BBS shlong you retard.
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Re: Wessan is Kleptomaniac NOOB
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2019, 14:04 »
oh noes all that torn paper!!! Seriously man this is a terrible way to go about getting any of that stuff back, sure I get that you are mad and I understand why but calling a developer that actually tried to help you out some deragatory names is just not kosher, its just kindergarten really and will only make things worse, not sure why I am even bothering saying this since its a 95% chance of you either ignoring what I said or keeping up with calling Wesan names or both.
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Re: Wessan is Kleptomaniac NOOB
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2019, 16:13 »
I'm not sure what's more absurd. Raging over wood. Or quoting situation from a literally year ago. The items were not taken, the house wasn't used.
You could've have played it out a lot better. You could've messaged me on discord, you could've contacted me again, guessing that maybe your message got lost as it got no response. You preferred to make an offensive rant topic.

I probably had my shit back. But some pedonoobkleptosan decided that its not mine anymore, and removed it again....

Probably? You don't know if they were there? How else would they disappear again? I understand that you didn't care for those materials for a year and just when a whole round year passed you have decided that the stuff is missing and it's time to jump around and make me figure out what happened to those items around the span of 11 months?

The quotes themselves show I already did my best to help you once, the vile post you made will convince me to not waste my time on you again. If you don't respect me or my time - surprise - I don't have to bother spending hours finding out where did your 1231 Syringes go.

No proper contact, no awareness of your belongings, no idea when they disappeared, it was a month before the hub houses conversion, houses were converted to the new system and they were checked before that, and found all quite empty.

And well. The case might not look resolved but for me it is. Topic Closed.